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Creation (Part 3)
Name: Creation (Part 3)
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/21/12

Previous chapter: Creation (Part 2)
Next chapter: Thomas and Clover

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The building was full of green smoke, Sims were rushing outside to get some air covering their mouths as if the smoke was poison. Noah couldn't see much, the smoke created a mist on his glasses so thick he panicked and thought that if Nova was behind all of this, why would she do something on the first day here?

Lincoln: Noah! Noah come back here! Its not safe!

Noah: Be quiet!

Noah raced towards door 338 and swung the door open. Inside the green gas was much thicker and the fumes knocked out a Sim who laid on the ground with his hands over his face. The body was still and he seemed to be odd looking, his skin was turning green and his face started to sink in. Noah didn't risk the chances of touching him and getting infected.

Noah: Dear Lord! *sliding to a closed window*

He opened the window to let the fumes out, covering his face with his lab coat he edged towards the contraption to what caused it. A small chemistry set, it was trashed up and seemed to be covered with blood and green slime.

Noah: What in the world?...

Lincoln: *walks in* Noah! Did you- *stares at the set* Noah! Is that your blood?!

Noah: No Lincoln, I believe it was this poor man's blood...but I wouldn't focus so much on that. He needs medical attention and fast! Go get an ambulance here!

Lincoln rushed out to seek some help and Noah stayed behind with the victim until it came. He searched around the room for more evidence on what Marshall was talking about of a presence coming in this room.

Noah: Nothing....

It seemed the whole room was untouched, but he wasn't a investigator so he couldn't really find any evidence. Noah then stared back at that green slime and quickly looked for a small plastic bag to put some of it in. It could be some use for Nova...

In came Medical assistance and took the poor Sim laying on the ground to the truck. Marshal came in panicking.

Marshall: Noah! What the hell was your problem?!? You don't listen! I should report you!

Noah: Do what you want Mr/ Curious, but come here...look at this slime I found.

Marshall took a glance at it and seemed puzzled.

Marshall: Some men....or Officers...have seen this in the swampy regions near the Bayless Home. We don't think the family is the cause of this but the mayor of the town says it might be the sewers, which really needs to be cleaned right now.

Noah: Sick, I think we should do some research on this... we may find something good from this.

Marshall: I will put in a note to the head of the Cowplant Project, but I assure you green slime will not make them want to examine it.

Noah scoffed and headed home. He packed in his trunk most of the supplies for the Simbot and picked whatever blood he could find in the Lab. Back to the Simbot, he thought. Maybe I should tell Nova to check out the Bayless home, there could be things there useful to her.

Pulling up to his house he found Dillian there once again with now looked like two Military officers.

Dillian: Noah O'Dourke, I have to ask you to put your hands up and come with us, don't make a sound....

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