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[[File:The Parker Family.jpg|670px|link=|The Parker Family]]
The Parker Family
The Parker Family
The Sims 4

Parker family
Name Parker family
Number of generations Three generations
Family connections Rose family, Gallagher family

The Parker Family
The Parker Family Part 2.jpg
A lot has changed for the Parkers in the past few years. James and Joanna welcomed their fifth child, Jordan. Jared also welcomed some kids of his own, Brody and Nicole, with his high school girlfriend Karissa. Joanna's sister, Jackie, has since moved out with Janet (formerly known as Jacob). Finally, James and Joanna's oldest daughter, Julia, is now attending a prestigious school in Windenburg. What is in store for the Parkers now?
Name The Parker Family
Members James Parker, Joanna Parker, Jared Parker, Jenna Parker, Jordan Parker, Karissa Gallagher, Brody Parker, Nicole Parker
Lot Potters Splay
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
World Willow Creek
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The Moore Boarding House
The Moore Boarding House.jpg
Meredith Moore is not only the owner of her own boarding house, but she is also the owner of the local Moore Stuff & Things. Her tenants include Jackie Rose, a hot, single lady cop; Janet Parker, Jackie's nephew-turned-niece who wishes to pursue science; and Brandon Girard, the sauve single doctor. What tales are in store for these four?
Name The Moore Boarding House
Members Jackie Rose, Janet Parker, Brandon Girard, Meredith Moore
Lot Dusty Turf
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
World Oasis Springs
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DeMonet's School
DeMonet's School.jpg
Sharon DeMonet runs DeMonet's School for Exceptionally Gifted Children, a prestigious school in Windenburg. Too bad DeMonet is stuck hosting the most troublemaking group of students that she has ever seen. There's mortal enemies, Julia Parker and Jessica Lawson. There's the party animal Ethan Rodriguez. The geek, Kingston Fletcher, and the freak, Genevieve Blanchard. There's also the suspiciously normal Alice Griffin. Then there's the new athletic kid, Caleb Kennedy.
Name DeMonet's School
Members Julia Parker, Jessica Lawson, Sharon DeMonet, Alice Griffin, Genevieve Blanchard, Ethan Rodriguez, Kingston Fletcher, Caleb Kennedy
Lot Proprietor's Square
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
World Windenburg
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The Parker family is a large, close-knit family. James Parker and his wife, Joanna, are in a loving, lasting marriage. Together, they have five children, Jared, Janet, although she was born Jacob, Julia, Jenna, and Jordan. Other members include Joanna's younger sister, Jackie Rose, and their grandchildren.

Life becomes more complicated for the Parkers following Jordan's birth. Events include Janet's coming out and Jared become a parent while still in high school. Despite these things, the Parkers continue to grow and develop together as a family. James and Joanna continue to live at Potters Splay together as they watch their children become adults and make their own choices.

Family History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Not much background is known about the Parker family. Although, based on their name, the family seems to be of either English or French origin. The only thing that is known about the Parkers is the common inheritence of orange-red hair and green eyes.

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

At this point, James marries his longtime sweetheart, Joanna Rose, and they move to the Potters Splay on Courtyard Lane in Willow Creek. James begins working in the Business career while Joanna is an aspiring Writer. They eventually have four children. The two oldest children are twin sons, Jared and Jacob, with Jared being the older twin. Jared is very masculine as well as athletic. His twin, Jacob seems to be struggling with his sexual identity and leans more towards the feminine side. The next oldest is James's and Joanna's first daughter, Julia. She is described as being a naive but also always ecstatic. The youngest child is another daughter, Jenna and it is implied that she is learning her skills quickly. Joanna's younger sister, Jackie Rose, also moves in to help out with taking care of the children. Jackie also hopes that there won't be any more children to take care of, according to the description.

It's not too long after Jackie's moving in that Joanna realizes she's become pregnant again with her fifth child. While she has told her husband, she has yet to tell the rest of her family. The first person Joanna tells about her pregnancy is her neighbor and friend, Sage Cagle, as well as her nervousness about telling her family, especially her sister Jackie. Sage advises Joanna to tell her family and let the events play out. Joanna decides to take Sage's advice. She tells her family and they all react happily. Jackie even tells Joanna that she was joking about not wanting any more children to raise.

As the baby grows inside of Joanna, the other members of the family continue to grow as well. James works hard at filling out his daily reports by starting them when he gets home then finishing them when he wakes up the next morning. His hard work finally pays off when he is promoted from a Mailroom Technician to an Office Assistant. James celebrates his promotion by inviting over Riley Cagle, Sage's husband, for a round of video games. Jenna continues to develop fast on her skills. The most notable being able to use the potty without supervision. Jared, Jacob, and Jenna all start school at the same time where they begin to meet new people their age.

With the baby's due date quickly approaching, Jackie begins taking care of Jenna a little more during the evening. Joanna decides to take maternity leave a little early after she enters her final trimester. But as she is teaching Jenna to talk and have better thinking, Joanna is unknowingly listening to alternative music. She also realizes that there won't be any room for the baby. James fixes that quickly by having a nursery be built right next to their bedroom and right over the first story bathroom.

Suspecting that Joanna is about to give birth the next morning, James decides to take advantage of his family leave as well. Jackie also takes a day off from work just in case to help out. Then, just as Jared, Jacob, and Julia leave for school, Joanna goes into labor. James orders his children off to school so he can take Joanna to the hospital while Jackie looks after Jenna. It takes Joanna an hour to be processed at the hospital before their doctor, Imane Gherda, begins the delivery process. Although, the delivery didn't go very smooth because Dr. Gherda didn't know how to properly work the machine. In the end, Joanna is able to successfully give birth to a baby boy. They name their new son Jordan. While most of the family is happy about the new addition, Jenna is only saddened by it. James and Jackie cheer her up by playing and reading with her respectively.

