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Trenton Mountains
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Named the Ghost Town, by those who know of it. This town is occupied by only a couple of families... and Ghosts
Name Trenton Mountains
Game(s) Sims 3
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  The Trenton Mountains are located between the shores of Bridgeport and Sunset Valley. Both are very easy to get to, and even more unknown as the locals mysteriously forget about the people who have visited.


The town is well known for graves, as the massive population suddenly declined, for some other unknown mysterious reason. There are many graveyards including:

  • Mellow Yard (For Ellison Town and Markinson)
  • Accrington Moores (For Accrington and Bellahew)
  • Capital Way (For the Capital, Tigress)
  • Tegarry and Hamburry Park (For Tegarry Village and Hamburry)
  • Henry of Martindale Park (For Martindale and Bettersbury)
  • St John's (for Lorrington and Errinstow)
  • The Ron Ian Park (For Brixton Mott)
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