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Name: Aurora
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: August 18, 2013

Previous chapter: A Matter of Dire Importance
Next chapter: Something Else

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"Beau Merrick. How could I have guessed?" said Nisha. "That filthy, no-good, sack of pus."

"Calm down, Nisha," said Elvira, struggling with her own temper.

"How do you expect me to shrug this off, Mother?" she retorted. "This guy is such a freaking jerk! He's a lowlife! He's scum! He's trash and that's where he should be! I can't just sit here and act like nothing has happened while the wellbeing of a WHOLE TOWN is being threatened because he was stupid enough to-"

"ENOUGH!" roared Elvira, taking her daughter by the wrists, and then embraced her. "This is enough, Nisha. We all have feelings. There's nothing that we can do about the past. Beau Merrick will be punished. He will suffer. He won't get away with this, Nisha. What you say is true. He has no soul, not an ounce of compassion or kindness in his body. But there's nothing we can do to change him. His actions, maybe."

Nisha wiped away a tear. Gundrun looked around at us, and then looked into my eyes. Hers were already shining brighter than a human's would, but she still wasn't infected.

"What can you do to help me... to help us?" she pleaded.

"Did Beau Merrick do that to you?" Elvira asked, still holding Nisha in a tight hug.

Gundrun shook her head. "No, it was my husband, Bjorn. He was turned by one of the women in town, and I was his first victim. I left as soon as I could, and I took our children along with me. He already posed too much of a threat to my daughter and son. These vampires are ruthless, and Bjorn acts nothing like he once did. He acts as if he doesn't remember me, our son, our daughter... he's like a wild dog, who will kill anything it finds."

Elvira shook her head. "Beau, what have you gotten us into?"

I paused for a second. Elvira wasn't telling us something.

"What else is there that you aren't telling, Elvira?" I pushed for an answer.

Elvira sighed. She was in an obvious emotional turmoil. "Vampires have heightened, more acute senses. Smell, hearing... sight. They go crazy when anything is too bright, they intake too much and it sends most of them on a rampage. It's nearly impossible to fight it, especially for the younger vampires that don't have much control over their new powers. So, this is all because of..."

Brigit finished the sentence. "The aurora."

Gundrun hesitated. "So if you all go to try and save my town-"

"We'll all be put at risk," said Nisha. "We'll need someone... or something... else."

I got worried. "Something?"

"You'll see," she replied, with a small sly grin appearing on her face.

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