The next day, James takes another day of family leave so Joanna can return to work herself. James takes care of Jenna and Jordan for the day. He spends it making sure Jordan is happy, teaching Jenna to have better communication and thinking skills, reading her to sleep when she gets tired, and finally cooking the family some grilled cheese for dinner. Joanna also returns home from her first day back at work. She reveals that she was offered a promotion to become a Blogger, but she turned it down because she wants to become a Stay-at-Home mother. James and Jackie say they fully support her and Jackie says she'll help provide for the family if it ever becomes desperate. That same day, Jacob invites over his new friend Karissa Gallagher where he trusts her with his biggest secret, that he identifies as a woman but no one in his family knows about it.

On Joanna's first day as a stay-at-home mother, she experiences a more stressful situation than usual. Between Jordan crying nonstop and Jenna's constant need for attention, Joanna almost has a mental breakdown but she is able to power through it until someone comes home. As a result, Jackie suggests that she goes on a date night with James. Joanna agrees and they go to the XP Mont restaurant, an experimental food restaurant. Although, the plan is for James and Joanna to spend time together alone, they run into Riley and Sage Cagle and decide to spend the rest of the evening with them. Meanwhile, at home, Jenna masters her potty skill, much to the others' relief.

On Saturday, Karissa Gallagher comes over, still racking her brain over Jacob's secret. Jacob gives more of an explanation to Karissa over a game of basketball and Karissa suggests that he tells his family sooner rather than later. After the game and Jacob heads in to take a quick shower, Jared flirtatiously introduces himself. Jared and Karissa begin talking and flirting with each other, hitting it off well, while Jacob takes his shower. Karissa leaves before Jacob could witness his best friend with his brother.

The next day on Sunday, Jared decides to head to the gym, Movers and Shakers, for the first time. As he does a workout on one of the machines, Jared wonders how he will tell Jacob about his budding romance with Karissa. He stops thinking about it when Karissa texts him, asking if he wants to go on a date. Jared accepts and goes home to change up. However, Jacob catches him all dressed up and Jared explains himself. He says he has a crush on Karissa, but didn't tell Jacob because he thinks Jacob also has a crush on Karissa. Jacob, however, explains that he's just friends with Karissa before coming out as a woman to Jared. Jared is initially surprised, but decides to keep his secret from their parents. Jacob then wishes his brother luck on his date.

Jared and Karissa eat at the XP Mont for their date. Jared reveals his obvious crush to Karissa, which Karissa assumed it was true because he accepted her offer for a date. After their date ends, Jared shares his first kiss with Karissa. They decide to make their relationship official by becoming boyfriend and girlfriend before kissing each other goodbye before they head home, but what they don't know is that Karissa's father had been watching them.

About a week later, Joanna notices that Courtyard Lane is gaining a couple of new neighbors. The first neighbor she meets is a bachelor by the name of David Wren. Joanna decides to invite him over for dinner one night so he can meet the rest of the Parker family. The next new neighbor Joanna meets is Monique Browne, a divorcee, and her young son she's raising, Damian Browne. Seeing that Damian is around Jenna's age, Joanna invites Monique and Damian over for a playdate one day.

David takes up Joanna's offer for dinner and comes over one night. Not only does he meet the entire Parker family, but Jackie seems to have the most chemistry with him. She talks to him all night long with some harmless flirting sprinkled in. The next day, before her playdate with Damian, Jenna masters her thinking skill, much to the pride of Joanna and Jackie. Also because of Jenna's mastering, James decides to become Best Friends Forever with Joanna. After everyone has left the house, Monique shows up with Damian for his playdate. That is when Joanna and Monique become very friendly towards each other. While Joanna and Monique play video games, Jenna and Damian talk and play. Jenna is also able to master her communications just by talking with Damian.

Later that day, not only does James come home with another promotion in tow, but Julia brings home a classmate for the first time. The name of the friend she brings home is Jessica Lawson. Jessica and Julia work on homework together until Jessica has to go home. Julia invites Jessica to return the next day to spend their Friday night together, trying to get along with each other, such as going for a swim the pool. Meanwhile, Joanna aids Jenna in mastering her Imagination skill by reading her a bedtime story for naptime. Jackie also decides to visit David at his house after work. However, a nice chat with David eventually leads to Jackie impulsively kissing him after kissing a wound on his hand. While David reciprocates a kiss, Jackie leaves a little flustered, but not before she gives David her phone number.

The next morning, on Saturday after breakfast, Jackie calls David to invite him over and discuss the events that happened between them the previous day. Once David comes over, Jackie decides to embrace their budding romance by giving him a kiss on the cheek before they head down to her room to talk about their relationship. Jackie tells David that they should take things slow and get to know one another before they truly start dating. David agrees and they spend the rest of the morning just talking in Jackie's bedroom.

Meanwhile, Julia invites over Jessica Lawson again. They spend some of their time playing video games in the basement. After that, Julia and Jessica just talk and play with each other all around the house, from the basement to Julia and Jenna's room to the front entryway. They play all day together that Jessica officially declares themselves friends. However, she soon leaves after declaring the friendship and just as Julia begins to wonder if they can make their friendship become BFF level. David also leaves after Jessica, but not before receiving a quick kiss goodbye from Jackie. Also, unknown to anyone, Jenna masters her movement skill just by climbing the stairs.

Later that evening, Jared prepares himself to go on another date with Karissa to the XP Mont restaurant. However, he wants to take their relationship the next level but doesn't know how to do it. He seeks out some advice from James by revealing he's been seeing Karissa (without revealing her name) for a little while. James, although surprised that his son is dating, advises Jared that love can be fickle sometimes, but adds that he should follow his heart by trying to profess his love. Jared takes the advice well before calling Karissa up to go on their date.

After Jared and Karissa finish their meal at the XP Mont, Jared promises himself to her and gives her a promise ring to show it, which Karissa accepts. Then Jared tells Karissa that he wants her to meet his parents soon. Karissa promises him that she'll do it. After he returns home from his date, Jared tells James about it. Jared then reveals to Joanna about his girlfriend and tells both of his parents that he's going to have them meet her soon. Both James and Joanna tell Jared that they're both excited and proud of him before they all go to bed.

