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Thomas and Clover
Name: Thomas and Clover
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/22/12

Previous chapter: Creation (Part 3)
Next chapter: Sins

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Note: We now pick off from Chapter Two, where Nova is looking for poor little Thomas Castor.


Nova: What in the world was that?

She ran towards the sound straight to the Bayless home. No one seemed to be home and it appears the place looked abandoned. Furniture was placed outside, trash build up in the backyard, and cobwebs floating around coming off the roof. Where was everyone?


She called out once more and didn't get any response back. Thomas may not be here, and so wasn't the Bayless family. Nova walked up to the front door and tried to peer through a small crack left on the door. No one inside, everything was empty.

Nova: Hmmmm... I feel someone may kidnapped the family here.

She decided on breaking the door down to find if anyone was really in there. Looking around some of the trash left out front, she found a beat up old bat.

Nova: This may be useful.

Swinging and pounding away at the door, she managed to get it open. A stench so foul came out and filled up her nostrils, it was so unbearable Nova had take a few steps back before holding her breath in and running in. The place was empty, not even a crumb lied on the floor.

Nova: It seems this family does not want to be fou-

A small child like cry came from upstairs. Nova was startled a bit and climbed up the stairs with the bat in one hand and her other hand balled up in a fist.

Nova: Come out you...I'll let you know I'm a queen and my naive fools would have you arrested for trespassing on my territory!

The cries became much louder and a screech came up from her behind.

???: Hiya! *swinging a golf club at Nova*

Nova: *dodges* What on earth? *staring at what looked like a woman who was out of luck*

???: Get out of here! I won't let you take him away!

The woman was tall but so pale and skinny it looked like you can touch her and she would turn into dust. She used all her strength swinging the club and took a few deep breaths before attempting it again. This time Nova swung her bat at the girl and she fell down the flight of stairs.

Nova: You say you have Thomas huh? *pant* I know who you speak of...THOMAS! come out now...I've come to take you home to mommy.

Thomas walked out of a room shaking and soaked of water from head to toe.

Thomas: Who...who are you? How do you know my name? Where is my mother?!?!?

Nova: Calm down child, come...your mother wants you back home now.

Thomas didn't trust her by her looks, Nova gave him a smile so creepy he didn't know if she was telling him the truth. Getting a bit agitated Nova grabbed Thomas by the hand and told him to come with her.

Nova: When I say come with me, you come with me! Listen to your elders boy!

The body down the steps began to twitch and then regained consciousness. She pulled herself up and calmly gripped the railing.

Clover: Clover...Clover Johnson.....Do you remember me Nova?...

Nova took a few steps back with Thomas terrified of seeing the young woman rise.

Nova: C-Clover?....heh...I would imagine you would have passed away after the first couple of tests...what brings you here?

Clover: I know your on the run! GIVE ME THE BOY!

Nova: I think I would use a child?.....forgive me boy...

Nova grabbed Thomas and tossed him over the railing to the ground, he screamed for mercy by was caught by Clover.

Clover: *pant* Have you no shame Nova?

Nova: Very little my pet...*laughing*

Clover placed Thomas down and picked up the golf club.

Clover: I will end you TODAY!

Nova:.....Let's see pet....

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