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Creation (Part 2)
Name: Creation (Part 2)
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/17/12

Previous chapter: Creation (Part 1)
Next chapter: Creation (Part 3)

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Noah: Izcrazi, Dear lord man get your self together! How long have you've been off your medication?

Izcrazi stumbled from the floor where he was resting from. Noah didn't even attempt to drag him far to a chair, fearing Izcrazi would snap at him and planned on murdering him.

Izcrazi:...o.....Two hours.....*slurring* Siiirrrrr....

Noah: I see, well here. *handing him a small pink pill and a glass of wine*

Noah didn't give him any water since Nova tested the pipe line and claimed it contained chemicals which can kill them in seconds if they consumed it. This was a bit too far for Nova to claim and suspicious folks trying to poison her now. But he felt she was right to take precaution and buy what every type of liquid they can find to drink out in town instead of drinking from the pipes.

Izcrazi took the pill and dragged his feet to the nearby couch in the living room. He was still in his little world and rambled on about faeries and monstrous beings haunting his bed, all which made little sense to Noah.

Noah: Well now that you seem to fully recovering, I'll be off, I need to get some more supplies for my newest contraption.

He headed out the door to find Buddy, now barking at the bushes at the side of the house. He turned to Noah and with his powerful jaws, clinged onto his jacket dragging him to the bushes.

Noah: Unhand me Buddy! Seize boy!

Buddy refused to let go until the rustling from the bushes came to a haul. Out laughing and trying to hold onto her overalls from falling was a woman with crazy looking hair color and colorful socks. She was tall and seemed to be a bit ditzy.

????: Holy crap, I'm sorry! *giggling* Your dog seems to think I'm some kind of threat huh?

She leaned down to pet Buddy but was stopped by another voice coming from the bushes.

????: Dillian! Dill where are you?

Noah: Excuse me...are you perhaps Dillian? If so,...GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY!

Dillian: Excuse me? Its my right to-

????: Dillian!

Out from the bushes came Sinbad Rotter. He dusted his pants off and grabbed Dillian by her hand.

Sinbad: Woman are you crazy?! I said I didn't want to play tag, and why did you run off into the forest? *looks off to Noah's direction* And who's this clown?

Dillian: Hes the newest member of town Sin honey.

Noah: Would you two leave my property! Go before I call the cops!

Dillian: I am so sorry, My names Dillian and this is my current boyfriend slash future baby daddy, Sinbad!

Sinbad: Whoa, future baby daddy? Don't kid yourse-


Dillian: Okay okay...chill. Were leaving. *Walking off with Sinbad* But I'll let you know something...I'LL BE WATCHING YOU!

Noah was a little curious on why this girl would say that and why in the world would she be watching them. Maybe she knows of Nova's horrible of this may have not reached this far. He went in his car and drove off back to the Science Lab.

-Back to Dillian and Sinbad-

Dillian: *Climbing on top of Sinbad's car* Do you know who that was?

Sinbad: No, Don't care, and it better not be some guy your cheating on me with.

Dillian: Shut up! That's Noah, a man who serves under a woman who has been conducting illegal experimentation on unsuspecting Sims everywhere!

Sinbad: Never heard of him. *Getting in his car* Listen Dill, leave the newcomers alone, maybe you need a break from your job.

Dillian: Psh, coming from someone who is a criminal!

Sinbad: Hey babe, you chose to be with this criminal.

The two drove off to the military station arguing the whole time about their encounter with Noah.

-Back to Noah-

He reached the Science Lab to find Marshall and several other employees running out the building for their lives.

Noah: What happened?!

Marshall: *cough* A huge explosion *cough* came from the back of the building in room 338 *spitting on the ground* Someone says they saw something messing around in the back near the controls and caused an eruption of gases in there!

Noah thought Nova may have been behind this and ran in.

Lincoln: Noah! Get back here it isn't safe! *Running after him inside*

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