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Name: News
Series: The fall of Twinbrook
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 3/25/12

Previous chapter: Sins
Next chapter: Bayless Findings

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Nova: Noah!

Noah: Get away from the door Sinbad....

Sinbad: Whoa, chill man I was just looking for my girl.

Noah: Dillian is back at the plant, go there to find her.

Sinbad couldn't keep his eyes away from the gun Noah was holding. He just moved from the door and headed to his car. What the hell was his problem?

Noah: Are you alright?....What are you hiding?...


Noah: I know when you lie, so what happened?

Nova: What happened with you? Why weren't you here when I came back?

Noah: This woman Dillian came up with two officers and took me back to the science lab claiming that I stole scrap parts and life fruit from them. She also claimed that she knew me from the news.

Nova: But of course, now shut it and help me with Clover...

Noah: Clover?

Nova: Yeah some how she ended here and this kid is involved and now I think I have to murder both.

Noah: Don't kill the kid, let's just take care of Clover.

The two walked back into the house and straight down the steps to the basement.

Nova: Brother! Where are you?

A sound of engine running came out of no where.

Nova: What the heck was that?!

Noah: Bot21.

Nova: Who?...*looking very confused*

A tall Simbot emerged from the shadows over the dark basement holding a lifeless Clover in his metal arms.

Bot21:....Is she....alright?...

Nova backed up a bit towards the stairs, she was ready to run up them and find the chainsaw she kept hidden from everyone just in case she was in a jam.

Nova: Noah..tell me this isn't your it?

Noah: He is my Simbot, my son, your step-son.

Nova: NO! No no no no no NO! Get him out of here!

Bot21: B-but mother...

Sadden by his mother's rejection of him, Bot21 just placed Clover on the ground and hit the light switch on. Nova kept starring at the newest addition to the family but then made her attention focus on Clover.

Nova: Noah, please find Izcrazi. He's with a little boy and seems to not be here, look for him for me will you?

Noah: Yes dear, Son assist your mother for me while I'm gone okay?

Bot21 nodded and stared at Nova, now hovering over Clover she gently placed her finger on Clover's neck to check for a pulse.

Nova: Clover is still alive eh? My poor pet, I didn't mean to knock you out like that.

Bot21 couldn't help to feel sorry for his mother, he heard from his father that Nova went through some hardships in her past. But she didn't have to take it out on anyone today.

Noah: Nova! *calling from upstairs* Come here! There is something you need to see!

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