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Something Else
Name: Something Else
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: August 21, 2013

Previous chapter: Aurora
Next chapter: Come Back to Me

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Something ElseEdit

"We need something else," said Elvira, standing atop a table in the wing of the Police Headquarters that had been given to the Good Ones after much reluctance. "These vampires are young and powerful, but they don't have much control over their power, especially under the influence of the Aurora. They are ruthless, like animals. They are like a pack of deadly wolves, waiting to strike, to taste the blood of their victim. And from the looks of it, we're hopelessly outmatched. They have far greater numbers than our mere forces.

"Therefore, we can't go in alone. Some vampires will go, but we need something else. We need something that a vampire will be weak to, something that will give us the upper hand. We need the magic of witches, the maneuverability of fairies, the sheer power of the werewolf. The creatures of the night may stand tall, but without the help of other supernaturals, we will fail.

"I can ask only three vampires from our ranks to accompany me to Aurora Skies. Those of you who cannot come will stay here, and protect our great city from the young vampires that still flock here daily. We will in all be a squad of sixteen: four of each known Supernatural. Each team will have one of each of the volunteers. I will first ask for three volunteers to accompany me as vampires. If I don't get enough, I will pick on my own. Is that clear?"

Everyone in the room nodded. But no one raised their hand... except for me that is.

"Elvira, please let me go with you," I begged her.

Elvira rolled her eyes and gave me a look of sincere apology. "Pierce, if not for your condition, you would be the first I would want. But sadly, I can't. So just sit down and deal with the fact that you cannot go."

Anger boiled within me, but I did as I was told.

I heard a voice from behind me say, "I wish to go." When I turned around, Vladimir Schlick had boldly stood up. "I am in control of my powers, and I am much older and stronger than any of those young fools. Let me accompany you, Elvira."

Elvira nodded, and a soft smile played on her lips. "Thank you, Vladimir."

Rafael sat down, and I heard another friend speak up.

"Mother, let me come with you," said my best friend, Nisha Slayer.

Elvira regarded her daughter with a look that may have been sadness, but with her you were never sure. "Nisha, we talked about this before. You CANNOT GO. You must stay here and lead the group while I am away. I don't care that you're one of our best fighters, and I don't care that your sense of pride must override the commands of the woman who has taken care of you since you were little more than a newborn. And above all, you are my daughter. I don't care that I'm not your biological parent, but I'm the closest thing to that you have, Nisha."

"You act like you don't care about me," spat Nisha. She regarded her mother distastefully as she stormed out of the room.

"Nisha," she screamed at her daughter, even though she kept walking on, "If something were to happen to you out there, I would be devastated. I need to know that someone reliable is watching over this agency while I'm gone, and I need to know that I have something to return to." Elvira's eyes swelled with tears, and Nisha abruptly stopped. But then she walked on through the double doors, as they closed behind her.

Elvira wiped the tears from her eyes. "Any other volunteers?"

I turned around and watched as Morrigan Hemlock raised her hand. She stood up proudly as she said, "I want to make a difference in the world, Elvira. I want to be a role model for my daughter."

Elvira nodded at her, and my sister-in-law sat back down.

"No more volunteers then?" she said, as no one raised their hand to answer. "Going once, going twice..."

"Sold," said a voice from the back. And I was surprised when I saw who was standing in the doorway.

Beau Merrick looked on at Elvira with pleading eyes, and next to him stood Jupiter Belle. "Let me make this up to you, Elvira," he said. "I've ruined an entire town, simply for my own pleasure, for the joys of being able to drink the plasma from an actual sim, not from a fruit or a juice box. I've made a terrible mistake Elvira, and I'm aware that the consequence is expulsion, not just from the team but from the world. And I'm ready for whatever comes my way. But before my life ends with a stake through the heart, let me redeem myself before I am put to death. Let me accompany you, and put an end to the damage I've done. Please, I beg of you, take me with you."

Elvira slowly shook her head. "Beau Merrick, you are the most repulsive creature I have ever. But just this once, I will let you come." And she crinkled her nose as she said, "And who is this creature you have next to you?"

Jupiter stepped forward, bravely. "I am Jupiter Belle. And I would appreciate if I was referred to as a witch, and not a creature. My true mother was a witch, and I just seemed to have realized my developing powers. Please, let me accompany you Elvira."

Elvira smiled. "But of course, my little friend."

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