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Late Nights
Name: Late Nights
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: July 11, 2013

Previous chapter: Decisions
Next chapter: Virtuosity

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Late NightsEdit

Those days, there was always something to be done. