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== Chapter 9 ==
== Chapter 9 ==
One day after Mary-Ann gave birth, Jane was walking around Riverland when she bunped into Joseph. It was quite awkward, as they hadn't seen each other in years, and they knew Joseph and Mary-Ann didn't end the relationship perfectly.
One day after Mary-Ann gave birth, Jane was walking around Riverland when she bumped into Joseph. It was quite awkward, as they hadn't seen each other in years, and they knew Joseph and Mary-Ann didn't end the relationship perfectly.
"Joseph!", Jane said.
"Joseph!", Jane said.

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The Life of Queen Jane is a fanon created by Bakerychaz. It revolves around the life of Queen Jane and her son Prince Henry. It takes place in The Sims Medieval.


Queen Jane - the protagonist of the story and Queen of Riverland.

Prince Henry - Queen Jane and King Vladimir's 16-year old son looking for love.

Mary-Ann Small - the 16-year old girl Henry is secretly courting with.

King Vladimir - Queen Jane's husband and King of Riverland.

Hubert Small - Mary-Ann's father and Riverland's Blacksmith.

Joseph Penny - Mary-Ann's ex-boyfriend.

Chapter 1

One day, Queen Jane was sitting reading a book when she heard some yelling outside. She ran outside, and saw her son fighting with another teenaged boy in front of a large crowd.

"Stop!", she exclaimed.

Henry yelled "Mother! What are you doing?!".

Jane pulled her son away from the fight.

She said "Henry! How could YOU, the sweetest boy alive, be fighting someone?!"

Henry brutishly punched the boy in the face and said "we're fighting over that girl over there!" to his mother. He pointed to a girl in the crowd. She had long, curly brown hair and dark grey eyes. Jane told everybody to leave, except the girl, her son and the boy he was fighting with.

She said to the girl "who are you. And explain this." and she replied "my name is Mary-Ann Small. That boy is called Joseph Penny. Joseph is my boyfriend, Henry tried to kiss me while Joseph was walking by. Then Joseph attacked Henry."

Jane ordered Mary-Ann and Joseph to go home and ordered her son to come back into the castle, their house.

Chapter 2

The next day, Jane was still angry at her son for fighting, and was feeling very sick. Meanwhile, Henry was talking to Mary-Ann.

He said "Mary-Ann, I'm sorry I tried to kiss you, but...I am in love with you. And I didn't know you were courting". Mary-Ann replied "It's alright. in love with you too. I don't really like Joseph". Mary-Ann gets up from her chair, kisses Henry and leaves.

Meanwhile, Jane was feeling sicker than she had EVER been. She was throwing up every 15 minutes.

Chapter 3

2 months later, Jane was getting considerably fatter. Her corset wasn't fitting.

Meanwhile, Mary-Ann and Prince Henry were courting in secret and were very much in love. Mary-Ann was also getting fatter.

1 month later, Mary-Ann and Jane both found out they were pregnant! Mary-Ann told Henry, who was very angry because having a baby out of wedlock would seriously damage his reputation. Jane and Vladimir found out together.

6 months later, Jane is giving birth.

"AHHH!!!!!", she screamed.

"Jane, calm down", Vladimir said as he comforted her.

"Ow! Ow!", Jane yelled as she gave birth.

The baby was a boy.

"A boy, a boy", Jane said, trying to breathe.

The doctor handed the baby to Vladimir. The baby had baby blue eyes and deep black hair. He looked a lot like Jane.

"Hello, baby", Vladimir whispered to the baby.

Jane was struggling for breath as she opened her eyes and saw her baby for the first time.

She said "Wow. Wow! What shall we name him?".

Vladimir replied "Arthur? After my father."

"Perfect", Jane said.

Chapter 4

At the exact same time Jane was giving birth, Mary-Ann was giving birth, earlier than her due date.

She was in extreme pain but was comforted by her boyfriend.

She gave birth to a son. He was a prince, but they did not want anyone to know this; so they pretended Joseph was the father.

"What's his name?", said Mary-Ann, who just gave birth to a 10-pound baby.

"Robert. He looks like a Robert".

"What will be his middle name?", said Mary-Ann.

"What about Vladimir?", replied Henry.

"Lovely", said Mary-Ann as she hugged Robert.

2 days later, Mary-Ann is in her home with her father Hubert and son Robert.

"Mary-Ann, I don't disapprove of you having a baby out of wedlock", said Hubert.

"Why, father?", replied Mary-Ann as she was holding Robert.

"Because, ahh... I've never told you this, but you were born out of wedlock. I told you your mother died in childbirth, but she left me when you were born", said Hubert.

"What?!" said Mary-Ann.

"It's true" replied Hubert.

"You had me out of wedlock?!" said Mary-Ann.

"Says the young girl with a son, who was also born out of wedlock", replied Hubert.

"You can't blame ME for being surprised at this!", yelled Mary-Ann.

She stormed out of her house with Robert.

Chapter 5

Mary-Ann has just bought her 2-bedroom home next to the castle, she bought it because her father Hubert confessed to having her out of wedlock. The house was cheap, it had a garden and a small kitchen.

Mary-Ann was just unpacking her things when she heard a knock on the door.

She opened it, and it was Joseph, looking furious.

"Joseph! What are you doing here?", Mary-Ann said.

