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Name: Sins
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/24/12

Previous chapter: Thomas and Clover
Next chapter: News

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Clover: You will pay for what you did..

Nova: What? Bringing you back from the dead wasn't good enough for you? I told you this was a blessing.

Clover swung the golf club at Nova, missing her and smashing into the wall. Nova didn't look back at it and slowly walked down the stairs as if she already won this battle.

Nova: Clover...dear girl do you think I had the Grim Reaper bring you back for a reason? No, you mistake my actions back there. I was nearly using your body for my entertainment, I could have just picked someone else. But the body of the daughter who placed my grandparents in jail would have to do.

Inching a few steps back Clover had no choice but to take Thomas and run. Nova inched a few steps closer and swung the bat knocking Clover down with one blow to the head. Thomas screamed, this was a nightmare having to see grown folks fight each other, he never have seen this happen before.

Thomas: Please let us go.....Don't hurt us!

Nova: Shut up boy.....*grabbing Thomas by his hand* Don't scream again or I'll knock you out too.

Clover was knock out from the blow, she just laid on the floor blood coming from the back of her head. Nova tossed Thomas aside and picked up Clover's body, hauling it over her back and told Thomas to follow her.

Thomas: Are...Are you taking me back home to mother?

Nova: No.

Thomas: What? WHY?!

Nova: You've seen too much, I have to take you back with me.

Thomas: I'll run! I-I'll tell the police!

Nova: Shut up....You try to run and I'll just end up burying your body in someone's coffin and your parents will never find out where are....NEVER EVER.

This made him stay quiet and follow Nova back to her place. Her home looked dark and the lights were off. Where is Noah? He must be in the basement working again. Izcrazi suddenly came stumbling out of the house with Buddy following from behind. Thomas thought he was help and ran towards him crying.


Izcrazi:...I'm sorry..I'm not your aunt.

Izcrazi grabbed Thomas and turned towards Nova.

Izcrazi: Newest victim?

Nova: Yes, and this one...*pointing to Clover* Will be burned tonight before anyone ever finds out she was even here. Please bring Thomas downstairs and tie him to a chair, make Buddy watch over him and bring me a hammer and some nails.

Izcrazi did what he was told, he didn't want to see little Thomas suffer but he couldn't say no to his sister.

Thomas: Please mister..*now sobbing* I wanna go home....

Izcrazi: Don't worry kid...Nova won't hurt you, she just wants you to stay quiet until she is done with her project. For no just be calm and do what ever she says, you may see your family again.

Nova brought Clover's unconscious body to the living room and placed it on the ground. The marble white blood was now covered in blood and dirt and the shine to it faded away.

Nova: Clover....I thought you understood when I told you you will pay for your family's sins. Today will be the day.....now stay still...

Just then a knock came from the door.

Nova: Who the?! Someone followed me home?! Izcrazi! Get the door!

The knock started to get a little louder as if who ever was knocking needed their assistance quickly.

Nova: Izcrazi QUICK!

Izcrazi didn't respond, Nova hesitated to hide Clover's body. She thought quickly and threw the down the basement steps. She raced to the door and opened it with nothing in mind if it was the Cops.

In the doorway stood Sinbad Rotter, his arms were crossed and his eyes seemed to be checking Nova out.

Sinbad: Well I came here to ask for Dillian but found something much more interesting instead.

Nova: Excuse me? Who are you and what are you doing on my porch?

Sindbad: I'm sorry foxy but I'm looking for my girlfriend Dillian, she called me saying she was here and she hasn't been answering my calls since around that time. I wonder if shes here?

Nova: No, you've probably must have gotten the wrong house number...

She tried to shut the door but Sinbad prevented the door from closing with his foot. Nova was now putting her weight on the door from keeping him out but it seemed he was going to get in. I must get him out of here!


A gunshot fire came from behind Sinbad missing him and shooting a hole in the door. Nova wasn't injured but the sound she heard gave her some relief.

Noah: Get away from the door....

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