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Event 1: Add-a-Sim!Edit

Want to be an active part in development of this fanon? Come play a part: design a sim to your liking to be put on this fanon! Although the timeframe for which the sim will be put into a significant role in the fanon can't be guaranteed, I shall do my best to incorporate the sims (as long as there aren't too many, a ballpark figure of 20+ sims are way too many to be handled and will significantly add delay to getting them in) into the fanon in a meaningful fashion.

To submit a sim design, the Sim must have a name and traits and should include screenshot (or a package) for the outfits, obviously, and optionally one may specify a personality and a stereotype that will determine the starting stats. You may use CC that are free, as long as you provide the links (preferably in this way since I have some CC content) or include it in your package. If you choose to use CC and forget to include a way for me to obtain it, I shall do with what the game engine chooses as a replacement.

P.S. If you do play Sims 3, do as Starmoonie did with the sim that has now been incorporated: simply design a sim and export that, then fork the thing to me and it should be ok. If you do not and still want to contribute, do as what I've said above: names, trait, basic appearance description. I probably won't get it completely, but if you have any other specifications (especially when I upload image) then please remind me.

Event 2: Males need some love?Edit

One feedback regarding the fanon has noted that the fanon has been dominated by female actions, and despite the fact that entities such as Al-Dar led by males exist, they haven't taken a huge role yet. Although the upcoming substory Aneirin's Wrath would focus on the tale of Aneirin oi Lugos and his archenemy, Cocolitanos oi Lugos, I wish to hear from those who are interested in the fanon what I should do with the relatively low presence of males in the fanon which are only partially remedied with the subplots giving men some more spotlight.

Event 3: Hekatonschoinos for Everyone (Coming Soon)Edit

To celebrate Hekatonschoinos now rendered playable, I shall spiff the world a bit and translate all the text in the world to English, and then provide the link to the playable Hekatonschoinos. The event, once it is active, is essentially creating player stories with the world. Hekatonschoinos has so far used only one store item (Tree of Prosperity), and there are several custom contents: When the world is released, I shall add the links to the custom contents (they are free) that are in use.

With that being said, the job will be done! Enjoy the new world when it is once released, and bring me some interesting stories!

Event 4: Q & AEdit

Have any questions about the fanon? Ask a question, whether it be inspiration, allegories to real-life trends, or anything that you can think of.

But for the starters, I shall make an FAQ to address what will probably be common questions

  • Q: Why do you use non-Anglical spelling, such as Kallisto (anglicized Callisto)?
  • A: Because I like things transliterated. Enuff said. I generally rage over Latinization of many Greek names, such as Cleitus for Kleitos, especially that -us ending for -os, as I don't like Romans and their infernally overrated military, and chances are many anglicized names are usually derived from latinized names.
  • Q: What is with all these terminologies?
  • A: If you are an history fanboy/girl and played Europa Barbarorum on top, you will understand. If not, probably not, but then a quick explanation is that it's fun to make references to ancient systems and try to make a Sim counterpart to said practices, a common terminology that pops rapidly in the fanon being Cleruchy/Klerouchiai.
  • Q: Story's a bit confusing.
  • A: Go read the Laconic section. It also minimizes the usage of the terminologies for maximum convenience.
  • Q: What's up with all these characters? / Some characters on the list don't really have a plot
  • A: Chances are:
  1. Crash happened.
  2. Minor Characters that were rarely if ever played. (e.g. Cultural Exchange Groups)
  3. Hekatonschoinos (well, it took months for me to find the lagging spot, applies to almost all Asian characters without a page)
  4. Too lazy.
  5. Other accidents (e.g. Aidouoi, recently recreated)
  • A: Returning to the "all these characters?" I like making Sims.
  • Q: Story doesn't make sense.
  • A: Partly my fault, as many elements are used once and thrown away (e.g. possession of the Swansons, the Great War on Christopher Steel that didn't happen). However, ignore those fluff and it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Heck, most of the issues are solved with the Laconic section. I should get to cleaning some of the things, but then laziness calls.
  • Q: Any chance pages of the minor sims are going to be made?
  • A: Not likely. But then community interest never hurts. My fanon had some comments, although tend to be lot lacking compared to other fanon, such as that of Freedom50000.
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