Over one of the following mornings, Joanna masters her cooking skill while cooking a hearty breakfast. Then, the next day, Julia returns home a little scared after getting in trouble with the teacher at school. While the teacher didn't threaten to call her parents, Julia was still scared that they would find out somehow. Although, when Jessica comes over, she reassures Julia that everyone gets in trouble once in a while. This adivce boosts Julia's confidence enough that her social skill is mastered. Meanwhile, Jared invites Karissa over so she can meet his parents. Karissa is also scared herself that James and Joanna won't like her. Jared tells her that they'll date even if their parents hate it.

After getting off the phone with Sage, Joanna meets Karissa while Karissa is tending to Jordan's needs. Joanna loves this and hits it off with her. She then tells Jared that he's in charge after school tomorrow because she needs to see Sage. James also meets Karissa after work and hits it off with her when he sees her taking care of Jordan. At the same time, before Jessica says she has to leave, she promises Julia that they will be best friends forever, no matter what.

Karissa leaves not too long after Jessica, but Riley also comes over with a little bit of anger. He knocks over the Parker's trashcan as a response. James manages to calm him down and asks Riley what's wrong. Riley refuses to answer and decides to leave, despite wanting to come over. By the end of the day, James and Joanna sit down with Jared to tell him that they love his new girlfriend, especially after seeing her take care of Jordan. Jared is beyond happy with this response.

The next morning, Jared texts Karissa to tell her that his parents liked her a lot. Later on, he is put in charge while Joanna goes and visits the Cagle family next door. There, Joanna learns from Sage that they are moving because she has accepted a huge job offer. Feeling happy for the Cagles, Joanna decides to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to get to know the Cagles a little better. Back at home, as they do their homework, Jacob reminds Jared and Karissa that they are the only people who know about his secret. Jacob then asks them about how and when he should come out to his family. While Karissa suggests he does it right away to get the weight lifted off his shoulders, Jared suggests he waits until he is good and ready. These suggestions just leave Jacob confused as the conversation is interrupted by Jackie. Jared uses the opportunity to introduce his aunt to his girlfriend. Just like James and Joanna, Jackie hits off instantly with Karissa.

James eventually comes home with another promotion in tow, having been promoted to Regional Manager. He casually mentions it to Joanna, but she practically ignores it as she tells him that the Cagles are moving. Understanding this is the source of Riley's anger the other day, James invites him over. James tells Riley that he knows about his move and adds that he is happy for Riley and his family. James also adds that he has been promoted and invites him for one final video game session to celebrate. Long after Riley leaves and just as he is about to go to bed, Joanna suggests to James that they throw a going away party for the Cagles. James completely agrees by pecking Joanna's cheek.

The next morning, Jacob plans on coming out to the family that day by encouraging himself in the mirror. He also tells himself that Joanna would be the first to know. Meanwhile, after everyone has left for the day, Joanna invites David and Monique over to tell them about her going away party for the Cagles. They both inform Joanna that they already know about the move, which leaves Monique a little sad. Joanna quickly cheers her up and tells them about her plan, saying that they are both invited to the surprise going away party. Both David and Monique agree that it is a great idea and agree to come. Joanna then plans the party to be on that Saturday.

That evening, Joanna cooks up a grand ham dinner before telling her family that they are hosting a going away party for the Cagles. She adds that only the neighborhood is invited and no one else. Julia takes this announcement to heart and plans on not telling Jessica. Jackie realizes from this announcement that she's going see David. However, this announcement also causes Jacob to forget about his plans on coming out to his family. He eventually remembers after waking up the next morning and encourages himself in the mirror again with the same plan with that plan being Joanna is going to be the first to know, but he decides to wait again until after school.

Meanwhile, Joanna is stressed out from planning the Cagles' going away party. She tries to destress by watching the premiere of the popular reality show, Waltzing with Celebrities, but the television breaks, adding on more stress. Joanna calls the repairman and he is able to fix it, allowing Joanna to finally destress and finish the premiere. Later on, when they get home from school, Jared, Jacob, and Julia also watch the premiere. Jacob decides to wait a little longer to come out, not wanting to spoil the day. James and Jackie also watch the premiere themselves when they get home from work.

The next morning, Jacob decides that maybe he isn't ready to come out to Joanna and decides that he should come out to Jackie first. However, he backs out when he sees Jackie preparing for a date with David at the XP Mont. Jackie feels enamored after she has a successful date. Another day later, on the day of the Cagles' moving away party, Jackie talks with Jacob by the warm fireplace, remembering that Jacob wanted to speak with her. Although, Jacob is still not ready and talks about his love life rather than his sexual identity.

At the party itself, Clara Bjergsen is hired as the caterer. Also, Joanna learns from Sage that Eugi has gotten more upset about the move. Joanna says she'll talk to Eugi, try to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Jackie and David cannot hold their feelings for each other and decide to flirt and kiss at the party, which all culminates into them having sex in the middle of it. Afterwards, David accepts Jackie's question if they are officially dating. Julia decides to cheer up the angry Eugi before Joanna does. Joanna eventually learns about how Julia helped from Eugi. Near the end of the party, Jackie and David chat with Monique, Jared has a dance party with Ivy, and James has one final video game session with Riley. Finally, the Cagles thank their neighbors for the party before they leave to finish packing.

The day after the party is unusually warm, despite it being the middle of fall. That day, Jacob finally decides that he is not ready to come out to the rest of his family yet. Meanwhile, Joanna tells Julia that she is proud of her for helping Eugi. She also adds that Julia is maturing fast. Feeling anxious for not seeing her since school, Jared invites Karissa over. After he manages to get Joanna and Jackie to leave them alone, Jared reminds Karissa that she met his family and subsequently asks when he's going to meet her family. Karissa merely tells him soon.

Julia also invites Jessica over to hang out. She reveals to her friend about how much fun she had the going away party for the Cagles. Jessica is stunned, but she tries to reassure Julia otherwise.When Jared leaves her alone for a moment, Jacob seeks more advice from Karissa about coming out. He tells her that he's having trouble finding confidence to actually come out to his parents and aunt. Karissa explains that she's not the right person to be asking. However, she suggests to Jacob that he should come out to his younger siblings first. Finding confidence, Jacob decides he will do Karissa's suggestion.

