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Nova's Choice
Name: Nova's Choice
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 5/22/12

Previous chapter: Where are you?
Next chapter: Contacts and Atlas

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We shall not hesitate to give this child her destined dream!

I shall not tell of you this again! She has to flee, flee out of this place, find her brother and murder Atlas! He has been creating more and more torture weapons to find this confound source of energy to change one's image to someone else. Let her go and find her way, we must not let her stay with us any longer!

Nova No!


-Sounds of cell doors slamming shut-

Nova woke up from her terrible nightmare to find herself covered in her cold sweat. She glanced next her bedside to find Noah knocked out from the day. Her reoccurring memories of her past kept haunting her.

Nova: Atlas.....I'll kill you....

She got up and staggered to the bathroom to wash her face. Noah didn't move an inch and covered his face with his arms and yawned a bit. This nightmares had came often in the night, the night Nova and Izcrazi escaped a madman's chamber of death. Atlas...the name of this man always came up when she dreamed about her mother squeezing her out a hole inn the wall to freedom. Her mother was bruised from beatings and had been suffering from an unknown illness she caught over the months they have been there. She wasn't strong but she was smart, this didn't help her escape Atlas's plague he caused on the island they had lived on. The island was soon closed off to the Sim world and many of the army had announced that the island was inhabited. No one knew that the head of the investigation to find any survivors of the disease created an underworld of murder.

After wiping the last of the sweat off her face Nova went down to the basement to find Zola taking watch of Clover, who was now locked in a cage in the corner in the fetal position.

Nova: Has the dog squeal yet?

Zola: She hasn't said a word since she found out that you killed the boy.

Nova: Boy? what boy? Do you mean the little troll Izcrazi has?

Zola: Yes Miss.

Nova: No he's asleep in my brother's hut. Thomas isn't important to me and his mother will get him back as soon as your done getting those documents.

Zola: Miss, if you don't mind me asking....Is this whole thing your doing to get revenge for your dead mother?

Soon the room filled with soon tension, Nova looked down at Clover and walked kneeled down to stick her finger through the bars.

Nova: My dear mother was murdered by my own grandfather...Atlas....Atlas Watson....a man who disliked Sims and Animals. Had no idea what his purpose in life was but decided to try and figure it out by killing others and seeing if that would effect him in some way.

Zola: Nova...Atlas wasn't your grandfat-

Nova: Dog please!, Atlas was just evil okay?! I may be sick too but my reason is more good than his! ATLAS IS MORE EVIL AND CRUEL...ATLAS MURDERED MY MOTHER AND TORTURED MY FRIENDS! *laughing maniacally shaking Clover's cage* ATLAS WANTED TO BECOME GOD AND FORCED US TO FIGHT AND BEAT EACH OTHER TO MAKE US THINK HE CONTROLLED US!....I didn't know if I was even a Sim at the time....I thought I was just a simple little know....useless...

Zola didn't know what to say, Nova used her like Atlas did but she never meant to kill on purpose, she was suffering from what Atlas taught her to be. She slowly kneeled down next to her and pointed at Clover.

Zola: Then let us bring your mother back as well while we-YOU take over this town.

Nova was gazing up onto the ceiling and tears came down her cheeks. She wiped them away and gave Zola a mincing smile.

Nova: Miss Cato....

She got up from the ground and walked towards the stairs.

Nova: Prepare Clover and get a van in front of the house in less than 2 me by the abandoned Bayless home.

Zola: Yes miss.

-Now to Sinbad-

Sinbad: Damn it Goodwin help me out for once! Let me out this place I need to look for Dillian!

He was now locked in a holding cell by Goodwin for speeding. Trying to convince his enemy that it wasn't because he wasn't up to no good but was actually trying to help someone out.

Goodwin: Listen Sin, I know that your up to anything but the other officers saw you and...there is nothing I can do.


Goodwin didn't want to break the law but he seemed to actually trust Sinbad enough to let him go. He opened the cell but to his surprise Sinbad caught him with an uppercut to the face.

Sinbad: And I'll come back to get you some more!

Goodwin held his hand to spot he hit him at and chuckled a bit. Sinbad got lucky but Goodwin will always be stronger than him.

Sinbad was back on the road again and was riding a stolen cop car (Goodwin's of course) through the swamps and slammed the brakes down to a large passing thick fog.

Sinbad: What the?....Man has it been a while since I've been down here.

The fog was getting to thick for him to drive through so he headed by foot into the mist. The air was starting to get thick and the trees started to appear now with a color of grey and burnt red on them. Sinbad didn't fear for his life but worried about Dillian's a lot. The girl was in the military but she can be a bit air headed due her immaturity sometimes, this lead o her following into some dangerous paths like he used to (still now).

-Now to Nova-

Noah: It is still dark Nova! What are we doing here?

Bot21 and Crystal was keeping both Thomas and Clover captive with their arms wrapped around them tight. Zola was setting up a time machine inside the house and was assisting Nova with a simple electric chair for Clover.


Noah ordered Bot21 to keep her mouth shut and place her in the chair. Thomas was screaming for his life but was silence by Crystal who punched him below the belt making him cry. Crystal complained about holding the boy since she thought she was a female and was portrayed as a weakling. Bot21 tried to cheer her up but was hit in the back of the head with a wrench by Nova.

Nova: Shut your face Bot! Set the switch up to high and let the boy watch the woman who tried to save his life die.....

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