Umbriel Dortheimer
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Umbriel is a well-appreciated woman whose sense of humor makes a splash at every festival. Yet this cheerful demeanor is a mere façade that hides a powerful and merciless underworld mobster with nerves of steel, feared by her underlings and even more by her foes.
Name Umbriel Dortheimer
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Dortheimer Family
Parents Astrid Dortheimer, Yves Octonnet
Sibling(s) None
Romances Matthias Desfarges
Marital status Widowed
Child(ren) Valentin Dortheimer, Joël Dortheimer, Marigold Dortheimer
Trait Evil small Evil
Trait Family-Oriented small Family-Oriented
Trait Frugal small Frugal
Trait Friendly small Friendly
Trait Good Sense of Humor small Good Sense of Humor
Zodiac sign AriesLN Aries
Lifetime wish
LTW The Emperor of Evil The Empress of Evil
Fav Classical Classical
Fav Lobster Thermidor Lobster Thermidor
Fav Purple Purple
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old Age
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Umbriel Dortheimer is a member of the 5th generation of the big Dortheimer Legacy. She is among the many, many evil Sims from the family.


Umbriel was born in Sunset Valley to the evil yet uncaught criminal Astrid Dortheimer, and her peaceful husband Yves Octonnet. Her aunt Ilona also lived there. She was mostly raised by her father and aunt, as Astrid was very busy gathering ill-gained Simoleons with her criminal and sometimes murderous activities.

She very soon developed a similar personality than her mother, but unlike the latter, who usually worked solo, she was rather outgoing and preferred the team job and therefore got many friends.

She was an average student at school, but she was very popular. She there began to look for other people that had enough potential to work with her later as members of her dreamed future Mafia system, though she remained highly discrete with that and did not tell anyone.

She had a good relationship with most of her 8 cousins, except for one, the good-heartedMarcia, who sensed the inner evilness that Umbriel hid under her friendly façade. Her favorite cousin though was Octavie, as the two had very similar personalities.

Astrid soon taught her and her cousins about the legend of their ancestor Neptuna that had been murdered by her evil husband and told her to never trust any spouse and to get away from them as soon as possible after getting a heir. She also instilled into them a value that would later indefectively hold the entire Dortheimer family together for centuries: family support. Never leave a Dortheimer in trouble, and do not prioritize anyone before the legacy.


Umbriel soon grew into a young Adult and Astrid told her a gruesome family secret: some time ago, when Astrid went to her sister Clara's funteral, she and her four other sisters learnt than one of them's husband, Rémi, was in fact leading a double life between his wife Blanche and one of his sister-in-law Pekoe. Outraged at the affront made to their family, the sisters decided to punish him strongly, and Astrid proposed to kill him off. This proposition was rather coldly welcomed but Astrid managed to convince her sisters and they trapped the two-timer in a lost cottage in the woods and burnt it entirely.

These words did not shock Umbriel much: she had been one of the most receptive among her cousins to the family-support value and she moreover lacked any moral at all. So she had absolutely no problem with that.

Soon, she decided to follow in her mother's criminal footsteps. However, unlike her, she thought it would be better to hide herself into the limelight rather than the shadows: as an already popular woman, well-known for her good sense of humor and her apparent outgoing façade, it would be weird and suspicious if she suddenly disappeared from the Sunset Valley social life. And if people know her a friendly woman they would not suspect her from being a mobster.

She met all the previous classmates the noticed in high school and asked them to be part of her new crime syndicate. Almost every of them accepted, and the unfortunate few that were too honest were executed in order to leave no witness behind. She then began her new life as a merciless underworld mobster.

She left her underlings do all the unpleasant jobs (blackmail, kidnappings, robberies and sometimes even murders) while she lived the life of an apparently normal Sim, and she took the biggest part of the loot they plundered for her. At first, the underlings were shocked and tried to show their discontent, and one of them even threatened to denounce Umbriel to the authorities. That was a fatal mistake, though, as Umbriel merely shot him at gunpoint. The underlings then understood that Umbriel was not someone you would want to displease and became unwaveringly loyal to her, mostly out of fear though. After that, all the traitors were shot the same way by Umbriel herself and their bodies were fed to her pet sharks.

