This is Part One of The Angels Who Cried Wolf, it is preceded by The Labyrinth of Time and is followed by "Hostage".

The Angels Who Cried Wolf:
Part One: Trio
Doctor Who - Angels 1
The Doctor, Charles and Katarina look at the city they have just arrived in.
Publisher(s) Bhind45
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Platform(s) YouTube
Genre(s) Science-Fiction
Creature Weeping Angels
TS3 Reflect

The Angels Who Cried Wolf: Trio (Part One) is a Doctor Who: Sims 3 episode, that will be uploaded sometime on July, 2013. It will contain the second appearance of the Weeping Angels in the Sims 3 series.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Allison Mack as Natalie Ramirez
  • Sam Witwer as Evan Berguson


A trio is a set or group of three people or things. This refers to Charles Siringo joining the TARDIS crew making it a "trio".


Music ComposersEdit

  • Christophe Beck
  • Dido - Here with Me (Music Theme)


  • This episode see's a massive change in production style. The opening sequence is completely different, the logo is changed, a different font is used, a new opening theme song and a new ending theme song.
  • Beginning with this episode, the ending credits are now displayed against a black background.
  • Charles now receives second billing and Katarina receives third billing on the opening sequence.
  • The Doctor is now credited as "The Doctor". Previously he was credited as "Doctor Who" and "Dr. Who".
  • When "Outbreak" was originally planned to be uploaded before this episode, it was named "Conversion".
  • This episode was filmed after Enigma of the Dead, making it the first episode to be filmed outer uploaded order.
  • The voices of Jane and Evan was achieved by using audio clips from Smallville.


  • The Weeping Angels return after making brief appearances in "Catacomb", "Astray" and "Pursuit".

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