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New Reign of power (Part One)
Name: New Reign of power (Part One)
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 6/17/12

Previous chapter: Contact and Atlas
Next chapter: Special Chapter

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Throughout the whole time things were going from bad to worse in Twinbrook Dillian happened to reappear back in the same spot she was abducted from just in the morning dazed and confused. She didn't know what was going on and had to struggle getting home on foot. She didn't want to run into anyone and tell what she had saw and experienced since she would think they thought she was crazy. Aliens?.....were those things actually...ALIENS?!?!?...

Dillian reached to the pourch of her home and tried to put the key in the door lock. She felt really weak and her body was becoming numb. She soon passed out and wasn't waken until the mailman came.

-Back to Nova-

Nova: Hey you know what that girl Dillian was up to when she stopped by my house?

Sinbad: I don't know! Er-LET ME GO!

Nova: Huh.....really?....I heard she was a military officer and she knew who I was. Let me tell you this boy, if anyone knows who I am and what I'm up to then your dead got it?!?

Nova whipped him a couple of times and turned her attention to Thomas. The child was on the ground in the fetal position crying his eyes out. He witnessed someone being beatened and another murdered in front of his eyes, he felt he was never going to escape.

Nova: Thomas....don't cry. I don't like get up and rejoice! You will soon forget of me and all that has happened....well except me murdering Clover....she had that coming.

She rose him up from his position and dusted him off gently.

Nova: You poor boy...I won't hit you anymore....stop crying....

Thomas: I-I wanna go home....*sniffle*

Nova: Um No. You seen too much.....Bot21, come drag Thomas to the chair.

Thomas started screaming, he saw what had happened when Clover was placed in the chair. Bot21 struggled to strap him down but manage to anyway with the help of Crystal. Nova skipped her way to the time machine and waited patiently till Zola returned.

-To Marshall-

Marshall and Noah were still working on the prpoject until bursting the room was Bobby Sargeant.

Bobby: Marshall Curious and Noah O'Dourke! I hear by place you both under arrest with the kidnap of Dillian Bloom!

Marshall: WHAT?!

Noah: Who?....Is it that woman who passed out those horrible muffins?

Marshall nudges him to shut up.

Marshall: What are you talking about?

Bobby: *placing handcuffs on him* We had gotten word form the officers from the police station that Ms.Bloom had shown up at her home worn out of activities and claim to have escaped from a kidnapping from the both of you.

Noah: Impossible! That woman does not know us!

Marshall: Not us, but you!


Marshall: You know what I mean!

Bobby: Be quiet you two!

All three were now in a squad car headed to the base, Marshall kept his eye on Noah the whole time. Ever since the day this boy arrived things have been going down hill for me.

-To Nova-

Watching over Thomas huddled in a corner weeping his feelings out made her feel a bit sick. Kids need to be disciplined and taught at a young age to obey, not to go against rules. She went to the corpse of Clover and began to proceed to take her fingers and gently stroke them through her hair.

Nova: My poor Clover...your hair is what made me choose you....not that sass or the fact your family betrayed me years ago NOOOOO....your beautiful golden hair....

Bot21: Mother....

Nova: Silence worm...

The room started to get silent and Sinbad made an attempt to run out since it was only his arms that was tied. Bot21 went after him but was told by Nova to freeze and let him go. Sinbad screamed he would come back for Thomas and for him to not give up hope.

Nova: Nice man....but no need..all will be done.

Crystal looked over at Bot21 who now looked as if he was processing his feelings on this situation. Thomas just kept on crying and Nova chuckled a bit at him.

Soon the room's air became thick and the surroundings became misty.

Crystal: What-is-going-on?

Nova: What I planned......MY POWER WILL GROW!

The room soon faded in in black and the sounds of pain went away.

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