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Arrival of Nova
TFOT Dinner
Name: Arrival of Nova
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/8/12

Next chapter: Missing Child

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"C-can I get up from the ground mama?"

"No honey, they'll see us"


"Hush my dear....or they will spot us"



Nova looked out the train window and glanced at the passing trees. She left it, left it all undone. Her hard work of diagnosis and creations of mutations all burned to the ground or escaped from her lab. All because of those rotten kids, kids who watched her bring things in her home, kids who used to knock on her door for free food. She hated kids, she even regretted her mother for giving birth to her brother and her. The memories of her life was flowing in her head now. These memories pounded her head like a rock, it was too painful to remember such things.

Noah:" Nova! Nova! Earth to Nova! Wake up!

Nova: Shut up Noah I'm fully what do you want?

Noah: Nova, I know we screwed things over with our project back home but I-

Nova: We?!?!?! THERE IS NO WE! I had them in the palm of my hands but those kids....the police....your mother....

Noah: Nova please.... Let us make haven in a new town, where we can create a new laboratory and find new rats.

Nova: But I can't, I'm sorry dear but I feel I will be caught soon and I'm feeling weak.

Noah: Well lets promise we would stop at the first town we see and rest there. I wouldn't want us to get caught so early!

The sky now was turning black and the clouds we no where to be found. Stars started to glow in the sky and moon shined down below to show the conductor of the trains the path to follow home. Nova slumped down in her seat and covered herself with a blanket. She wasn't happy and she knew Noah wasn't pleased as well. Her projects were all destroyed and she felt empty with no remorse of what she did to the poor Sims. How can 12 years of research go down the drain like this? Is this madness? Who would interfere with someone's hard work?

Nova: There is no use, I can't fall asleep in this small box cart!

Her brother silently opened the box cart door an inch and peered in.

Izcrazi: Please sister....the passengers....they will hear you and kick us out...

Nova: Oh please! I paid my money to the lord of the train! I have all the right to scream all I want!

Izcrazi closed the door shut and shuffled back to his cart to fall asleep next to his dog Buddy. Nova wouldn't keep her mouth shut till the end of the ride.

Conductor: Now unloading! TWINBROOK!

The sound of the conductor's voice woke Noah us faster than a kid getting out of school.

Noah: Twinbrook? Is it daytime already? Nova...Nova dear wake up!

Nova: *Mumbling to herself* Noah please dear give me an hour doesn't perfect in 10 seconds okay?

Noah: We're here! Twinbrook! The place I was telling you about?

Nova: No....I thought we were going to a small town to rest and then hide out in a city.

Noah: Too easy, the cops will find us by the sun goes down. Besides what I can remember from my colleagues back home...this place has soil so rich you can even eat it and you may end up becoming younger.

Nova: Irrelevant, Soil? A youth mechanism for older Sims? False, soil is nothing but dirt we use to grow our own death medicine with.

Noah shrugged of Nova's harsh words and grabbed some of the bags lying on the ground by his feet. This was their stop, this was their new home.

It didn't take them awhile to find a home to live in. A large house out far from the town near the old abandoned train tracks. The home was furnished a bit to look as if a family of angels lived there. This was a great disguise for hiding what was coming next.

Nova: Ah, my beautiful home!

Noah: Yes my love, it is. *Munching on some Mac and Cheese*

Nova: I shall meet the townsfolk tomorrow, I presume you already submitted an application to the science lab here?

Noah: Yes but I think it will take a new *cough* outfit really doesn't match my real look so well..

Nova: Who cares?!? We had to change our looks to fool those idiots, now we must play dumb and attract those idiots to us! My new project will be a successful! And if I have to make a deal with the almighty Grim Reaper to get there then I WILL.

Noah: Don't get so worked up dear...tomorrow is a new day....

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