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A Matter of Dire Importance
Name: A Matter of Dire Importance
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: July 13, 2013

Previous chapter: Red Eyes
Next chapter: Aurora

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A Matter of Dire ImportanceEdit

Nisha Slayer smiled at me and took a bite from the Plasma Fruit.

"Eh, you know," she said, wiping a trickle of fruit juice from her chin. "How good can you be when your skin is as cold as dry ice, you can't stay out in the Sun, and you're stuck with eating nothing but people juice? But then again, the speed boost is an added bonus. It makes for quick getaway."

Brigit laughed. I groaned. Jupiter shimmied even more behind me. Contessa sang a song.

"Shut up Pierce," she said, playfully pushing my shoulder. "And who is this fine specimen we have sitting behind you? Don't worry, I won't bite. Promise?"

I turned around to Jupiter. "Don't worry. She means well, she's just very... uh, abstract in her ways of bonding with people. Jupiter Belle, this is Nisha Slayer."

"Glad to know I'll just be left to rot in the car, sweet daughter of mine!" I heard a voice say from the front of the house.

"Sorry Mother!" bellowed Nisha. She then turned to me: "Yeah, sorry for bringer her along, but I have something important to discuss with you. You guys can come as well. Jupiter, I might recommend you stay here however. Mother, unlike me, isn't on a strictly Plasma Fruit-diet, and she hasn't had her dinner yet." Nisha grabbed the last Plasma Fruit from the basket and set out toward the front, with Brigit and I in tow.

Elvira Slayer was standing by a very nice car in front of our house, with a woman standing next to her that I has never seen before. She had her brown hair up in a ponytail, with her bangs hanging off to either side of her face. She had a blue bubble jacket on and, strangely, her hands were handcuffed behind her. She was definitely human: I could smell the plasma within her, and though I started to salivate a little I quickly shook it off.

Elvira smiled. "I've been eating a carrot the whole car-ride here, Pierce. You aren't alone." Looking around, I could see Brigit and Nisha fighting the same urge, strangely however Elvira was completely at ease.

The woman looked at me. "Are you Pierce VanPyre?"

I replied, "Yes. Who's asking?"

She gave me a faint grin. "Gundrun Beaker, from Aurora Skies. We've only recently been advertised on the map... Look Pierce, I've come far and wide searching for you: I have a matter of dire importance to discuss with you. Will you hear me out?

"Pierce is out of commission at the moment," said Brigit, but finally curiosity got the best of her. "How dire is this?"

Gundrun pulled up her ponytail to show incisor marks on her neck: a vampire bite. "Well, it affects me. And soon enough, if it isn't contained, it could bring an end to life in Aurora Akies as we know it. And I know who made this happen."

"You do?" asked Nisha, obviously startled. "Who?"

Gundrun took a breath. "His name... is Beau Merrick."

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