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Notes, Footnotes and Trivia Edit

  • The current leaderboard was created from data taken from the World saved in January 16th, and the last data had some errors.
  • In the entire course of the gameplay that resulted in the fanon, only the Romaioi Barbaroi, namely Gnaevs and Ivlius, have ever wet their pants.
  • Leighton Sekemoto was a vampire on both timelines, and hence one of the few to survive at the end of the first timeline.
  • Strangely enough, Thornton Wolff has 7 points in Invention and Charisma respectively, even when Kallistrata only offered up to 5 levels in invention, and none on Charisma.
  • Because Late Night wasn't installed when Olympias and Thetis was there, Olympias and Thetis had different zodiac symbols. It was corrected with Generations via testingcheatsenabled cheat.
  • The Attalids in the first time warp and the second time warp had different zodiac symbols: Even then Olympias and Thetis STILL had different zodiac signs, despite being twins.
  • There are two sims who has a trait change as necessitated by the story: Eumenes Attalides, who gains the bookworm trait as an allusion to him expanding the Library of Pergamon and Thessalonike, who replaces the No Sense of Humor with the Rebellious trait catalyzed by her reputation as a cheater in romantic relationships.
  • While the Rebellious trait was probably intended to be for the punk image, the fanon takes a more wide view on the trait.
  • The main fanon story page is the 3rd longest Fanon Page, following SimFormula and Spectral (Part 1) (with a mere difference of 600 bytes between the main page and the latter). It is also the longest of my Fanon Pages, and is followed by two pages which also share a spot in the top 5 longest Fanon Pages, Kallisto and Ecclesiarchy page. Following that is Kallistrata's page, and then Stratonike. Antigone and Demetria are also of respectable length, and even Lysistrata has a spot: In fact, Hypatia, Achaia, Hekatonschoinos and Council of Bridgeport belong to the longest 500 pages, and the two smallest fanon sim page of mine that belongs to the longest 500 pages is Esomena at 363 place at 12,758 bytes and Eurydike ranked 432 with 11,278 bytes. Including the subpages (including this page before edit and including the Event subpage), The Time Paradox page in its entirety is 107,668 bytes, now exceeding Spectral's entirety which is 100,568 bytes, and this does not count the new subplot New Homeland, which is also more than 45,000 bytes. Time for a pruning, I suppose?
  • The Greek town with the most number of sims named after is Massalia (now Marseille) with 3 Sims: Herakleitos, Phylagoras, and Vercingetorix (an (hellenized) Celt of Massalian birth). No other town has any more than 1 sim named after it with the exception of Pella, although it's due to Chrysanthema adopting Kallistrata's surname, and All 3 Massalian sims are males.

