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Name The Gray Family
Number of generations 6 generations
Family connections The von Brandt Family, The Schleicher Family, The Norman Family
The Gray Family
The Sims 2 Logo
Name The Gray Family
Members Barnabas Gray, Désirée Gray, Unborn baby Gray
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections The Schleicher Family
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Uncanny Hills
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This young woman had dedicated most of her life helping her parents. After they passed she never really knew what to do without them. She has no interest in settling down or, in all honesty, no known sim at all. She hopes to live out the rest of her life inside the large manor her parents had left her, hoping that no one will disturb her peaceful solitary.
Members Mona Gray
Difficulty level Difficulty1
Other Information
Game TS3ITF Icon The Sims 3: Into the Future
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Oasis Landing
The Gray Family
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The Gray Gen 2 Family Icon v.1
Name The Gray Family
Members Barnabas Gray, Désirée Gray, Dolores Gray, Mercedes Gray, Lucius Gray
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections The Schleicher Family
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Forgotten Hollow
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The Gray Family (Sometimes known as The Grey Family) are a sorrowful line of sims that appear in multiple times with into the Series. More commonly with connections with the The Schleicher Family than not. of people. Many of the generations have suffered seeing a loved one, or having them selves pass away in an untimely manner. Most of them hope each generation after them has better luck and a longer life than those before.


Gray: American spelling of the color Grey.
Winstein: My own alternate spelling of Winston meaning,"wine's town."
Nixie: "Water nymph."
Wilhelm: German spelling of William. Named after the younger of the two Brothers Grimm who wrote Grimms' Fairy Tales.
Lorina: "Little sorrowful one." Named after the real life Alice's older sister, Lorina Liddell.
Alabaster: A white stone that is used to make vases and decorations.
Lenore: A name taken from Edgar Allan Poe's "Lenore." It is also short for Elenore.
Barnabas: A name taken from the character Barnabas Collins. The main character Dark Shadows. It also means "Son of consolation or son of exhortation, son of comfort." Which also fits him well.
Désirée: See The Schleicher Family.
Annabel Lee: A name taken from Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee."
Dolores: "Sorrows." It's also the real name of the title character from the infamous novel and movie adaptions (1962 & 1997) of Lolita.
Ingram: See the von Brandt Family. Mercedes: "Mercies." (Plural form of 'Mercy'.)
Lucius: A name taken from the video game's title character, Lucius Wagner. It also means "Light."
Mona:"Single, solitary." A shorten form for the word 'Monachopsis.'
Lydia:"Beautiful/Noble one." A name taken from the daughter and step-daughter (Lydia Deetz) of the two new residents (her father, Charles Deetz and her step-mom, Delia Deetz.) of a haunted house in the 1988 Tim Burton movie, Beetlejuice.
Winnie: See The Schleicher Family.
Winslow: See The Schleicher Family.
Lada: See The Schleicher Family.

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  • Their names follow a pattern of Gothic, Horror, Mystery, and Drama.
  • Most are inspired by poems, novels, or movies.
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