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Theodore 'Ted' Space
Name Theodore 'Ted' Space
Gender Male Male
Space family/Grunt Family (Surrogate family)
Parents Winona Space and Marcus Space Deceased
Sibling(s) Emily Space Female
Romances Delaine Forthwile Fell in Love with -Sim-Deceased, Reina Grunt Ex-romance,
Marital status Single
The Sims 2 Logo
Ted hated his life in Strangetown. Finally he escaped and found his long lost family, a calm rich family where nothing ever goes wrong. Probably.
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Alien Alien-Sim Hybrid
Education and Employment
Unemployed Unemployed
Zodiac sign Taurus Taurus
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-green Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Neighborhood Black Waters

Theodore Space (or Ted) was the son of Winona and Marcus and the older brother of the late Emily Space. His mother died and his father went mad after an event nicknamed the Cull happened which meant Ted and his sister had to live with the dictator family, The Grunts. He left and found his long lost family.

Early years

Theodore was born when his mother was only 16 and his father was 21 which was not seen as normal in the uptight town of Strangetown. His sister was born two years later and everything should have been great for the small yet happy family but a few months after his sister was born it just happened to coincide with an event called the Cull. It was started thirty years before by The Generalto ensure that Strangetown only had the strongest people living there. Every 4 years, anybody aged 15-21 was taken to a remote forest in an undisclosed location where they had to survive for a month. It sounded simple but it wasn't. Although everyone could survive here was a winner who was immediately made wealthy after they left. To be the winner you had to stay alive and kill off anybody who got in your path to prove that nothing would distract you from being the strongest not even other people's lives. The Cull was bloodthirsty but in the Grunt family's eyes, it was necessary. As Ted's mother had been 14 in the last Cull she was now eligible as she was 18. Winona was taken along with her 20 year brother Clark and put into the Cull. Marcus has been in the Cull before and survived but had not killed anybody therefore not winning. Marcus gave Winona and Clark lots of advice hoping to ensure their survival but it was in vain. Winona was killed by Selena Loste on the 2nd week and Clark was killed on the the 3rd by a pack of wolves. Marcus seemed to be coping but he eventually went insane after losing his wife and was sent to Belladonna Cove to the Mental hospital to recover. Ted and Emily were fostered by the richest family in town. The Dictators, the Grunt family.

Life with the Grunts

Life with the Grunts was hard. You had to prove your worth with every single action you did. His Surrogate parents, Byron and Milah Grunt trained them for the Cull telling them that killing was OK if you were a winner. Ted didn't get on with his siblings, Axel, Rusa and Ibis. Axel was 4 years older, Rusa was 2 years older and Ibis was the same age. They bullied him constantly and were all psyched for the Cull and when Axel and Rusa 4 years before Ted went into a Cull and Axel returned victorious having killed 10 people brutally, the pressure was even higher. It didn't help that Rusa, Ibis and also Emily who would be 16 when Ted was 18 were all going to be there. Ted counted down the years which went too fast in his opinion until the Cull and finally, the day of the Cull arrived. Ibis was thrilled at the thought of the first and only Cull for him and wanted to follow in Axel's footsteps. Rusa had been 16 in her first Cull and now she was 20 and she knew this was her last was determined to win. Emily was scared and so was Ted. As the Byron and Milah said goodbye, their only advice was 'Win or Die trying'. Ted hated them and hated their ancestor, Tank for starting the Cull.

The Cull

On the train to the Helicopter station, Ted sat with Emily and nobody spoke. He didn't dare go near Ibis or Rusa, while they were boarding, both had mouthed 'You will die' at him and he knew they were both mentally and physically stronger than him. Around half way there, a girl asked if she could join their carriage as the people in her other carriage were 'mental'. They agreed and found out her name was Delaine Forthwhile. She had only been in Strangetown a month or so and didn't understand why they were going to some event called the Cull. Ted explained and Delaine simply said 'Oh well, guess I'll die'. Ted felt a need to make her happy so he told her she could work with them, just surviving no killing. Delaine agreed. A few hours later they were on the helicopter with literally nothing to help survive. When the cull finally started, Delaine, Ted and Emily just ran away as fast as they could and got as far from the rest as they could. They quickly made a plan, Ted carve a spear of some sort, Delaine and Emily collect food and wood for a fire. This worked well for the first week, they managed to avoid any human contact until they ran into the worst people possible, Ibis and Rusa. Delaine and Ted ran to defend themselves and Emily but they got distracted by Ibis and when they turned round to see Emily, she was gone, taken by Rusa. Ibis tried to run but tripped and cut his knee badly. Ted and Delaine went over to him, holding their weapons over Ibis but he just moaned and asked them to help him. Ted was determined not to kill and so was Delaine, so they helped him up and helped him. They decided to find Emily as Rusa would probably have killed her but Ibis overheard and shook his head, he told them Rusa only took Emily so Emily could kill for them and Rusa wouldn't have to do any of the dirty work. After all, there were no cameras to see who, they calculated the winner using eyewitness accounts and lie detectors to get a vague picture of who.

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