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The Redemption is one of three airships acquired and utilised by the Liberation Army Air Corps. It was the principal of the three and so was the base of all Liberation Army operations. It was also the headquarters for the Liberation Governance Council, the provisional government of the Liberated Territories.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

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Medal of the Phoenix
  • Length: 423.5 metres
  • Beam: 76.8 metres
  • Propulsion: 3 x AS9G Fusion reactors, 6 x Fusion engines, 2 x thrusters
  • Speed: ~2,000 km/h
  • Armament: 88 x underside retractable Mark X 100 MJ railguns, 8 x forward cannons, 5 x aft cannons, 4 x missile launchers (10 - 20 missiles per launcher)
  • Decks: 10
  • Complement:
    • Ship's company: 3,200
    • Air wing: 2,480
  • Armour: 6 x Mark V Forcefields (Forward, Aft, Port, Starboard, Topside, Underside)
  • Aircraft carried: 85 - 90 fixed wing and helicopters

Service Record[edit | edit source]

  • Laid: 31st May 2142
  • Completed: 28th July 2144
  • Launched: The FNS Gargantuan, XS-01, 1st February 2145
  • Commissioned into 22nd Air Wing of the Air Force of the Federal Armed Forces: 13th October 2146
  • Commanding Officer 2146 - 2151: Commodore Sigzti Fjor
  • Hijacked and commandeered by Liberation Army: 14th September 2151
  • Commissioned into Air Corps of the Liberation Army: 15th September 2151
  • Renamed Redemption: 15th September 2151. Registry: LS-1
  • Commanding Officer 2151 - 2152: Captain Edmund Eriksson
  • Commanding Officer 2152 - 2168: Admiral Titus J Krikerin

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