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Name: Nightlife
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: June 20, 2012

Previous chapter: VanPyre the Vampire, Part 2
Next chapter: Getting the Group Together

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Two days later, I woke up screaming my head off, howling with pain. I grasped at my neck, where I would find the two puncture marks that Brigit's incisors had made. It was burning. And as quickly as the pain was there, it ebbed. No more pain. I felt for my neck, and found the puncture marks had vanished completely. I looked in the mirror.

In their place was a small, bat-shaped tattoo. That meant, as Brigit had told me when she called yeaterday, that the transformation was complete. I was officially a real, live (or maybe not so alive) vampire. The one thing I had left Riverview to get away from had nudged its way back into my life. And this time, it would alter the course of my life. Forever.

I called Nisha. She had promised me that she would explain everything once the transformation was complete.

"Hola, amigo," she said.

"Hey, Nisha," I said, trying to sound casual. But the fangs in my mouth made me sound like I was gurgling spit.

"It's done?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm now an official vampire. Do I need a lisence to be one?"

Nisha laughed. "Look. Pierce. I'm not trying to be funny. This is something serious. So do you want to hear my story or not."

I responded: "Yes."

"Great," I heard. "I'll be there in a jiffy."

Three minutes later, the doorbell rang. As expected, it was Nisha. She sat me down on my newly acquired Vampire Altar, where I would now sleep. Honestly, it made me kind of nervous. But, I was unaware of my new bed as soon as she began speaking; I was mesmerized from the first word. Nisha spoke eloquently, and I felt as if I were beside her as she relived her past life.

Nisha was the adopted daughter of Elvira Slayer. She didn't have a clue of who her parents were, but Elvira had told her she came from a powerful family. From when she could walk, Elvira began warming her up to plasma, or at least she tried to. But Nisha never wanted anything to do with it: she was revolted at the idea. She often had to be force fed, and would push herself to the brink of starvation before even considering drinking the plasma Elvira offered. I liked that idea. If anything, that was one thing Nisha Slayer and I had in common.

I was also glad to learn that Nisha and Brigit, my girlfriend, were childhood friends. This made me feel comfortable about asking Nisha more about Brigit. But I didn't learn anything; Brigit was always a quiet girl.

I could always ask her myself, anyway.

When Nisha finished, I was happily surprised to find that Nisha and I had much in common. We both came from odd families, and were always revolted by vampires and their evil ways. I made a silent commitment to avoid ever drinking from any Sim directly, and would rely mostly on Plasma Fruit, things that Nisha had told me kept her from death. But still, one question still played at my mind: If Nisha hated vampires so much, why hadn't she taken that medicine the scientists made in the science labs; what did they call it? Oh, yes, Vamprocillin-D, it was called. Dad had talked about it once before. But this was a question for another time. I had bigger things to worry about now.

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