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Ursula Garvouis
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Ursula inherited the adventurous spirit of her father and a taste of her mother's acute awareness of her surroundings, which have combined beautifully into a natural ability to cook. Her adventurousness means she is always ready for a new recipe, and she seems to always know what specific flavor a Sim needs at the time being. Recent events have made her turn to her cuisine even more. However, she wishes Alfred could stop playing with fire, as it's starting to scare the children... The twins' anniversary is near, and she promised to bake a birthday cake, but how can she if there's no fridge? Well, she can always bake it at work...
Name Ursula Garvouis
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Elder.png Elder
Life state CAS Human icon.png Normal
Education and Employment
Culinary career icon.png Line Cook
Garvouis family
Parents Isaac Garvouis, Constance Garvouis
Sibling(s) Wyatt Garvouis Older brother, Alfred Garvouis Older brother, Archibald Perez Half-brother
Romances Jordan Simovitch Ex-boyfriendDeceased
Child(ren) Jane DaughterDeceased, Diane Daughter, Bibiane Daughter
Trait Over-Emotional small.png Over-Emotional
Trait Neurotic small.png Neurotic
Trait Perceptive small.png Perceptive
Trait Natural Cook small.png Natural Cook
Trait Adventurous small.png Adventurous
Zodiac sign AquariusLN.png Aquarius
Lifetime wish
LTW The Culinary Librarian.png The Culinary Librarian
Fav Classical.png Classical
Fav Cookies.png Cookies
Fav Sea Foam.png Sea Foam
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3.jpg Brown
Eye color Eye-green.png Green
Skin color Tan skin-TS3.png Tan
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
Cause of death Old Age
World Riverview
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Ursula Garvouis is a female Sim, who lived her life in Riverview. She is the third child of the very sucessful couple, Isaac and Constance, as well as their only daughter.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Birth to Childhood years[edit | edit source]

The youngest of three children, her parents already had two sons, Wyatt and Alfred. She was their only child to be given birth at home. Isaac was throwing his birthday party when Constance suddenly began child labor, and she was stuck by a panicking croud surrounding her, giving birth to Ursula on the spot.

During her first years she was mostly taken care of by her mother, who taught her toddler skills. Constance who had finished writing a novel when she was born, so she got a longer maternity leave due to it and had more time to dot on her princess. Ursula would grow very fond of her mother as a result. Similarly to her brothers, her father was not very present present in her education, being mostly focussed on his inventions, and she would only become good friends with him later. Irina, the butler tragically died of electrocution by this time, but Ursula was too young to remember.

From an early age, Ursula showed signs of being very clevel - she was always playing the xylophene and with blocks.

When she grew up into childhood, she got a mini-oven as a birthday present for her father. She started baking cupcakes and being snacks she would offer to her family, who would actively encourage her hobby. Soon enough, she was selling her goodies at Riverview venues.

Unaware of an ongoing rivarly between her two brothers, she became very close friends with both.

At school, she became one of the best students in her class and her good grades earned the recognition of being enlisted in the honor roll. However, she had to help Alfred out of trouble as he was being targeted by bullies at his school. She talked them out of bullying Alfred, and he was soon left. The two grew even closer and started studying together.

When Alfred became a teen and Wyatt a young adult, their mutual dislike for each other had become a deep hatred. Ursula tried to use the proximity she had with both by convincing Wyatt to have more positive social interactions with Alfred, which ultimately failed.

Unlike Alfred, she was very cheerful when her brother presented Melanie Cole, his soon-to-be wife who, unlike she had been for his previous girlfriend. MaryKay not only freaked out when Ursula tried talking to her but she also taunted and bullied the poor child, until Alfred stood up for her. With Melanie she could have smooth conversations and share her passion for goodie selling.

During her childhood, her hobbies, besides cooking consisted of looking through the Telescope, similary to her brother, playing chess and playing with her friends. She attended ballet classes.

Teenage Years[edit | edit source]

Upon growing up into a fashionable teenager, a public ceremony was held at their home for Wyatt and Melanie, in which she went around offering her cupcakes and snacks as treats and party gifts. She become puzzled at two vegetarian guests' refusal to eat, thinking as they later died of starvation after the ceremony, which she thought was so unfortunate. Cuisine was not only a hobby now, but also a talent and passion. She started wanting to prepare her own meals, much to the family's butler's shock.

She got a part-time job at the local Spa, but her grades never suffered as a result. She also began dating her childhood sweetheart, Jordan Simovitch, the late brother of Betty Newbie. Additionally, she was completely delighted by the birth of her little niece, Rosaura, taking care of her when everyone else was at work or couldn't. Because of that, Rosaura would become very close to her aunt. In fact, she was closer to Ursula than to her mother and father.

In order to help her brother out with his social standing at school, she suggested he throw a high school party at their house, when the adults of the house, decided to go on a quick weekend trip. The party was "awesome" as described the teenagers, to the point a police officer had to check in to see what was going. Thankfully, when he arrived, the party had just finished and people were leaving. When the adults returned, everything had been cleaned up and nothing rose suspicion.

Although Alfred had been the host of the amazing high school party, he still struggled to find a date to the Prom, which upset Ursula. She was going with Jordan, and they had their pictue taken together. To top it off, she was also elected the Prom Queen and kept a small prize and the photo Inventory.

However, things got rocky with Jordan, which prompted her to end their relationship. He would pursue her again and their relationship became on-and-off.

Ursula started noticing Alfred was acting more strangely, even seemingly talking alone, which concerned her. She shared these concerns with her mother, but they did not how to approach him on this issue.