Joseph replied "I HAVE A SON?!!!?, how could you not tell me about this?!?!".

Mary-Ann said "Calm down, Joseph. How did you find out about that? And how did you find out where I live?".

Joseph yelled "My friend told me! He heard it from his friend, it's gossip. And I found out where younlived from your father".

Mary-Ann said "He's not your son. He's Henry's son. He was born out of wedlock, and I pretended you were the father to not damage Henry's reputation".

Joseph yelled "HENRY'S REPUTATION??!??!?! What about MY reputation?!".

Mary-Ann replied "I'm sorry, but I had no other choice".

Joseph replied "Goodbye, Mary-Ann".

Joseph ran off, furious.

Chapter 6

Jane is sitting with baby Arthur and Vladimir is sitting next to her.

"He's so cute!", said Jane with a smile on her face.

"I know!", replied Vladimir.

Mary-Ann bursts through the door with baby Robert.

"Mary-Ann! What are you doing here? And who is this baby?!", screamed Jane while holding Arthur.

"I'm sick of keeping quiet about this! your grandson" replied Mary-Ann.

"What?!" yelled Jane.

Mary-Ann replied "This is Henry and I's son Robert".

Jane yelled "I have a grandson?!".

"Yes, we had him out of wedlock, we didn't want anyone to know, so we had him in secret", replied Mary-Ann.

Jane replied "My grandson" as she started crying.

"Yes" said Mary-Ann as she walked over to Jane.

Jane handed Arthur to Vladimir and picked up Robert.

"My grandson" whispered Jane as she cried.

Henry came through the front door.

"What are Mary-Ann and Robert doing here?", said Henry.

Jane replied "Honey, Mary-Ann just introduced your father and I to Robert".

"Mary-Ann! I thought we were going to wait to tell people!" yelled Henry.

Mary-Ann replied "I just had to tell SOMEBODY"

Henry replied "Why couldn't you have told a friend, rather than the Queen of Riverland?!"

Mary-Ann said "I'm sorry".

Jane said to her son "It's alright honey. Do you realize that if you and Mary-Ann married, this boy would be the King of Riverland?".

Mary-Ann said "I didn't think about that".

Henry got down on one knee and said "Mary-Ann Clara Small, I love you and everything about you". He got a beautiful gold ring with a pear-shaped diamond out of his pocket. He said to Mary-Ann "Will you be my wife, will you be Princess of Riverland?".

Mary-Ann replied "Henry, Prince of Riverland, Yes!!!!!!"

Henry stood up and kissed Mary-Ann.

Jane and Vladimir smiled as they held Robert and Arthur.

Chapter 7

1 year later, it is Mary-Ann and Henry's wedding. Mary-Ann is in a long, white gown with fake white roses on it, and Henry is in a tuxedo. Vladimir, Jane and Hubert are sitting in the crowd. Jane is in a rose-coloured dress and Vladimir and Hubert are in suits.

"Do you, Henry, Prince of Riverland, take this woman, Mary-Ann Clara Small, as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?", said the minister.

"I do", replied Henry.

"Do you, Mary-Ann Clara Small, take this man, Henry, Prince of Riverland, as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?", said the minister.

Mary-Ann and Henry kissed and they were Peince and Princess of Riverland.

At the large reception, Jane and Vladimir surprised the newlyweds with a gift - Jane's necklace. Jane wore the necklace on her wedding day, and it was her most prized possession.

Chapter 8

2 years later, Jane, now 44, was holding 3-year old Arthur. 45-year old Vladimir was sitting next to her, holding 3-year old Robert. Henry, now 19, was still married to Mary-Ann. Mary-Ann was also 19, and was 9 months pregnant with her and Henry's second child.

Vladimir and Jane were planning Henry and Jane's anniverary feast at the castle. Robrt was now 3, and spends a lot of time with his uncle Arthur, who was only a few seconds older than him. Arthur and Robert were best friends. Mary-Ann and Jane were also best friends, every sunday they would sew and gossip together.

During the big feast, Mary-Ann's water broke.

Jane and Vladimir took her to Riverland's doctor to have the baby there.

She pushed and pushed and gave birth to a daughter.

She held the baby, and Henry sat next to her.

"What's her name?", said Mary-Ann.

Henry said "Elizabeth? After my paternal grandmother".

"Perfect, just perfect", said Mary-Ann.

They now had two children, Elizabeth and Robert.

Meanwhile, Jane, Vladimir, Arthur and Robert were waiting outside the operating room. Vladimir and Jane were pacing nervously. They had to go to the doctor to have the baby, the last time Mary-Ann gave birth, it was in her home.

Chapter 9

One day after Mary-Ann gave birth, Jane was walking around Riverland when she bumped into Joseph. It was quite awkward, as they hadn't seen each other in years, and they knew Joseph and Mary-Ann didn't end the relationship perfectly.

"Joseph!", Jane said.

"Jane! Hello!", Joseph replied.

Jane said "What have you been doing recently?".

Joseph replied "Well, I got married".

"Oh, congratulations, Joseph, who are you married to?", said Jane.

"A woman named Flossie", said Henry.

"That's nice. Do you have any kids?", replied Jane.

"We do, twin girls named Margaret and Ida", said Joseph.

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