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Event 1: Add-a-Sim!

Want to be an active part in development of this fanon? Come play a part: design a sim to your liking to be put on this fanon! Although the timeframe for which the sim will be put into a significant role in the fanon can't be guaranteed, I shall do my best to incorporate the sims (as long as there aren't too many, a ballpark figure of 20+ sims are way too many to be handled and will significantly add delay to getting them in) into the fanon in a meaningful fashion.

To submit a sim design, the Sim must have a name and traits and should include screenshot (or a package) for the outfits, obviously, and optionally one may specify a personality and a stereotype that will determine the starting stats. You may use CC that are free, as long as you provide the links (preferably in this way since I have some CC content) or include it in your package. If you choose to use CC and forget to include a way for me to obtain it, I shall do with what the game engine chooses as a replacement.

Event 2: Males need some love?

One feedback regarding the fanon has noted that the fanon has been dominated by female actions, and despite the fact that entities such as Al-Dar led by males exist, they haven't taken a huge role yet. Although the upcoming substory Aneirin's Wrath would focus on the tale of Aneirin oi Lugos and his archenemy, Cocolitanos oi Lugos, I wish to hear from those who are interested in the fanon what I should do with the relatively low presence of males in the fanon which are only partially remedied with the subplots giving men some more spotlight.

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