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Where are you?
Nova and Zola
Name: Where are you?
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/31/12

Previous chapter: Bayless Findings
Next chapter: Nova's Choice

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-Back to Nova and her problems-

Nova walked up the basement steps to see what was Noah talking about and saw in front of her, Zola. Zola was Noah's first pick up from the streets. She was a follower to Nova but a great asset to Noah, she came in handy when it came to hiding things and finding chemicals for her studies. Zola was also a subject to insanity and Nova, she turned a bit green from the life fruit mixed with a large amount of Alcohol and Sugar. This resulted into just making her a bit paranoid and a turn light green.

Zola: Hello Master.

Nova: Don't call me master, peasant. What come of you to my domain?

Zola: Surely I think you would need my assistance since I saw you drag Clover and that child over here.

Nova: You saw me?! *looking around frantically* I assure madam that was just a twinkle in your eye, it was not me!

Zola: Then I have made a mistake, please let me cover up yours by taking care of the child.

Nova: No need, I have another plan and its a good thing that you arrived now.

Nova brought Zola and Noah to the basement to the time machine and told them about her plan.

Nova: Behold! Zola my loyal servant, I need you to go and time travel to the past and take care of some errands for me. Start off with finding Clover and killing her, bury the body where everyone can see.

Zola: Why?

Noah: So you would take the blame and Nova will never have any trace lead to her.

Zola: But they will capture me and take me in and conduct a mass investigation on why a dead woman's body has been dug up and reburied in another spot for all to see?

Nova: No worries I have a plan for that too...

-Now to Marshall-

Marshall walked inside his comfortable little home near the Military base and settle himself on the couch. His feet was aching from running in and out of work and it seem he wasn't going to be able to go back until things cooled down there.

Cherish: Oh Marshall you're home at this hour?

Cherish came in holding Notzo in her arms, Bunny stood behind her wanting to see what was going on.

Marshall: Yeah, there was some problems going on at work. Listen Bunny, take Notzo and go play upstairs alright? Mommy and daddy need to talk.

Bunny did what she was told and was struggling a bit to take Notzo up the stairs since he was now curious playing with her hair.

Cherish: *now giving Marshall a very concerned look* What happened?

Marshall: The military found a body, it was green and his foamed something horrifying...I don't really know what is going on here...

Cherish: Are you concerned that it was a failed project gone wrong? Will this effect anyone?

Marshall: No but I will put my best into this and find out if it is.

He walked away into the kitchen leaving Cherish to collect her thoughts.

-To Sinbad-

Sinbad came out of work restless and feeling damaged. He already helped out robbing a low security bank today and his boss had a bigger job for him tomorrow. All Sinbad wanted to do was get home and crawl into bed, may be insult Goodwin as well. In his car he remembered he had forgot to call Dillian if she was at her house already. Sinbad dialed the number and was awaiting for her to pick up the phne and give him the message that she made it back; no answer.

Sinbad: Huh, maybe she's still at work.

He rolled up to his driveway to find Goodwin leaning on the mailbox looking a bit chilled as if he was waiting for him to arrive. Sinbad climbed out of his car and walked up to him and grinned.

Sinbad: What are you doing out here late a t night? Aren't you suppose to be inside? Where your makeup wouldn't be smeared of the cold weather out here?

Goodwin: What? That joke was pathetic...listen I think that Nova gal that has just moved here has taken someone back to her place.

Sinbad: This concerns me?

Goodwin: Well has Dillian called you? Didn't drop her off at her house? I mean she would leave you a message or two back at our place before going to bed and when I got back and listened to the answering machine there was none.

Sinbad: She's probably still at work I don't know.

A blue light shot up into the sky across from the ocean. Sinbad and Goodwin gazed up at it and took a step back, this was just amazing the sky turned light and soon enough the sounds of police cars were heard from far way.

Goodwin: Oh crud, I think I'm gonna have to go to the station.

Goodwin hopped in his car and speed off in the night leaving Sinbad home alone. Sinbad was feeling a bit scared and memorized on the light shot up in the sky, he hopped back in his car and sped off into the night as well.

Sinbad: Dillian, Where are you?

-Back to Nova-

The morning of the next day Nova was at work in the basement on new chemical potions to test it on Clover. Clover was asleep in a cage brought to her by Noah. Izcrazi stood in his cabin and Thomas was locked up in a cage in Nova's room. Today was the day, Nova said in her mind. A knock came at the door and was answered by Noah who had just woken up.

Noah: Ah, Zola!

Zola: Is Miss Nova here?

Noah: I'll call her.

He called for his fiance and she quickly came up the stairs and skipped her way to Zola. She was in a good mood, something that meant trouble.

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