That same day, Joanna learns about Jackie's relationship with David. In response, Joanna says she's happy for Jackie. Jacob thinks it would be easiest to come out to Jordan first. Jacob tells his younger brother that he will learn Jacob as a woman before knowing he was man. At the same time, Julia finds Jessica alone. Julia asks her if she wants to play, but Jessica refuses and says she has to leave. Jacob then takes Jenna into their parents' bedroom where he tells her that he is a woman. Not understand completely nor showing confusion, Jenna responds with an okay. Just as that happened, Joanna comes in to feed Jenna. She doesn't even ask why Jacob was in her room. She just assumed they were playing.

That evening, David comes over to have a friendly conversation with James, Joanna, and Jackie. It is also when James is told about the relationship. The next morning, Jackie informs Jared and Jacob about her relationship with David after he spends the night. After school, Julia starts to think about an important test coming up for her entire grade. She sends a text to Jessica, asking if she wants to come over to study soon, but she never responds. Jacob then comes in Julia's bedroom and reveals he is a woman, much to Julia's shock and confusion. Jacob reassures his sister that she'll understand when she's older and asks that she keeps the secret from their parents. Julia promises to do so. James is promoted to Senior Manager, but doesn't make a big deal about it.

The next day yet again, after school, Julia receives a text from Jessica that they will study at Jessica's house. However, when Julia suggests they begin studying, Jessica angrily calls Julia out for not inviting her to the going away party the other day. Julia tries to explain that the party was for the neighborhood only, but Jessica refuses to listen. They fight and argue before they declare their friendship over. Jessica even declares that they are enemies. Julia heads home upset and doesn't tell James and Joanna about the fight.

On a freezing cold morning, Joanna meets Crystal Lawson, Jessica's mother. Crystal rudely introduces herself and yells at Joanna for Julia not inviting Jessica to the going away party. Joanna also explains that it was for the neighborhood only, but Crystal ignores her and leaves. Feeling a little peeved, Joanna wonders why someone would do that before worrying about what she is going to do. At the same time, Jacob updates Jared and Karissa that he came out to Julia, Jenna, and Jordan. Jared is surprised, but also understands. Joanna decides to tell Julia about what happened earlier. Joanna adds that Julia no longer has to see Jessica if she doesn't want to. Julia responds with relief.

However, James suggests to Joanna about apologizing in order to teach Julia something when he learns of the incident after work. Realizing he's right, Joanna agrees. Although, they are met with even more hostility when they meet Steven Lawson, Jessica's father and Crystal's husband. James and Joanna argue with Steven before Crystal overhears and demands them inside. The resolution doesn't get any better inside and the Parkers and the Lawsons just argue. Upon returning home, James and Joanna tell Julia that the Lawsons are nasty, jealous people and that she shouldn't be friends with someone like that.

A couple of days later, Jared gets a call from Karissa where she says she's going to tell her parents about their relationship. Jared explains he can't wait. In fact, the next day, Karissa invites Jared over to her house. While waiting for Karissa's parents to return from work, Jared meets Karissa's dog, Barney, and they do their homework. Eventually, Jared meets Lawrence and Maggie Gallagher. However, neither of them take a liking towards Jared. Karissa then suggests Jared should leave to avoid conflict. Jared believes so too and leaves.

The next day is Spooky Day. Both Jared and Jacob are invited over to Karissa's house for a party because her parents weren't going to be home. Thinking Lawrence and Maggie weren't going to be home all day, Jared heads over a bit early. Karissa sends him home and he shows up later with Jacob at the party proper. Jacob decided to sneak out of the house wearing a girl's dress because he feels comfortable around his peers. During the party, Jared makes out with Karissa, is seduced by her, and they decide to have sex for the first time in her parents' bed. Also during the party, Jacob has a dance party with Karissa. Jared and Jacob then leave the party before Karissa's parents return home.

Several days later, Karissa visits Jared to tell him that she is pregnant. Shocked, Jared asks her what she is going to do. Karissa merely responds to keep it a secret until after she has told her parents. The next day, Jackie feels like she is going to a get a promotion, but keeps maintains her excitement. Meanwhile, Julia studies hard for the school-wide test she has to take. Also, Jared can't keep Karissa's pregnancy a secret and decides to tell Jacob. With this information, Jacob senses his opportunity to come out to James, Joanna, and Jackie because the pregnancy will be a bigger bombshell. At the same time, Joanna calls Sage to ask her about how the move went. Sage explains it went well and that she has given birth to a daughter named Karli. Joanna congratulates Sage and tells James about Sage's new baby. James then decides to call Riley to congratulate him as well and wishes him the best.

The next day, Jackie gets a little antsy about waiting for a potential promotion. By the end of the day, Jackie is approached with the promotion, but the catch is that she has to move to Oasis Springs in several weeks. Thinking about the future opportunities that the promotion can unveil, Jackie accepts. After she gets home from school, Julia feels confident that she aced the test. At dinner time, the whole family learns of Jackie's promotion and they all are excited for her. Jacob feels the most excited because he thinks he can move with Jackie to start his life as a woman. He decides that he's going to ask her if he can move with her to Oasis Springs.

On a Saturday, thinking he might be a father, Jared secretly helps out with Jordan. However, he is caught by Joanna. She then asks him if Karissa is going to come over for Harvestfest. Jared says he doesn't know and goes to call Karissa, asking her if she told her parents about the pregnancy. Karissa tells him that she was waiting until Harvestfest to actually tell them, but since the rest of her family knows, she says that she'll tell them soon and get back to Jared. After doing some overtime, Jackie comes home and realizes that she has to tell David about her promotion. Jackie and David eat out at the XP Mont. Jackie tells David about the promotion and hopes that they can maintain a long distance relationship. David says the same thing to her.

