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Bayless Findings
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Name: Bayless Findings
Series: Fanon:The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/30/12

Previous chapter: News
Next chapter: Where are you?

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We bring you back to Dillian and Sinbad, psh like they ever had a plot to begin with.

Sinbad drove on to the Science Plant to find Dillian. The whole fiasco with Noah and Nova kind of creep him out, but just a bit I mean his is a tough guy.

Sinbad: Damn it Dill be here for god's sake!

He drove up in front to find a war tank in front blocking the entrance. Sinbad climbed out of his car and searched around for Dillian.

Sinbad: Dill! Yo Dill where are you!?

Dillian came out the back entrance coughing and wheezing, smoke had risen above the building and the officers had to evacuate any living organism in there. Dillian was now kneeled first on the ground trying to catch her breath, she seemed to be fine though since she rose up to gaze straight ahead to Sinbad.

Dillian: Hey! *smiling as if nothing happened* What are doing here?

Sinbad: What do you mean what am I doing here? You told me to come get you!

Dillian: Blah blah blah, listen I need to go check up on something can you give me a ride to that new coffee shop that just opened?

Sinbad: I have to go to work in an hour, go take a taxi.

Dillian punched him in the arm, she was quite stronger than he was and had maxed her Athletic skills points. Sinbad decided not to argue or put up a fight with her if he wanted to live and not be arrested and turned in to the authorities. He was in a relationship with a woman who was going to kick his ass if he did not go out with her, even though at first he despised her.

The drive up there started a conversation which Dillian did not want to go into full detail about.

Sinbad: So, what happened back there?

Dillian: Nothing, just a little explosion, those scientists may have broken a pipe line ya' know?

Sinbad didn't believe her, he was a liar himself why trust her? He kept his eyes on the road and continued the conversation.

Sinbad: Dill, have you seen those strange markings left at the Bayless home? People have been talking about them around town. I think something is lurking in the swamp area.

Dillian: People talk? I assure you no one talks about this mess, have you heard such nonsense from Goodwin again?

Sinbad: You know we don't ever speak to each other!

Dillian: Liar.

Sinbad: I'm serious Dill, if some s**t goes on down here I'm out.

Dillian: Don't worry, I'll protect you.

Sinbad: Please, you try that same line when we went to egg City Hall and bailed out fearing you'd lose you Military status because of me.

They arrived up to the Coffee Shop called "Manny's Shoppe". Manny was known to be a sleaze ball who was only working in business to settle some court papers and pay off years behind child support. The place did look nice though, a place for the 50's lover or a group of teens would hang out at.

Sinbad: I'll leave you off here, but ya gotta find a ride back okay?

Dillian: Whatever. *slamming the car door shut*

Sinbad drove off and Dillian walked inside the shop, everything was neat and spotless she felt like she was going to have to rush out and come back dressed in formal wear. Dill sat at an empty booth and waited for someone to arrive when Scout Sargeant came up to her.

Scout: Dillian, may I have a word with you?

Dillian: Make it quick, I'm meeting someone.

Scout: Fine. *she sat down on the opposite side of the table* This is about the green slime that was found at the lab, I heard that it had belong to that SIm that was taken into medical care.

Dillian: What about it? You act like I have to do something with the explosion.

Scout: No, I'm saying that slime was planted in his body and have arranged the his DNA. He can no longer function like a normal Sim now and the Mayor thinks the town will be effected by this if word spreads out.

Dillian: Listen Scout, I will talk to you more about this case later. Go away and call me back at my place in the morning alright?

Scout left and gave Dillian a word of advice not to go snooping around things she had no business going in to. I feel useless, Dillian thought. This wasn't what she wanted to do in this career, her plan was to help Sims not stand in the corner being watched by others. A woman walked up the booth and sat the opposite of her.

Gwayne: Ya Dillian?

Dillian: Ah, Mrs.Bayless how are you?

Gwayne: Fine, ever since you moved my family and I to a new location, it seems everyone seems to think we vanished!

Dillian: Well that's how it is supposed to look, I had to move you away since the government is looking around the swamp for evidence on the cause of your daughter's sighting of a large creature scurrying around the place.

Gwayne: Yeah, but I wished we can come back home soon.

Dillian: I know, I had to call you out here to see if you and your family were alright at your new place.

Dill got up and walked Gwayne out the door.

Gwayne: Say Ms.Bloom, what of this new folk coming into the town like?

Dillian: .....Nothing much....just kind of trouble....a little...Well I'll see you next time okay? Tell your husband to stay away from the toaster!

Dill reached into her pocket and pulled out her cellphone to call a cab. Before dialing the number she peered up to see a strange glowing yellow being stand in the forest. She looked back of her and thought if Gwayne was still there to see this but she and the Coffee Shop was gone. Dill turned around and saw the creature coming close to her, floating on the ground and heavily swishing side to side. Dill didn't know what to do but headbutted the creature.

She was soon passed out and was dragged in the swamps of Twinbrook.

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