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Special Chapter
Name: Special Chapter
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 8/12/12

Previous chapter: New Reign of Power
Next chapter: TBA

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To get off the depressing and lameness of the other chapters, I have made a chapter in which nothing isn't really violent. You know I'm lying right?

We start off with Nova running from her prison home...


The guards chased the eight year old girl down the dirt road passed the tall rusted gates to a field of wheat. Nova escaped the dungeon Atlas trapped her parents and her in the dungeon when she turned four and was unable to leave due to his manipulative speeches giving them false promises and hopes. She had to hide and fast, the guards were getting close she could actually feel the tension getting to her. Tears started rolling down her face as she hid in the deepest part of the field. About four guards were now in the field skimming through looking for her. One point to what he thought was her but was nudged by another to stop acting stupid.

Guard 2: She hasn't gone too far, that little girl is only about six...six year olds will eventually get scared and give up right?

Guard 1: Shut up fool! *whispering* The boss told us she was intelligent for an eight year old. This girl even pulled a fast one and broke two of jail cells last month, and they are fully protected!

Guard 4: Wait, what if STOP talking and catch her already! She may have gotten far while WE WERE TALKING ABOUT HER!

Suddenly the guard's voice spooked Nova and she ran from her hiding spot. The guards saw the wheat move and quickly sped up to where she may have been headed, the ocean. There was a bit of fog coming from the shore and the ocean seemed to have turned black. A booming loud voice came from across the island from which it was a megaphone.

Atlas: This is Atlas, reporting live from the tower giving all of you the favor of letting you know I will be starting the glorious feast of celebrating the many-of-years we spent together! Let us all report to the court yard to celebrate this moment. All guards should attend as this is a special event for everyone!

Guard 3: What? Why now all of a sudden? Didn't he say it was just for the prisoners?

The second guard told the rest they should call off the search for Nova since she was a young girl and will never leave the island since it was in the middle of the ocean. All four began to walk away not even taking a glimpse back to see Nova was in the water holding her breath. She came out gasping for air and swam back to shore. All bruised, tired and worried she looked up to the path leading to the Dungeon she had to call home for four brutal years. Smoke had risen from which had looked like the spot of the feast.

Nova: No....

Atlas had planned the last installment of getting rid of everyone who was involved and who he hated in this feast. A feast which included Zombies feeding off of Sims and a giant fire breaking out. Atlas would die with his people in the comfort of his small room underneath the courtyard. Nova's parents helped her escape so she wouldn't end up getting killed. The little girl saw a small ray of blue light rise from the spot and ran straight into the water.

An explosion broke out! Large amounts of toxic filled the air and fire had spread across the island so quick that it seem no evidence was ever going to be found. Nova was under water waiting till the toxic air passed but had to rise for air. When she did, she took a deep breath of it and began to slowly feel dizzy. She had felt her head had split open and her eyes became itchy. She wiped her eyes with her wet shirt and found out she was bleeding from her eyes. Nova began to panic and cried for her mother. The girl was panicking so much she didn't realize she was drifting off into the sea. Nova was drowning and couldn't swim with out her eyesight and the energy too. She soon passed out of lack of energy and her body soon was going deep into the sea.

After awhile Nova's body was found on the shores of what "was" Bridgeport. It was about seven years later. Science couldn't explain how she survived with out food and water being in the water for so long. The men who found her body were explorers and took her to a doctor immediately.

Doctor: Wha- Well I never! This girl has been in the sea for years and survived?!

Nova sitting on the doctor's chair refusing to lay down on anything in front of men. She got up from her spot and asked for Atlas.

Doctor: Who?

Nova: Atlas! The man who murdered my parents, the man who killed the lives of up to six million, Atlas, THE MAN WHO WILL DIE IN MY HANDS!!!

The doctor looked at Nova with confusion and took his glasses, wiped the specks from them and put them back on. He leaned his back on the wall and crossed his arms.

Doctor: You must be Nova, am I correct?

Nova: Yes.

Doctor: Your records were found in system because you were pronounced missing. Your parents how ever have NO records period. The man you call "Atlas" has been confirmed dead for a week. The government had looked into his files and found out he went missing in a strange plane accident last week. There is no evidence of him killing anyone, he had a wife and kids. However your records showed up with records of you being an orphan and having false memories of your parents being murdered by him.

Nova: LIES!

Doctor: Nova please...

She dropped to the floor crying, this is wrong! False! Negative! I saw everything! What is going on?!?!

Nova: I seen what he did! He killed millions of people.....he killed my parents...he is still alive...I can feel it....

The doctor called for someone to take her to a mental hospital, on the way Nova kept replaying the memories in her head wondering...why?

Nine years passed and a man named Noah started to work in the hospital beside Nova as a new nurse practitioner for just her. The two grew close and Noah became a bit crazy himself; Nova filled his head with lies and false hope like her tormentor before and slowly he became so close he bailed her out of the hospital. Nova was classified as a Mentally Ill patient and was too dangerous for society, this was the first of the acts of crime she caused.

Izcrazi came in the picture when Nova and Noah went out to sea to look for the old island. They had found no trace of it but found a man fishing out in the middle of nowhere. Izcrazi was taken back and explained he was Nova's brother, he was well back then; fit, clean, and charismatic. Nova changed it though with her wild experimentation done to him. He soon forgot his name and became fearful of his sister. Driven by pain and anger, Nova started to take out her pain on others just for her entertainment. Everyone had their place and everyone had their own death.

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