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Contact and Atlas
Name: Contact and Atlas
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 5/22/12

Previous chapter: Nova's Choice
Next chapter: New Reign of power (Part One)

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Thomas was held up and his eyes were opened to witness Clover's last breath. She was placed in the chair and was strapped on tight. The straps on her arms were tight enough to cut off circulation, Clover was pleading for Nova to spare her.

Nova: SILENCE! You sold my mother out to killed by family....your nothing but scum to in the world do you think I'm the scum? I'm only paying you back for what you did......flip the switch son.

Bot21 did what he was told and Clover was frying on the chair trying to break free from the straps that held her hands and feet down to the it. She was screaming for her life and Thomas cried for someone to come save him. Nova flipped the switch off and Clover was now nothing but a clump of dust. The sound of the Grim Reaper came up and up from a large dark smoke was the Sim himself. He called for Clover's soul but before he could take it away Nova appeared in front of him and pointed her finger in his face.

Nova: You! You need to repay me for the soul I gave you years ago!


Nova: Oh really?....let us not recall the soul you didn't take from the Lotharios who was supposed to die when he was a teen.

Grim: MPH! MRMAMPRH! MRMERRRRRR....MREMIPHMEH! PHM! *Now slamming his scythe on the ground repeatedly and yelling at Nova with words no one should hear.*

The Grim Reaper started to chant a spell and whisked Nova away into the smoke he vanished in as well. No one really knew what was Nova planning but Zola knew it was now the time to take Thomas back in time with her to set the big plan in motion. Crystal cuffed Thomas to Zola and the two entered the time machine. Izcrazi was waving at them wishing them a far well and to be safe. Noah took everyone home and fell back to sleep until the next day.

-To Marshall-

The shine of the sun peered its rays through the curtains and onto Marshall's face. The day was new but Marshall felt so old, he didn't kiss his wife good morning and rushed off to work with out even wishing everyone a good day. Everyone at work was expecting him back to investigate the green slime that was recovered ta the plant a couple of days ago. The green was taking shape now and every shape was life like, like a picture of the plumbbob or a llama. This slime was even edible but made patients to go through a seizure or make them act crazy.

He rode up to the plant and was greeted by Noah who was walking inside with a smile on his face.

Noah: Ah Mr. Curious...lovely day huh? *he hummed a tune and walked inside the building*

Marshall: Yeah uh...

What is his problem? Act like nothing happened the last couple of days. Marshall proceeded to walk inside and noticed Noah in the forensics lab testing on a green substance in a tube. Is he working on the Green Slime? That's my project! He barged in the room and confronted Noah.

Marshall: Boy are you mad?!?! This project is for me and my students only!

Noah: Relax Marshall. There is plenty of slime here for everyone. *gives him a cocky look*

Marshall did not Noah one bit, this feeling that Noah is up to something didn't make him want to work beside or anywhere near the boy at all. Marshall pushed him aside and put on some goggles.

Marshall: Noah,...have you heard of the man called "Atlas"?

Noah: Yes, Atlas was infamous for his experimentation on Sims located on a sunken island, why?

Marshall: This is the same type of slime found in his chamber he was working on his last patient.

Noah: Oh hohoho, I wouldn't call them "Patients" but yeah, it kind of looks like it.

Marshall: The military did not find the victim and said there was a trail of this stuff leading to the forest. A large crater in the ground was glowing green and it may have seem he probably was lifted from the ground.

Noah: You have o evidence that he was...

Marshall: Don't question my knowledge boy. Atlas may have been in contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Noah scoffed, beings from another world? No such thing. The two kept at it arguing and working on what that slime was made of.

-To Sinbad-

Sinbad kept walking through the fog and had bumped into someone. He looked up and squinted, in front of him stood Nova with a wrench in her hand. She nailed him in his head and dragged him back to the Bayless home. There Nova had tied him to a chair and had whipped him with a whip.


Nova: Bot21, tap his mouth shut he's annoying me.

Bot21: Yes mom.

Sinbad struggled to move and watched as Nova was torturing Thomas. Thomas was being held up by his arms by Crystal and was whipped by Nova. Nova was a bit of sadist and didn't care as much of Thomas's pleas to let him go.

Nova: Now Thomas, don't cry too much. This is the only pain you will feel till time its self changes, all of this will be forgotten and forgiven.

Thomas couldn't even respond, the poor boy cried too much to put up a fight. Zola was no where in sight and it had seemed she may have gone in the time machine already. Clover was in a corner of the room disfigured and burned.

Nova: ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY ATLAS! *she struck Thomas once again* ALL HAIL THE NEW LEADER WHO TOOK HIS PLACE! *again she struck Sinbad* ALL HAIL MY NEW HOME!

Nova kept whipping the two as Bot21 watched in disgust in a corner. He didn't know what to think, his step-mother was a murderer and an insane woman who was excited to see the pain of others. Will he step up and save Sinbad and Thomas?

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