The Sims 3 World Adventures Installation
The Sims 4: Adventure Time
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The Sims 4: Adventure Time
The Sims 3 World Adventures Cover
Discover exciting adventures in far-away lands
Developer(s) Xyclone010
Series The Sims series
Engine The Sims 4 Engine
Genre(s) Simulation/Strategy
Ratings ESRB: T
PEGI: 12
Themes World Traveling/Adventure
Creature Genie
Neighborhood Casimbean, Sim Andres,
World Carribean, Italia, Thailand.
For the The Sims 3 expansion pack with a similar theme, see The Sims 3: World Adventures.


The Sims 4 Adventure Time is a fanon expansion pack for The Sims 4. Players can take their Sims away to vacation destinations. And then taking adventure, explore new world, which inspired from real world countries.

Features Edit

  • Exploring New World - Leaving towns behind and start traveling. Will it be the coast of Casimbeans, the old towns of Italia or ...
  • Home-stay - For the first time ever in The Sims series, introduce home-stay. Making friends and asking for home-stay.
  • Beneath the Sea - The return of Scuba Diving and Canoe Riding.

(Note: Scuba Diving and Boat Traveling is not a skill. Instead, they are transports to travel from islands to islands, from caves to caves in Casimbean).

  • Cultures, Treasures, and More - learns the food from the destinations, treasures in tombs, and more.

New Death:

  • Drowning

New Lot Type:

  • Home-stay Residential Lots (HSRL): These are normal houses but have one extended room. Once your Sims ask for home stay a local Sim, you will move to his/her house and lives in it.
  • Tomb
  • Markets: This is one of the main community lots in town. At this market, there will be the welcoming event

(You can only moves item from your inventory to the room and your items back to the inventory. No access to Buy Build Mode)

(There usually rooms for 1-4 Sims every HSRL. There will be at least one room in every HSRL. You must Rent a room by clicking on the door, similar to TS2 AL. The first room is free.)

New Trait: Life Style Trait:

  • Adventurous: Sims gets Excited emotion for 4 hours when they 1st travel to a location (including base neighborhood), when they in a tomb, the first time they learn a skill, reading Adventure books. During Adventure moodlet, the Fun mode increases slowly.

New Emotion:

  • Excited: Sims gets Excited. Sims learn skill faster while increase Fun increasing and decaying speed.
  • Sick: Sims can be Poisoned (from traps, Archers arrow or genies). Without cured, the Sims will di (from a new plant).

Pizzas (Italia), Thai food,...

  • 'Fitness': Can increased from Tomb Activities (Pushing, Diving,...) and the new Jogging activity.
  • More Coming.

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