Young Adulthood to Adulthood[edit | edit source]

Her early days of young adulthood were lived calmly, except maybe for her tumultuous relationship with Jordan, which had, once again, been broken off by her. She joined the culinary career to make use of her cooking skills, and she was having a blast. However, she was soon to be grief-striken, as her mother Constance would die of Old Age followed by Isaac shortly after.

Alfred, trying to be helpful, told her of a recipe that could be used to bring them back to life. However, Ursula wondered if this was a reliable claim or just his typical nonsense, so she dismissed it and instead continued grieving. A big funeral ceremony was held at their home and the remaints were buried in the manor, outside.

The existence of a Time Machine, previously hidden in the garage, now placed outside, piqued Ursula's interest and appealed to her adventurous side. She began to wish going on Time Travels. She did so numerous times, choosing the past as her ideal destination. On one of those trips to Medieval era, disguised as a dame of honor, she was swept off her feet by a Brave Knight, with whom she would conceive a child she would later leave behind. The child was named Jane.

On her trip back to the Past, Ursula met an almost unrecognizable Jane - beautiful, freckled, redhead with piercing violet eyes and almost the same age as she was - Ursula would learn that Jane's father had died and she was now on her own. Convinced she could provide a better life for her daughter, she persuaded Jane into travelling to the future with her. Baffled but hopeful, her daughter joined her mother on the trip back.

Although Jane was initially pleased by the household's conditions, she would still feel like a fish out of the water. She did not fit in at all. Additionally, it was beyond her belief how daily life processed and what were those black things, big and small, which had a grey space in the middle in which people could show up on them any time, without ever being able to touch them. Her mother Ursula's explanations never seemed to be good enough. Worse, Jane longed to marry, but there seemed to be no eligible suitor for her, and she thought modern men Sims were not real men Sims at all.

Unknown to her mother and everyone else, Jane would go on a time-travel to go back where she belonged. She would instead end up in medieval china, where she would also meet a man who would father her child, Ben Jie Ming. Unlike her mother, Jane chose to never leave her baby, and instead brought him back to Riverview. Ursula was delighted at becoming a grandmother at such young age, welcoming her grandson with open arms.

However, Jane was strongly determined to go back where she had been born, taking the baby with her on once another time travel. Ursula witnessed this, and started panicking hours had gone by and they still weren't back, so she went to talk to Alfred. They realized the Time Machine was broken, and Ursula begged to go on it to look for her daughter and grandson. Alfred explained it was completely futile, as she would most likely die trying, as Jane and her baby had, leaving a very distraught Ursula. He then started to build another Time Machine, which he knew would take many SimYears.

The event would precede her two subsequent pregnancies, Diane and, then, Bibiane, were born. They would become her joy for the next SimDays.

Unlike Ursula, Wyatt and Melanie were having tremendous trouble conceiving, and were already well into their late adulthood with only one child, Rosaura. Only males could inherit according to the law. A succession problem was at issue, and it concerned everyone, except Alfred. Melanie, well versed in Politics, worked her way into changing the law to let Rosaura be the designated heiress but meanwhile the issue was still being resolved, Wyatt and Melanie knew they had to conceive a son.

Additionally, Wyatt very much pressured his daughter into accepting the responsibility that would inevitably fall on her shoulders should the law be changed. On a gloomy, she would go missing, and Ursula would later find mail from her from an unknown post - she had written a note where it read she was okay, wished everyone well and that she wished they would not look for her. Everyone's shock was great.

The natural fertility treatment seemed to work - Wyatt got Melanie pregnant as an recent aged elder, while Melanie was only two days away from becoming one herself. She gave birth to twins, Bianca and Alphonse, the latter considered the new heir.

With the twins' birthday approaching, Ursula came back from work to bake the promised birthday cake, only to find a kitchen with most its furniture detonated, by Alfred, out of a fit of rage.

Murder attempt suspicion[edit | edit source]

Chaos had risen in the family like never before, a family was being destroyed after a sequence of shocking events, and it started to become too much for Ursula, who was very overwhelmed.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ursula never knew that one of the bullies targeting Alfred, Archibald Perez, was, in fact, their half-brother. The never legitimized son of Isaac and his lover, the failed stylist and image consultant, Marissa.
  • Ursula's lifetime wish was never fulfilled, but she amounted to many lifetime rewards.
  • At the wedding ceremony of eldest brother Wyatt, she is said to have been going around offering her goodies and treats to guests, but was surprised by the refusal of two guests apparently going on harvest, who identified as vegetarian. In fact, this was true but what she did not know is that they were vegetarian Vampires, refusing to attack other Sims. They would end up dying on the party, an experience that would shock Ursula and also set her first close contact with death.
  • Her daughter going missing was originally achieved with Cheats, when I accidentally deleted time Machine and became an interesting storyline purpose.
  • The Time Machine Alfred would build, as promised to Ursula, would never be finished, as he would die of Old Age, before being done with its construction.
  • Ursula went steady with Jordan and the bond they had was initially very strong. It became rockier as both approached young adulthood, and became very on-and-off, which upset the sensitive Ursula very much. However, she became used to it as the years passed by, getting the most out of her single life, by going on her yearned adventures. The relationship would stay on-and-off all her life, and the couple chose to never marry.
  • With the exception of the medieval Knight, Jordan was Ursula's only relationship.
  • Ursula was said to be the most fashionable member of the family when the family was still small.
  • Even though in her portrait she appears to be blue-eyed, she is actually green-eyed, having inherited her eye color from her father. Her eye color in portrait is the result of her wearing tinted contact lenses.
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