On a Sunday, Karissa comes over to tell Jared that her parents kicked her out because of the pregnancy. Jared, while feeling sad for his girlfriend, ultimately decides it's time to tell his parents about the pregnancy. Soon enough, James, Joanna, and Jackie are told about Karissa's pregnancy and her situation with her parents. James and Joanna agree to let Karissa to stay for a little while. Joanna then has Jackie show Karissa to her bedroom while she and James talk to Jared. Jared is lectured by his parents to focus on school despite with everything going on.

In the basement, Jackie sets up a cot after giving her bedroom over to Karissa. Jacob then approaches Jackie and asks her if he can move to Oasis Springs with her after graduation. Curious, Jackie asks why he wants to do that. Jacob is unable to think of an excuse, so he comes out to her and explains that the move will help start a new life as a woman. Jackie accepts everything, but advises Jacob to come out to his parents first and think about moving before actually deciding anything. As Jackie leaves, Jacob feels defeated until Jared confronts Jacob. Jared accuses Jacob of using Karissa's pregnancy as a cover for his coming out. Jacob apologizes and Jared tells him not to come out that night. Later that night, James and Joanna pull Karissa aside to tell her that they will be speaking to her parents tomorrow evening, much to Karissa's ire.

The next morning, after everyone has left the house, a woman named Sharon DeMonet visits Joanna. She learns from DeMonet that Julia's test scores give her the chance to attend DeMonet's School for Exceptionally Gifted Children in Windenburg. Joanna is unsure about the idea, but DeMonet tells her to think about it and she leaves. That evening, before they're about to leave for the Gallagher house, Joanna informs James about DeMonet and Julia's opportunity. James says they'll tell Julia about the opportunity after they meet with Karissa's parents. James and Joanna head over to the Gallagher house where they meet Maggie and Lawrence.

James lets Maggie and Lawerence know about Karissa living with the Parkers since they kicked her out. Lawrence immediately stops James from going any further. He then lets James and Joanna know that he and Maggie agreed to never allow Karissa to live with them again because of her pregnancy. Maggie says nothing to them. Finally, seeing as there is nothing else to discuss, James and Joanna leave the Gallagher home feeling a little peeved. When they get home, James and Joanna tell Karissa that her parents aren't letting her back home at all, so as a result, she can stay with the Parkers for as long as she wants. James also lectures Karissa to let her know that she should focus on school until she decides what she is going to do with the baby. Joanna reminds Jared about the same thing. At that moment, Karissa decides that she is going to keep the baby, no matter cost. Joanna asks if she is certain. Karissa says yes before thanking the Parkers.

As a result of Karissa deciding to keep the baby, she and Jared think of baby names during breakfast the next morning. Although, Karissa is still mad at her parents. She and Jared also get some parenting practice in before school by bathing Jenna and feeding Jordan respectively. In the middle of the day, Jackie and David hang out to get in as much time together before Jackie's move. By evening time, James and Joanna pull Julia into there room to tell her about DeMonet's offer for her to attend a new school. Julia immediately accepts, much to her parents' surprise. James asks if she is sure and Julia explains that she has been friendless and bullied since her falling out with Jessica. Feeling pity, Joanna says she'll call DeMonet to let her know. Overwhelmed with joy, Julia thanks her parents.

As Harvestfest approaches, Joanna calls DeMonet about Julia before decorating the house with bunting. Also, Karissa quickly enters into her third trimester with the baby being due anytime soon. On Harvestfest itself, Jared appeases the Gnomes with fruitcake, Joanna appeases them with pie, and Karissa appeases them with a future cube. All of them are a success. However, Jackie's offer of a toy angers the Gnomes and she kicks one out of frustration, causing all of the Gnomes to get angry. Meanwhile, Jacob comes out to James and tells James about his plan to move with Jackie to Oasis Springs in order to start his life the way he wants it. James is very thankful that he knows and also very accepting of Jacob's identity and plan, just as long as Joanna agrees to it. Karissa texts her entire family, except for her father, to give them a Happy Harvestfest and to let them know about her situation. Feeling that Joanna will be the only person not to be accepting of him, Jacob lies to Jackie that he came out to his parents and that they are both accepting of him and his plan. Although, Jackie is skeptical.

Joanna finishes the Grand Turkey Dinner and calls everyone to it. Over the meal, they give thanks to each other. Jackie is thankful of Joanna. Karissa thanks the Parkers for giving her a home. Jared is thankful of Karissa because they met each other. After dinner, Joanna learns of Jacob's identity crisis from Jackie. Joanna confronts Jacob with this and explains that she will never stop loving her child or keep them from being who they are truly are. Joanna also agrees to his plan because she trusts him and her sister. As a result, Jacob thanks his mother. Joanna also asks Jacob about his true name. She responds with Janet.

About half a week later, Karissa goes into labor on her way home from school. While Jared starts freaking out, Karissa remains calm. Although, she wishes to have a home birth, instead of a hospital birth. So, Joanna quickly finds and cleans some old bassinets in order for Karissa to give birth. She finally gives birth to twins of her own, a son and a daughter. Karissa and Jared name their new son Brody and they name their new daughter Nicole. Throughout the rest of the day, the rest of the Parkers, plus Jackie, go to meet their new family members. Near evening time, Maggie shows up. She apologizes to Karissa, explains that she's divorced from Lawrence now, and wishes for Karissa to return home. Karissa accepts Maggie's apology, but she refuses to return home because of Lawrence. She then asks Maggie to take care of Barney before Maggie asks to see her new grandchildren, which Karissa allows. After meeting Brody and Nicole, Maggie bumps into Jared and she apologizes to him as well. Jared accepts it, saying he had a suspicion that Lawrence is a little hot-headed.

Quite some time later, Jared, Janet, and Karissa all graduate from high school on time. Despite all their problems recently, they graduate with stellar grades. Janet also prepares to say goodbye to her family because she is moving to Oasis Springs with Jackie soon. Jackie invites David over and says goodbye to him as well. Julia does the same thing with her family because she is about to move to Windenburg so she can attend DeMonet's school. In the end, they say goodbye.