Meanwhile, she lived the life of the wealthy in town and she attended at all the town events. She there was an insanely popular guest, as her sense of humor and outgoing behavior were very appreciated by the other Sims. She was friends with almost everyone in town.

Therefore, there were two mysterious evils that frightened the entire populace: Astrid, who worked solo unbeknownst to anyone, and Umbriel, unindentifiable head of a powerful crime syndicate. And not even the most skilled detective could find a single hint about who was behind all the crimes perpetrated in Sunset Valley.

One day, at a political meeting, Umbriel met a heir of two wealthy politicians, Matthias Desfarges. Astrid noted that he was the heir of a huge fortune, as his parents were very powerful in SimNation, and she convinced her daughter that he would be a great idea to marry him so she inherits of his money. Umbriel therefore seduced him quickly and soon the two got married.

However, both his parents moved in the Dortheimer mansion, as they were too close to their son to let him alone. Soon, Matthias' father Hervé and Umbriel's own father were killed during a fire that occurred at some party given in town, and it was the first time that Umbriel saw her mother crushed, as, as strange as it might sound, she really loved her husband. In order to comfort her, she decided to go on a vacation with her in France, while ordering her underlings to continue their malevolent activities during her travel, as it might be suspicious if the crimes in town stopped while Umbriel and Astrid were out of town.

When they got back, Umbriel learnt that she was pregnant and soon gave birth to twin sons, Matthieu and Valentin. However, Umbriel was kind of misandrist, and she really wanted a daughter. She got pregnant again and gave birth to Marigold the same day her mother-in-law kicked the bucket. Both she and her mother, as well as her aunt, were disappointed at Valentin and Matthieu, as they were polar opposite to them: nice, caring, peaceful and good-hearted. As such they did not care much about them and as a consequence, Matthieu died one day when he drowned into the mansion's swimming pool. Despite her not liking him that much, Umbriel was still very saddened at her son's death, as he still was part of her very own family, but she was ordered by Astrid to get over it as her grieving would not bring him back and her mourning could be seen by her underlings as a signal of weakness they could use to overthrow her.

Unlike her brothers, though, Marigold was the dream-daughter for Umbriel: intelligent amoral and domineering (as seen when she was continuously bullying her older brother), she would be absolutely perfect heir.

Astrid and Umbriel then decided that it was time to get rid of Matthias and Umbriel then threw him in a high voltage cab, leaving him to die electrocuted. The electrical power was so strong that nothing was left of Matthias save for some dust soon scattered away by the winds. Umbriel then pretended that he disappeared at seas (Matthias was fond of sailing) and she inherited all of his fortune.

One day, she learnt that her aunt Pekoe died in Bridgeport and everyone went there. There, Umbriel and her cousin Gwénaëlle told all Rémi's daughters Marcia, Corinne, Charline and Octavie, the truth about their father's death. While Corinne, Charline and Octavie were shocked, the purest member of the family, Marcia, was downright horrified and fled with her husband. No attendee heard about them again. Umbriel was a tad saddened but at least she still got her other living cousins remaining by her sides.

Sadly, Ilona, Astrid's most beloved sister, soon died too and Astrid was as crushed as Umbriel was when Matthieu drowned. And this weakening was perceived by the family inner threat, Valentin, who was harassed by his grandmother and sister, and after all those years of silence and fear, he collected all his courage and denounced Astrid to the cops, but he didn't tell a thing about his mother as he didn't even know about her business. Astrid was arrested and send to the slammer for the rest of her life and died rather soon while serving her sentence.

Marigold and Umbriel were outraged and swore to get rid of Valentin someday, but not immediately in order not to arise suspicion.


After she became an elder, she attended at his son's wedding and lived enough to see the birth of her first grandson Alexandre. She liked him a lot despite being her now hated son's child. She still was the head of her crime syndicate, and despite being old, she sometimes tried to participate herself to the heinous deeds they committed. She was very proud of Marigold, who had become a pure genius and inventor, and she used some of her inventions herself to help her underlings in their crimes.

However, she soon fell ill and felt she was too old to remain at the head of her syndicate and decided retire and entrusted her chief lieutenant to replace her. She soon died of Old Age and she was buried in her manor's graveyard. Along with the entire family, all Sunset Valley citizens attended at the funeral, thinking they lost a friend. They would never ever learn that they in fact cried the loss of one of their biggest enemies that caused the town immense suffering...

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