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The Sims 4: Game Night Stuff is a fanon stuff pack for The Sims 4. It focus on items that give activities for fun night parties.


  • New Bed Types: Includes bunk beds and bed sheet tents.
  • New picture light: Want to stargaze but cannot get outside? Well, turn on that "galaxy lamp" and stargaze in your room.
  • Fun all night: Various game for you to play. Grab a pillow and starts a pillow fight.
  • Sleepover Party: A new type of party for children and older!

Base Game PatchEdit

This shows a list of features added to the game for the release of this pack.

  • Bed Sheet and Bed Frame Seperated: Beds will have bed sheets and bed frame seperated.
    • Beds now have a chance of have bed bugs and has illness. Sims has interaction to: Check for bed bugs, Kill bed bugs (After check bed bugs or after get "Bet bugs!" moodlet from sleeping) and clean sheet.
    • Sims can sleep with bed sheets on the ground. It has low energy generation speed but is much cheaper. It also has a high chance of bed bugs and illness. If Laundry items are in the house, Sims can wash sheet before sleep to have 0 chance of getting bed bugs and illness.
    • Sims can sleep on bed frames without sheet! Sleeping on these, however, give unconfortable moodlet upon waking but has 0 chance for bed bugs and illness.
  • Bamboo sheet: They are for sleeping. Sims can put them on bed frames or on the floor to sleep. They are much more cooler than bed sheets. Good for summer but watch out for freezing in the winter! They cannot be used for laundry but Sims can Clean it.
  • A chalk board and a white board is added to the game. Sims can quick write (practice Writing), quick draw (practice Painting), or thinking about code (practice Programming), or write Cooking Recipe. Sims can look at a recipe board and learn that recipe.
  • Board Game Activites: A new group of items. Including Board Game Objects currently in the game.
    • Including beds.
    • Two new board games. Matching Set and Pictionary. Matching Set is a new card game object. Sims can host pictionary game on an easel, black board, white board with up to 3 other Sims (practice Painting). Sims can also play Pictionary on Computer (practice Video gaming).
    • The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff will adds a collectible card game for the void critters.
    • The Sims 4: Parenthood Doctor Playset, Activity Table and Build Bloack tables are boardgames.
    • The Sims 4: Get Together Don't Wake the Llama game.
    • The Sims 4: City Living will adds a Mini Basketball Mini set.
  • Adult Sims can now tell bed time stories to children and toddlers.



  • This stuff packs include: 3 bunk bed frames and 3 single bed frames, with Starship, Castle and Boat design.
    • The Starship has 3 color design: Modern realistic, Superhero Child Drawing and Alien Child Drawing.
    • The Castle has 3 color design: Traditional Realistic, Royal Child Drawing and Horror Child Drawing.
    • The Boat has 3 color design: Cruiseship Realistic, Pirate Child Drawing and Royal Child Drawing.
  • There are 10 single bed sheets and 2 double bed sheets:
    • Single Bed Sheets: King Body, Princess Body, Astronaut Body, Pirate Body, Superhero Body, Alien Body, Vampire Body, Witch Body.
    • Both: Cosmic Background, Under the Sea background.
  • There are some new chairs and tables.
  • New special lamp: Picture light. It does not simple color light option. Instead it has: Dawn, Noon, Dust and Night Night; Cosmic; Under the sea. It will show pictures on the walls, ceiling if they are close enough to the light. If put in a tent, only the tent has those pictures.
  • New bed tents: Place over bed sheet. Has an Native America Tent design, Circus design; Castle design and Starship design.
  • New chess boards: Aliens, Royal and Sea Adventure Design.
  • New board games
    • Who's Who? Similar to the Hidden Role games. Increase Acting if The Sims 4: Get Famous installs.
    • Robot Arena: Board games with programming mechanics. Increase Programming skills.
    • Funny Fantasy Story: Story-telling card games. Increase Comedy or Acting skills.
  • Sitable cushion chair.


  • Sims can now host Sleepover party. Suggest activities includes:
  • Sims can stargaze/cloudgaze on bed, sofa or floor if a turned on Sky Light is nearby (Required The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat)
  • Sims can tell horror stories.
  • Sims can do a pillow fight. First everyone will rush at the nearest object with pillows (bed sheets,some sofas, the sitable cushion chairs) and do a cushion fight.
  • Sims can do a "Spin a Bottle" game; Truth or Dare games (Teen and older). Those are considered to be Boardgame activites.
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