References and inaccuraciesEdit

  • The most obvious reference is the Roman family the Romaioi Barbaroi with Ivlivs Caesar (Julius Caesar), Gnaevs Pompeivs Magnus (Pompey the Great), Marcvs Porcivs Cato Vticensis (Cato the Younger), and Titvs Qvintivs Flaminivs (Flaminius), although Titvs was of a different time period, bit less than a century and a half earlier than the time of Pompey and Caesar, to be exact at the times of the Macedonian Wars (He commanded in the 2nd Macedonian War) in which highly overrated Barbaropolis got the weakened Hellenistic states.
  • None of the female characters in the Attalid or the Alkmaionid family has any relations to any historical figures in the respective families. There was a Stratonike of Pergamon, but that historical figure is not related to the Stratonike here whatsoever. This is repeated throughout related pages, although most people don't really delve into these things. Speaking of the Attalids, Philetairos and Eumenes's spacing is quite off: Philetairos is Attalos's Brother, who in turn was the father of another Attalos was in turn the father of Attalos I, who was then the father of Eumenes II. The party-loving nature was based upon the general Attalid friendliness: Attalids were for one Pro-Barbarian (i.e. Philromaioi), they sent troops to repel the Gallic invasion to the Balkans (that later led to Galatia), and they helped build stuff, such as the stoa in Athenai.
  • The Fanon Philetairos is perhaps the most contrary to the historical Philetairos. Historical Philetairos was not only a eunuch but also was obese, and since he couldn't have children, did not marry. This is extremely ironic since Philetairos and Parthenope were the first and currently the only relevant CAS sim of Time Paradox to have children normally. While Demetria and Thessalonike got married, neither had children with their spouses. Because of this, Philetairos and Parthenope held the title alone until Natasha Kovalenko and Julio Santos-Leite broke in (but then they were filler characters of the First Timeline, never to be dug again perhaps until making a lore for one of the upcoming Heptanomis Sim Regina Solis).
  • Hypatia, as mentioned in the sim's page, is a reference to the Neoplatonist mathematician of Roman (Barbarian) Egypt. Given the historical counterpart's tendencies, it was planned for Hypatia to receive the Supernatural Skeptic trait, but it was scrapped.
  • Kallisto's personality is also mentioned in the sim's page, but Kallisto's megalomania and engineering tradition is based on that of Dionysios I, who built the Wall of Syracuse and hired mercenaries to keep power and suppress opposition.
  • Al-Dar 's members are based on some of the key members of Al-Qaida (except Omar Qutb): Usaim Hamdi is based on Osama bin Laden, who was noted to be a genius and a big fan of outdoors. Ayham Bahri is based on Ayman Al-Zawahiri, who is a qualified surgeon and was a part of the radical group in Egypt aimed at overthrowing the government (hence his Rebellious trait). Anwar Arafat is based on Anwar al-Awlaki, an engineer and a major part in supply aspect. Please keep in mind, however, that the Al-Dar is fictional and it is also a "what if" faction, presuming that the characters did not take up the deeds of the real group.
  • The Elect is a parody of the Collective (of Ayn Rand) and some of the characters of Ayn Rand's work, Ray Dann parodying Ayn Rand (his name is a rearrangement of the letters in the name Ayn Rand), Laan Blueshore Alan Greenspan. Lucas Howland is a parody of one of the stereotypes of an Objectivist, bookish and rather lazy (compared to the loud, gun-toting and white-rich-kid imagery of the second stereotype), and Edith Berry is not a parody of any character or group but simply a plot addition. The musical/band aspect of the Elect stems from Greenspan's ability to play the saxophone and the clarinet.
  • Esomena is a homage to the Vocaloids. (as are the entire Mathetai Mouson)
  • Aedui (or Aidouoi) and the Arverni (or Arbernoi) are two major tribes in Gaul, and the two tribes represented in Europa Barbarorum. Cocolitanos and Aneirin are the names of the two respective leaders at the time of 272. B.C. Aedui household also presents a Gaul of Massalian origins, which is somewhat unhistorical: although Celts were present in or near Massalia, such as the Ligurian tribes, it is highly unlikely that any of them would owe allegiance to either tribes.
  • The Patriot Party is based on the Tea Party and the naming based on the characteres of Metal Gear Solid.
  • The birthdays of the Beauty 4 characters are reference to the rough equivalent Chaos Gods in the Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K) universe: Achaia's birthday April 3rd serving as an homage to Nurgle (4+3), Thessalonike Khorne (19-11), Kallisto Tzeentch (3*3) and Demetria Slaanesh (16-10). Demetria doesn't necessarily fit the Slaaneshi archetype, as explained on the trivia section of the said sim's page.
  • Although Kallisto introduces the idea of Klerouchoi to serve as the counterpart to the mercenaries of Dionysios I, the system of Klerouchia was actually an Athenian idea, taken well by the Diadochoi such as the Seleukeis, Ptolemaioi and the Makedones. Katoikoi is a better term for the participants of Kallisto's system (and the system better dubbed Katoikia), since Katoikoi are given dwelling, and no plot of land to put them in upper middle-class.
  • The Council of Bridgeport plot is heavily based off the plot of Chaos Rising, most notably the presence of a traitor in their own ranks. This is to be retconned out, since there will be no traitor in the Council of Bridgeport, at least not a member of it.
  • The concept of Kallisto's Bridgeport bombardment largely resembles the Soviet Fractional Orbital Bombardment System, in which warheads are delivered in a low orbital trajectory.
  • In the fanon, the term "Rods of God" involves kinetic bombardment, represented by a meteor strike. However, this is bad terminology, as the correct term is "Rods from God"
  • The quote "Love is a serious mental disease" is a mistranslation of a part of the dialogue Phaidros where Sokrates declares erotic love a madness. While the Big 6 uses the implication of the quote (backed by another part of Phaidros) to vilify romance and promote friendships and companionships, the Big 6's view is more aligned with Aristoteles, who was more interested in philia over eros as is Big 6.
  • Elvira Slayer's character as portrayed in the Council of Bridgeport was a shameless ripoff homage to Brood War Sarah Kerrigan, although this is to get better with her involvement in the Dusk of Opposition
  • The Ecclesiarchy is somewhat similar to Dungeon and Fighter's GBL order in that they seek knowledge and wishes to take in more people in the academic path. Like the GBL, the Ecclesiarchy has a religious root and a monastic organization. Unlike the GBL, Ecclesiarchy actively seeks power and proactively gets involved in politics.

Author's Personal OpinionsEdit

  • The author is quite embarrassed by the name Time Paradox, since there isn't really much of paradox involved, only time traveling, which has become less relevant. In fact, the author currently wants to rename the fanon "Twin Cultures"
  • The author fears that Kallisto might be branded a Mary Sue. After all, Kallisto has tons of power on hand. Kallisto may not be perfect, but then many Mary Sues have insignificant flaws in a poor attempt to get that title away from them...
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