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This story is currently abandoned because some idiot deleted my saved game from where I was working on the story....now I have to do it all over and hopefully I can get it back together.

Looking for the story before this one? Go here. (Still under construction)

The fall of Twinbrook
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Name: The fall of Twinbrook
Genre: Science Fiction/Horror/Thriller
Created by: Starmoonie
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: Unknown

Status: Continuing

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Nova Watson, her fiance, and brother had recently been caught by the government officials for illegal experimentation on Sims. The family flees to a nearby town, Twinbrook in order to hide out until the heat cools down. Nova finds herself in a community where it seems to be silent and no one really would find any one tampering with the land. She started her research slowly with testing it on herself and then the town. But how will the town react when they have ANOTHER situation at hand?

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Nova Watson- is the main protagonist of the whole story. She plans on taking over the world, even though her main goal was something else. She lashes on anyone who dares disturb her at work. Nova's mind is scrambled a bit making her a bit insane. She often would yell out absurd things making her bit more dumb than insane. Nova disapproves of time warping since this effects her hair and she claims effects her delicate brain.
  • Marshall Curious- A neighbor in Twinbrook who happens to be suspicious and takes caution of Nova.
  • Noah O'Dourke- The fiance of Nova. Noah's job is to find material in which Nova can use in her research. Noah has most of his family traits but sees no evil in what he is doing.
  • Izcrazi Waston- Nova's older insane brother. Hes a sweet man but since he was infected by a strange disease, he has become completely insane and unable to function with the world.
  • Dillian Bloom- Dillian is an army brat from Strangetown. She has her family's party trait but can get very aggressive when it comes to protecting others. She fears aliens and subliminal messaging.
  • The Sargeant family- Both Scout and Bobby are trying to save the world and has grown suspicious of Nova's arrival to the town. The two are often shown patrolling the neighborhood very frequently.
  • Bot21- The loyal Simbot created by Noah, Bot21 is usually the servant of the family and says really nothing that won't end up having him turned into scraps by Nova. He loves to play chess in the park and wishes to run away to a family who really cares for him.
  • Zola Cato- Loyal assistant of both Noah and Nova, Zola carries out orders and does them with out any lip. She is said to be maybe quite good if she wasn't so confused.

Subjects and Experiments[edit | edit source]

The list of experiments and subjects:

Clover Johnson:

Birth Date: 6/9/1890
Subject: 26
Tested: Tested to see if Sims can hold large amount of chemicals in body, and placed in life support chamber to test breathing under water for a couple of hours.
Death: Electrocution

List of Chapters[edit | edit source]

Chapter One: Arrival of Nova

Chapter Two: Missing Child

Chapter Three: Creation (Part 1)

Chapter Four: Creation (Part 2)

Chapter Five: Creation (Part 3)

Chapter Six: Thomas and Clover

Chapter Seven: Sins

Chapter Eight: News

Chapter Nine: Bayless Findings

Chapter Ten: Where are you?

Chapter Eleven: Nova's Choice

Chapter Twelve: Contact and Atlas

Chapter Thirteen: New Reign of Power (Part One)

Chapter Fourteen: Special Chapter

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