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The Random Legacy is about 6 Sims in the same quarters. Each with completely different personalities. The series is split into chapters and is very young, so please give it time before judging it. The series is split into chapters, and chapters into parts. Parts are created every Monday and Friday. While chapters have no schedule, and start when the story takes a major turn.

Main CharactersEdit

Lita SamulEdit

The quirky, fun kinda girl. She loves rock music, and is hoping to master guitar and become a star.

Germaine OllieEdit

At first, he may seem like a common, lazy sim, but taking a look into his life he is actually bringing in a lot more cash than expexcted.

Oliver TimEdit

Gemaine's best friend. They grew up together and went to the same school. Oliver seems like his oppisite though, a very hard worker who spends most of his time writing or painting.

Paris HillingtonEdit

At home, she can easily be mistaken for Lita's sister. But when the horn for the carpool rings, she becomes an entirely different sim.

Cathy CookeEdit

She was the main provider of the original 2 (Oliver and Germaine), and eventually moved in. She dreams big, but her social life seems to be keeping her down.

Roman WestEdit

Held back by his strict parents all throughout childhood, their ways seemed to have gotten to him. He is now a very serious sim looking into a polotical lifestyle.


Chapter I: The Early DaysEdit