The Sims 4: Get to Work[edit | edit source]

Four years later, Jackie and Janet have been living together in a boarding house in Oasis Springs. The owner of the boarding house is Meredith Moore. At this point, Janet has had reassignment surgery and works as a scientist for her boss, Jessie Michaud. Her current position is a Junior Tinkerer. Jackie still holds her initial promotion as an officer in law enforcement. Jackie has also broken up with David because their long distance relationship was too difficult to maintain. Meanwhile, Meredith is a local business owner and she runs a thrift store called Moore Stuff & Things.

One morning, Jackie wakes up still saddened by the fact that she broke up with David. At breakfast time, Meredith tries to cheer Jackie up by saying that she will get over her break up because she's stronger than she thinks. Meredith also tells Jackie about how she and Janet missed meeting the new tenant joining them. Jackie then meets Brandon Girard and immediately feels a crush beginning to form. Janet also joins for breakfast and meets Brandon. After breakfast time, Jackie heads to her room where she starts wondering if it's time to move on from David.

Janet then heads to her work, FutureSim Labs. Upon arriving, Janet's good friend and coworker, Ashly Suarez, asks Janet what her plan is for the work day. Janet discusses a theory with Ashly about how the crystals and metals on Earth could be the gateway to unlocking intergalactic travel to Sixam. Janet immediately begins analyzing some crystals and metals to do just that. She even calls the Geo Council, FutureSim Lab's benefactor, about some of them. Janet then goes outside to dig up more crystals and metals to analyze. However, when she goes back inside, she is stopped by her boss, Jessie Michaud.

Jessie asks Janet what she is doing and Janet tells him about her theories. Jessie then explains that the purpose of their work is to make inventions needed for civilization and mentions that intergalactic travel isn't one of them. Annoyed, Janet returns to normal work, but later on in the day, Janet gets reprimanded by Jessie because she called the Geo Council. Jessie explains to Janet that the Geo Council expects every scientist to have above intelligence and if someone calls them, then it could jeopardize future funding. Jessie also reminds Janet to stick to normal inventions and never to call the Geo Council again. Janet listens to her boss, but she is still determined to discover intergalactic travel, even if it means she has to trick and lie to Jessie in order to do so. As a result, Janet has a breakthrough when she gets home and thinks about inventing a Momentum Conserver.

At the same time in the living room of the boarding house, Jackie decides she wants to know more about Brandon and asks him about his job. Brandon tells Jackie that he's a doctor. Speechless and feeling her crush grow, Jackie excuses herself to her bedroom. She tells herself that it's finally time to move on from David because she knows that she's in love with Brandon, even if it's still too early to tell. The next morning, Jackie spends some more time with Brandon after breakfast. She gets to know him some more before he leaves for his work as a doctor.

Late into that night, Janet is woken up by a mysterious light. When she goes to investigate it, she is suddenly abducted by aliens. While it's unknown what Janet experienced during her abduction, she returns home feeling even more determined to make intergalactic travel possible. In the morning, Jackie spends her first breakfast alone with Brandon, which leads to some harmless flirting. A little bit later, Janet has breakfast with Meredith where Janet tells about her abduction story to Meredith. Although, Meredith suggests to Janet that she was simply dreaming it.

Janet decides to tell her abduction story to Jessie, hoping that he will believe her. However, Jessie also doesn't believe Janet and he asks her to just do simple invention work. He also asks Janet not to mention aliens or intergalactic travel. More annoyed than ever, Janet starts thinking of defying Jessie's orders, but she decides she isn't ready yet and does business as usual. After analyzing some stuff, Janet invents the Momentum Conserver, which leaves her unimpressed. She then confides in the Invention Constructor and tells it about her plan to prove to Jessie that intergalactic travel is worth the risk. Although, her conversation with the Invention Constructor leaves Janet wondering why Jessie is so worried about impressing the Geo Council.

Curious, Janet asks Ashly that question. Ashly tells Janet that some time ago, Jessie wanted to use funding from the Geo Council to build a rocket ship in order to use it for intergalactic travel. Ashly adds that while the lab managed to get the parts needed for a rocket ship, the Geo Council threatened to revoke funding if Jessie went through with his plan, so he listened and never did. Mentally right then and there, Janet decides it's time to show the Geo Council otherwise and she begins building the rocket ship near the end of her shift. She doesn't get much further than the thrusters when she goes home.

Upon returning home, Janet tells her abduction story to Jackie, but even she doesn't believe in her niece. This causes Janet to discuss her theories about aliens with Jackie, which leaves Jackie slightly worried that Janet is working herself into isolationism. Janet is still upset the next morning that no one believes her abduction story until Brandon mentions to her that he's been abducted overnight too. Surprised and ecstatic, Janet tells Brandon about her alien theories. Their discussion starts to form a bond between the two of them.

Later that day, Jackie heads to work where she receives her first solo assignment in four years. She gets assigned to investigate the theft of a missing instrument from a local lounge. Jackie interviews witnesses and collects fingerprints and pictures from the crime scene. After doing some analysis on the evidence, she cross references it with the data in police database. Jackie is able to deduce that the thief is a female teenager and issues the APB. She finds and arrests the suspected thief for interrogation. However, during the interrogation, the thief informs Jackie that she wasn't acting alone and had a partner. Jackie is pleased with this information and plans on following up on the lead. Despite not closing the case though, Jackie is promoted to corporal by the end of the evening. Also that evening, Meredith reminds Jackie, along with Brandon, that her bathroom is strictly off-limits after she has seen someone's been using it.

The next morning during breakfast, Janet continues to bond with Brandon over their shared abduction stories. Jackie is also with them for breakfast and obviously listens on the conversation. Their conversation leaves Jackie worrying more for Janet's mental health. So, after work, Jackie tells Brandon that she wishes to speak with him in private in her bedroom. Brandon obliges and they have a talk on the bed. Jackie asks Brandon not too encourage Janet with her fantasies, such as the aliens. Jackie also says that she's afraid that Janet's been working herself into isolationism because Janet only sees them and her coworkers. Being very suave, Brandon agrees to not encourages Janet's fantasies, even if they are real. Distracted by the suaveness, Jackie doesn't acknowledge the last part and instead thanks Brandon.

