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Creation (Part 1)
Name: Creation (Part 1)
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/15/12

Previous chapter: Missing Child
Next chapter: Creation (Part 2)

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Note: To not make readers confused, this chapter begins off with Noah than with Nova. Nova's part will return in two more chapters.

As the sun began to fall in the east. Noah quickly arrived from work to not find Nova home. He grew concerned but still trusted she wasn't in any danger. He had found out how to create a Simbot and he was planning on doing soon before she arrived later. Noah quickly rushed to the basement to put all of the scrap metal he stole from his job on his work bench. He could remember now how his conversation had went with his other co-workers on a new experimentation they were researching on Cowplants.

Lincoln: I wish someone would have informed me there was going to be a meeting today about this new drug they have been testing on these plants! *rushing towards the testing room*

Lincoln was pretty much new to his line of work but Noah had no problem getting around places and gaining experience. He was too much in a hurry and immediately slammed into Noah as he reached the door. Face first into Noah's chest, Lincoln was embarrassed and apologized quickly hoping Noah wouldn't have made any thoughts about Lincoln's place in the Science career.

Noah: Lincoln you must be careful next time when running in the halls, you don't want to end up like those plants back in room 29?

Embarrassed, Lincoln just shrugged and walked into the room Noah came out of. Noah couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Marshall seemed to have been trying to push the other co-workers into a project no one recalled of him asking to do. But since Noah was new around here, more than Lincoln, he didn't seem to mind putting up with Marshall's tyrant demands.

Marshall: Listen fellow colleagues, I hear that there has been waves of static coming from the swamps near by and high percentage of radiation has been picked up in those areas. I fear we have to come up with the proper solution to figure out why this is happening.

Lincoln: But why us? Shouldn't the doctors at the hospital take on this job instead of us? We have our own problems to deal with!

Marshall: Lincoln my boy, you don't fully understand a Doctor's job. They can't do everything their selves! That is why we must find the real answer.

Noah: *walks in rudely to interrupt the conversation* If you don't mind me putting two cents in this lovely talk, my fiance works in the medical field and I feel your not giving them a chance.

Marshall: Damn it Noah, keep your thoughts to yourself! The hospital once had an emergency call of a group of tourists who came here with bloody covered arms and had patches of green moldy flesh growing on there bodies!

Noah: What the hell does that have to do with anything?! Listen Marshall...Doctors are the same as us, putting yourself on a higher pedestal isn't going to make you seem godly as them. NO ONE IS A GOD EXCEPT GOD ITSELF!

Marshall was going to lash out him about his little mind but he kept his mouth shut. It isn't wise to argue with a newbie he thought, when the time is right...I'll show him who's a god here. The meeting became a short one and everyone left early to collect their thoughts on this new test.

Noah: *walking to his car* I think Nova would be glad to hear this news. A hidden past huh? What could Marshall Curious have been thinking of blurting such things in front of newcomers?

This stood in his brain until he hit the road.

Noah: I wonder what will Nova do next, the last time she gained juicy knowledge like this...her brother became more worse than before. Why must she blame the hospital for what she has done to him?

As the car reached the house Noah became anxious about Nova. She was going to need a little help around the house to help her.

Noah: I should create a Simbot....but with what material?

He pulled up home to find Izcrazi playing in the front yard with Buddy. Izcrazi was coughing the whole time and seemed to be hallucinating.

Noah: Good lord Izcrazi! What the hell happen to you?

Izcrazi stumbled to the floor and laughed manically.

Izcrazi: They are coming! They have found us! What shall be my next mission commander?

Noah felt Izcrazi was off his medication and dragged him in the house. No time to work on the Simbot, Izcrazi needs some attention right now. Buddy barked from outside, Noah ignored his calls. He thought Buddy wanted to come inside, but Nova didn't want Buddy being inside the main house messing with any of her potions. One thing about Nova is she loved animals more than she loved Sims, so she never tested anything on animals.

Buddy knew no one was coming to let him in, so he walked towards what he was trying to warn them about. Near the bushes by Izcrazi's domain was someone keeping watch of them. This Sim was giggling and struggling to keep hidden, who was this person?

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