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This article is not about the official release of The Sims 4: Seasons. It is a fan fiction written by StartUp. In short, this is not real. Please do not comment about this being a "hoax" of any kind. Thanks.
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The Sims 4 Seasons
Enjoy all four seasons with the The Sims 4 Seasons!
Developer(s) StartUp Sims Games
Publisher(s) StartUp inc
Series The Sims series

StartUp Fanon Series

Engine The Sims 4 Engine
Platform(s) Windows, macOS
Release date(s) December 2014-January 2015
Genre(s) Simulation/Strategy
Mode(s) Single Player
Ratings Pending (Most likely Teen)
Media DVD
Themes Weather
Creature Penguin
Inproved Logo
The Sims 4 Seasons is the first/fanon expansion pack for the Sims 4. This will be released between December 2014-January 2015. This will be the third expansion pack in the sim series with seasons in the title. Next to The Sims 2: Seasons and The Sims 3: Seasons. This expansion pack will comes with lots of new holidays, the option to move the holidays around, even create new ones too. This will also come with the most wanted item CAST!


"Take your sims out no matter what the weather with the Sims 4 Seasons. Throw the biggest pool party, create that spooky costume for trick 'n' treating, build the world's biggest snowman and grow that special flower to gift to that love interest. This time we have added lots of new holidays, even the option to add your own holiday. Place that heater and that desk fan down or you might just freeze to death! Make that fire place just the right colour with the most wanted feature. CAST, will return with new and improved options. This and much more with The Sims 4 Seasons!"


  • Create new holidays! Name that great day in your name. Will this day be a relaxing day? A gift giving day? Make it happen!
  • New Clothing options! Make that dream scarf happen! Make your rain coat stand out from the rest. What kind of outerwear should you wear?
  • Heater and Fans You house no longer has the magic power of giving you warmth from the walls anymore. Buy that fan and heater before you catch alight!
  • Let It Snow! What is a seasons expansion pack with out snow? Ice skate, Ski down that hill. Snowboard over that ramp in style. Build your snowman army. Maybe a little friend might come over for a chat with your men!
  • New Emotions! Heaps of new emotions just fit into the weather theme. Who would be happy when freezing?
  • New Holidays! Kick back and relax during your break time, Scare your friends with your creepy day costume, Make sure you were good for the year or you might get coal in your stocking on gift day, Or find your true love at the heart day gardens. Paint your house green for st sims day, start your egg hunt for chocolate egg day, Launch those fireworks for the 4th of Simuly, and party down for the new year!
  • Cast! No longer will your oven look out of place! CAST (Create a Style Tool) gives your the option to change the colour and style of that table! Want you car be covered in dots? You can!
  • Master the art of Sewing! Will your sims create that cool outfit? That awesome quilt? Make all sorts of thing with the new sewing skill!
  • Cafes! Grab a cup of coffee over at simbucks. Order the largest birthday cake at the fanciest restaurant in town! You can now see into the cafe to what your sims are doing.
  • Grow That Flower! Find the right seeds and start growing your flower farm! Put them in vases to add some flair to your house!
  • Watch out! Your town now has the chance of power outages, gale force winds, maybe a hurricane! You can turn this off in the options just be safe and sound.
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