Jackie also sits down with Meredith to talk about Janet. Jackie tells Meredith about her worries that Janet is working herself into isolationism, which is affecting her mental health. Jackie then asks Meredith if she is willing to take Janet with her to the thrift store in order to meet new people. Meredith promises Jackie to do so because they've known each other for four years. At breakfast time the next morning, Jackie tells Janet that she'll be going with Meredith to her store, Moore Stuff & Things. Janet expresses her hatred of the idea by saying she's not a little kid anymore. While Jackie explains her worry for Janet's health, Meredith explains the benefits of meeting new people. Seeing no way out, Janet reluctantly joins Meredith to her store after breakfast.

Meredith shows Janet her first dollar before teaching some of the basics to Janet. So, Janet decides to help restock items and ring up customers. As she is restocking, Janet mentally tells herself to play along with her aunt's wishes and not to lose sight of her scientific goals. As the day progresses, Meredith trusts Janet enough to run the store alone while Meredith stays in her office. At the end of the day, Meredith asks Janet how her day at the store went. Janet says it helped clear her head a little bit. Meredith jokingly says that maybe Janet should work for her. Janet then rebuts by saying it's something she can't do all the time. When they return to the boarding house, Janet realizes that the work day has given her an idea to invent the SimRay. Jackie also asks Janet about her day. Janet says the same thing to Jackie, except she doesn't mention the SimRay out of fear that Jackie will continue to worry.

A couple days later, Janet and Jackie are reminded by Meredith that her bathroom is strictly off-limits after she had to clean her bathroom again. Brushing the confrontation off, Jackie heads to work where her boss, Chief Advik Meshram, commends her for solving a part of the theft case so quickly. Jackie takes the commendation well before she heads out on an APB for the second thief. She finds the thief in no time at all and heads back to the station. Jackie informs Meshram about the suspect before interrogation. Meshram thanks Jackie for the update and asks for another after the confession because he will be leaving early. Jackie promises to do so. She then interrogates the suspect and gets a swift confession. However, the suspect tells Jackie that she's apart of a much larger group that's going to make life difficult. Thinking nothing of it, Jackie processes the suspect, heads home, and calls Meshram about getting the confession. Meshram once again commends Jackie for her hard work before they hang up.

At the same time, Janet has several more breakthroughs as ways to distract Jessie from her true intentions. The next morning, Jessie confronts Janet if she was the one to begin building the rocket. Janet confesses and Jessie calmly explains to focus on inventions. After their conversation, Janet tells the Invention Constructor that the SimRay will be used to get Jessie out of the way. Subsequently, Janet invents the SimRay and asks Jessie if he can be a test subject. Jessie agrees and Janet freezes him. However, Janet is not quite ready to follow through on her plans yet, so she frees him to divert suspicion. She then upgrades the SimRay so it can transform objects and tests it out on a chair. Most likely being impressed by the SimRay, Janet gets a call from Jessie where he promotes her to Serum Sequencer and he sends her a chemistry table as part of the promotion. Ecstatic for some time, Janet tells Jackie about her promotion and she has another breakthrough after stepping out of the shower.

A couple days later, Jackie gets an urgent call from Meshram. He asks her to meet him at the Cactus Juice Bar to talk about a possible case. Feeling it's urgent, Jackie heads to the Cactus Juice Bar, a bar not too far from the boarding house. She finds Meshram alone at a table and she asks him about the possible case. Meshram requests for Jackie to sit before he reveals that there is no upcoming case. Instead, Meshram reveals to Jackie that he invited her to the bar to promote her to detective. Before Jackie responds, Meshram also reveals the crush he has had on her for the past four years. Jackie thanks Meshram for the promotion, but then she kisses him. Jackie excuses herself to the bathroom where she wonders if she's also had feelings for Meshram for the past four years as well. Determining that she has, Jackie spends the rest of the night at the bar with Meshram. Eventually, Jackie finally goes back to the boarding house, excited to be dating again.

The next morning, Jackie tells Janet and Meredith about her dating again and reveals that she's now dating Meshram to them. While Janet and Meredith are both excited for Jackie, after she leaves, Meredith expresses her concerns to Janet. Meredith explains that Jackie dating her boss could lead to unforeseen consequences and suggests that Janet should talk to her because they're family. However, Janet initially refuses to get involved because of that specific reason. Later in the day, Jackie decides to tell Brandon about her and Meshram. Jackie explains that their harmless flirting has to be toned down because she's dating again. Amicable, Brandon says he's fine with it because they're are plenty of other people to date.

Later still, Janet decides to tell Jackie about her and Meredith's concerns involving Jackie dating Meshram. Jackie immediately argues saying that she's not a little kid and who she dates is her choice. Janet points out the irony in Jackie's statement by relating it to Janet being forced to go to Moore Stuff & Things. Jackie argues by saying their scenarios are different and that Jackie was simply looking out for Janet's mental health. Janet argues back by saying she's doing the same thing. Jackie appreciates the gesture, but she doesn't thank Janet.

Despite not getting thanked, Janet is determined to help Jackie see the consequences of dating Meshram. She just thinks she needs advice from someone else. So, when Janet goes to work, she tells Ashly about Jackie's situation and asks for some advice. However, Ashly says she doesn't really know Jackie, so she can't come with any advice to help Janet. Janet decides to get advice from another coworker, but that coworker states that she and Janet don't ever talk to each other at work. Seeing as she is right, Janet tries to get advice from the Invention Constructor before realizing the ridiculousness of it. Giving up, Janet decides to work.

She invents the hover lamp. She then decides to start trying experimenting, but her first serum literally blows up in her face, burning her. Giving up with experiment for the time being, she continues to work on the rocket ship. However, Janet is soon caught by Jessie. While Janet tries to defend her position, Jessie reveals that he got a call from the Geo Council. Apparently, the Geo Council wants Jessie to promote Janet to Technological Innovator and so he does. Janet cannot believe it and she goes home to tell Jackie about her promotion, completely forgetting about Jackie's situation. Jackie congratulates her niece on the promotion. Janet then begins to wonder if the Geo Council likes her, then she doesn't have to sneak behind Jessie's back in order to fulfill her scientific goals.

