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The Servo Band is a band in SimVille that is comprised entirely of Servos. It consists of lead guitarist Amar Newbie, drummer Andrew Newbie, pianist Chase Newbie, and bassist Julius Newbie.


The band started as an ad hoc group intended to entertain guests at a weekly Saturday party the Newbies were throwing. While the guests had seen robots playing musical instruments before, they were impressed at how human-like the Servos were in their actions. One of the guests later suggested jokingly that the Servos should form their own band.

A few days after the party, the Servos decided to try their hand at forming a band. As the band had no real place to practice in, they often practiced outdoors, either on the sidewalk outside their house or on the roof. After Amar's Hangout was renovated to be more of a venue, the band practiced there after hours. After several weeks of practice, the band decided to perform publicly.

The Servo Band first performed at Lagianfra Square, and has since performed at a large number of community lots in both SimVille and Downtown. They have also performed at a number of secret hobby lots. In 2016, the interior of Amar's Restaurant was renovated, and The Servo Band regularly performs there for tips to supplement the restaurant's profits. The Newbie's house was also expanded in 2016 for the creation of a new music room, and the band has practiced there since then.


The Servo Band has had four members since its creation, all of whom are still with the band today.


  • While the band performs on community lots for tips, most community lots do not have musical instruments for Sims to play with by default. To get around this, I use a build/buy enabler mod that unlocks build and buy mode on community lots, as well as allowing access to the inventory at all times. I use this mod to bring musical instruments to community lots, unpack them, have the band do their thing, and then load them back into the inventory after they're done.