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Getting the Group Together
Name: Getting the Group Together
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: June 20, 2012

Previous chapter: Nightlife
Next chapter: There's a New Gang in Town

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Getting the Group TogetherEdit

After Nisha's conversation, she told me that it was time to see the sights. As soon as I stepped into the moonlight, a burst of energy went through me. I felt energized, like I could run for miles on end. I felt a new kind of strength. So this was what being a vampire felt like...

I kept wanting to ask Nisha why she was still a vampire. It just... bugged me... not asking her that simple question. So I uttered the six words that had been playing at the back of my mind:

"Why are you still a vampire?" I asked.

Nisha looked at me, and honestly, the young vampire was quite pretty. The moonlight accentuated her features. She answered, simply, "I don't really know. It never occurred to me, I guess." But from the way she was talking...

To put it mildly, Nisha wasn't lying. She just knew more than she let on. And after that, we walked the rest of the way in silence.

When we finally came to the Slayer estate, Nisha smiled at me. I returned it, not knowing what to expect. But I was a vampire now: what bad could possibly happen to me when the worst has already occurred? So I followed her inside, and from the lobby, we took the elevator up to Elvira's penthouse. When we got up there, at least fifteen vampires awaited us in the living room. Some sat on seats, others sat on the floor. They all waved as Nisha and I walked in, and I saw Brigit at the far end of the room, sitting on a loveseat. She patted the space next to her, and I sat down. a woman with red hair whom I assumed was Elvira began to speak.

"So," she began. "Friends, acquaintances, enemies. We all know what we're here for, am I correct?" Everyone nodded, except me, of course.

"Ah, Pierce VanPyre," said Elvira. "I've heard a lot about you from your, ah, girlfriend. Don't worry, I'll fill you in."

How did Elvira know that Brigit and I were dating? We technically hadn't even gone on a date. We just kissed, once. I looked around the room, and all of the vampires looked at me like I was a black cat that had just ran into a few mirrors...

"Everyone," said Elvira. "This is Pierce. He's new." As if this wasn't odd enough, Elvira flashed me an award-winning smile, and then continued.

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