Even though she rejected Janet and Meredith's help, Jackie begins wondering if Meshram has an ulterior motive for their relationship. So, once Jackie arrives at work, she goes into Meshram's office to speak with him. She asks if Meshram is dating her for some reason other than pure love. Meshram explains that he would never take advantage of their relationship. However, he tells her that they have to keep their relationship a secret from their coworkers. Jackie agrees and thanks Meshram for the truth before going to get her next case.

Jackie heads to the crime scene where she does her standard routine. She takes pictures of the scene. She collects some evidence that is left behind. Finally, she interviews the witnesses. Although, her final interview is with a ghost. This causes her to rethink her stance on the existence of aliens. Also, when Jackie returns to the police station, Meshram gives Jackie a small promotion to Senior Detective for the case due to no one else is willing to take charge because of the ghost witness.

Jackie returns to the boarding house, wanting to tell Janet about the ghost. However, Meredith interrupts them and declares they're going on a ladies nights. Meredith reasons to Jackie that her relationship with Meshram won't last and that she will need a rebound man. Jackie is reluctant to go, but she joins Meredith and Janet to the Cactus Juice Bar anyway. Over drinks, Meredith assures Jackie that she will thank Meredith for ladies night. However, Jackie strongly disagrees.

Later into ladies night, Janet and Jackie are introduced to Meredith's employee, Emil Martinez, by Meredith. Janet immediately hits off with Emil. As the night progresses, Jackie spends most of it alone, playing games. Meanwhile, Janet spends most of the night with Emil, conversing and discussing their transitions. Eventually, Emil leaves Janet, but they forget to give each other their numbers. At the end of the night, Jackie is still by herself until Meredith shows up, asking what's wrong. Jackie then explains that ladies night was useless for her because she's happy with Meshram. Meredith understands and decides it's time to go home.

The next morning during breakfast, Meredith apologizes to Jackie for dragging her to ladies night. Jackie accepts Meredith's apology and heads to work. Another day passes and Janet gets an unexpected call from Emil. He explains that Meredith gave Janet's number to him before they go on to talk to each other for an hour or so. Janet thanks Meredith for giving her number to Emil and then she leaves for work. At work, Janet decides to upgrade her SimRay so that other Sims will obey to either clean or change clothes. Janet tests the clean command on Ashly and the change command on Jessie. They both successfully work.

Feeling a roll, Janet decides to invent a cloning machine. She tries to clone a standard plumbing pipe, but the cloning fails. Janet is unable to figure out the kinks with the Invention Constructor before the work day is over. Once she gets home, Janet is pulled aside again by Jackie to talk. Jackie reveals to Janet that she interviewed a ghost witness for her latest case. Janet immediately asks if Jackie now believes in aliens. Not fully believing yet, Jackie simply tells Janet that they could exist.

On Winterfest Eve, Jackie and Janet are told by Meredith that they will decorate the Winterfest tree after dinner. And so, Jackie and Janet help decorate the tree with Meredith and Brandon. The next day, Winterfest Day itself, both Jackie and Janet wish each other and Meredith and Brandon a Merry Winterfest. Jackie makes sure to call Joanna to tell her the same thing. Janet also calls her family for a Merry Winterfest. However, Jackie also sends a text to David, wishing him a Merry Winterfest.

Once the Winterfest party begins, Janet welcomes Emil, Ashly, her husband Jeffery, and Jessie. Not too long afterwards, Jessie tells Janet about a possible new position that the Geo Council is creating called Ufologist. Janet takes the information with curiosity. Meanwhile, Jackie warmly welcomes Meshram when he finally arrives to the party. While Janet gives Emil a surprise gift, Jackie gives Meshram a rose before giving him a kiss under the mistletoe. Jackie then sneaks away with Meshram to have sex. Afterwards, Jackie jokes that she's pregnant. Her joke causes Meshram to worry and he leaves, much to Jackie's own curiosity.

After the party ends, Father Winter arrives. Janet gets a gift from him after Meredith and Brandon. Jackie tells Father Winter she doesn't want a gift because she already has everything she wants. Father Winter takes his leave and Jackie joins the others to open the rest of the gifts. Once all the gifts are open, Janet and Jackie sing 'We Wish You a Merry Winterfest' with Meredith and Brandon.

The day after Winterfest, Meredith tells Janet that she should call Emil because they like each other. Janet decides to take Meredith's suggestion and call Emil. Janet talks to him yet again and they have another long conversation. Another day later, Jackie admires her new uniform after having been given the small promotion to Senior Detective. However, she also worries for Meshram after his abrupt leave during the party. So, when she gets to work, she asks him if they can talk, which Meshram allows.

Jackie explains she obviously only joked about being pregnant after they had sex. However, Jackie adds that she does want to have children at some point. Meshram disagrees and says he never wants children. Realizing Meshram's stance is firm, Jackie breaks up with him. She then returns to work, saddened, as she continues the case with the ghost witness.

The Sims 4: Get Together[edit | edit source]

Onomatology[edit | edit source]

  • Parker - English origin, derived from Old French with the meaning of keeper of the park
  • James - Derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, meaning supplanter
  • Joanna - Hebrew meaning for 'God is gracious'
  • Jared - Hebrew meaning of the rose flower
  • Jacob - Holder of the heel or supplanter in Hebrew
  • Janet - Medieval diminutive of Jane, originating from Hebrew meaning 'God is merciful'
  • Julia - Meaning youthful in Latin
  • Jenna - A Cornish deviation of the name Guinevere from the name Jennifer
  • Jordan - Derived from the Hebrew name Yarden, meaning to flow down or descend
  • Brody - A name derived from the Gaelic word meaning ditch
  • Nicole - Greek word meaning victory of the people

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