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Missing Child
Name: Missing Child
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/11/12

Previous chapter: Arrival of Nova
Next chapter: Creation (Part 1)

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From my head to my toes I was dressed like an old woman. Not really old but you know....clothes they typically wear since fashion designers are so uppity not to design some nice looking outfits for seniors.

My plan for today, was to meet the townspeople and find out the history of this little dump. My husband told me the people are quite friendly but may be a bit cautious at first to newcomers. So I'm going to try to play "Nice", with them till the end. Izcrazi is sleeping like a dog in his little hut with Buddy and Noah hasn't come out of the basement. I feel a bit lonely...its the hormones, I have no need of them anymore. I will replace them as soon as I'm done giving birth to my kids....if Noah gets out of the basement already!

Nova: Noah! I'm going to the park! I'll need a ride. Please come assist your wife.

Noah came from the basement and walked passed Nova with grease all over his hands. He headed towards the kitchen but Nova quickly blocked his way in order to gain his attention.

Nova: Did you not hear what I was saying?

Noah: Yes love, but I'm're going to have to call a taxi. I'm currently busy working on a project needed for my job. We do need some sort of income, you know?

Nova: I know! Why did you think I placed an application in the hospital? I've already figured if I'm close to the surgeons and the medication, I would be able to steal things and find out information on mutation researches being done here.

Noah: Lovely! Now get out of my way woman...I need to wash up!

Noah shoved her to the side and washed his hands. He seemed to be a bit grumpy since the man had spend the whole night in the filthy basement.

Nova: God knows what that man is doing in there! *calling for a taxi*

The taxi arrived and pulled up to the curb. Nova hopped in and told the driver the place she needed to go. If wasn't about 2 minutes till they arrived, Nova got out the car and handed the driver some counterfeited simoleons. The driver couldn't even tell, he was in a rush to the next person who had called for a ride to the science laboratory.

Nova: What a beautiful park!

"Help! Help me!"

"Help me! Oh please my son is missing!!!"

Nova ignored the cries for help, I wasn't her son. The cries for help soon faded away and now a blonde housewife came out of no where stood in the middle of the park frantically looked around for something. Nova couldn't help but to think if this woman was crazier than she was but walked up to her with out a care.

She saw Nova and clenched onto her very tightly.

Beverly: Please miss, have you seen my son? I left him at the bench near the bookstore and now he is missing! Please have you seen my son? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Nova: BACK OFF YOU EXCUSE FOR A HOUSEWIFE! If you was watching your boy more than he may have not been snatched by someone!

This made Beverly worry even more and she soon fainted with the thought that she will not see her precious son again.


She slapped Beverly till she came through. Beverly cried into Nova's chest and pleaded with her to look for her missing boy.

Nova: Who? Well...whats his name?

Beverly: His name is Thomas, hes 12 a-and hes very smart for a young boy...oh my husband and I was so proud of him when h-

Nova: Shut up! That's all I need to know....I'll find him.

Nova didn't know the area quite well and just started to walk around hollering "Thomas!, YOU STUPID BOY! YOUR PATHETIC MOTHER IS LOOKING FOR YOU!". She was now walking farther out to the beach. Now this wasn't right...I mean where is this kid? far can a boy go to run away from a parent?

Nova thought Thomas may have ran away since she too ran away from her mother when her mother took her to places she didn't want to go to. The beach had a very few people relaxing there but no sight of a little boy. Nova kind of grew worried, her mother instinct was filling in her angry that she had to look for someone's kid.

Nova: Thomas!!!

It was getting Dark and Nova thought Thomas may have went back to the park. She then headed back in the direction she came from but suddenly realized something. Maybe I don't need to return Thomas to his mother....maybe when I find him...he'll be my next research rat. This thought swirled in her head, can this child be her first experiment here?


Nova: What was that?!?!?

It had came from deep in the swampy area. Near the Bayless home.

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