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This page is to list the characters of Time Paradox fanon.

For a short individual description of the more prominent characters, visit here .

By Family: lists all members, former and currentEdit

Households and Sims in bold are rather important characters/organizations. Those that are italicized on the top denote main characters in one point or another.

Crossed out names mean those with absolutely no plot significance nor any planned out.

Alkmaionid householdEdit

  • Kleisthenes Alkmaionides (Head)
  • Chryseis Alkmaionida
  • Andromeda Alkmaionida
  • Eurydike Alkmaionida (currently with Union of the Insane, Sunset Valley Chapter of the Church of Alexandros)
  • Helene Alkmaionida

Attalid household Edit

Beauty 4 (Defunct)Edit

Pydnaia (Defunct)Edit

Scholars' Alliance (Defunct)Edit

First Cultural ExchangeEdit

  • Evangeline Williams
  • Natasha Kovalenko
  • Julio Santos-Leite
  • Marie DuPont
  • Yuki Konoe
  • Hector Smith

Romaioi BarbaroiEdit

  • Marcvs Porcivs Cato
  • Titvs Qvintvs Flaminivs
  • Gnaevs Pompeivs Magnvs
  • Ivlivs Caesar
  • Ivlia Caesar


Second Cultural ExchangeEdit

  • Sancho Zapata
  • Albert Mugabe
  • Maria Capparuchi
  • Drako Belic
  • Mustapha Suleiman
  • Nikos Olympiados

Union of the Insane Edit

Antigonid HeresyEdit


Second Timeline

  • Ju Hoon Kang
  • Se Yoon Kang
  • Yoo Kyung Kang
  • Nam Hee Kang

Third Timeline

  • Taejong Kang
  • Gwibin Kang
  • Yu Ri Kang
  • Sung Hoon Kang
  • Ho Young Kang
  • Gyu Ri Kang

Combat Butlers and Rich Girls (Gozen'in)Edit

  • Daisuke Gozen'in (not present in the household itself)
  • Miyu Gozen'in
  • Herakleitos Massaliotes
  • Chiranjivi Maurya
  • Maria Linder
  • Neru Shiromiya
  • Shironeko



  • Bong Jun Choi
  • Eun Jin Choi
  • Useless Dog
  • Cur


  • Soon Jung Kim


  • Itsuki Okazaki
  • Yukari Okazaki

Swanson (not a unified family)Edit

The ElectEdit

  • Ray Dann
  • Laan Blueshore
  • Peggy Brennel
  • Lucas Howland
  • Edith Berry

Patriot PartyEdit

  • United Snake
  • Divided Snake
  • Snake of Retribution
  • Otakororo


  • Cocolitanos oi Aedu
  • Niobe oi Aedu
  • Brennus oi Aedu
  • Vercingetorix Massaliotes


  • Aneirin oi Lugos

Mathetai MousonEdit

  • Okeanos Iolkios
  • Zoe Drabesike
  • Melitta Epeirota
  • Krinias Enopronios
  • Seleukis Enopronia
  • Persephone Phalara

Bronzefangs (Not a single household)Edit

Achaia's Free Love Movement (Not a single household)Edit

Moonlight Fall MembersEdit

  • Eddy Fitzgerald
  • Amane Kanagawa
  • Clarissa Welch
  • Kevin Campa

Silver Lilies (Not a single household)Edit

Moonlight Fall MembersEdit

  • Aikaterine Larissaia
  • Belinda Limpwort
  • Lee Chu Hee
  • Hikari Hanabusa

Hekatonschoinos MembersEdit

  • Alkmene Kresia
  • Kalypso Naupaktia
  • Diomede Paphia
  • Agatha Broomsworth

Lizardworts (Not a single household)Edit

  • Andronikos Leventis (No, not the admin)
  • Duke of Mapleleaf
  • Berenike Kyrenaia
  • Eustace Tark
  • Brittany Tark
  • Neil Lien
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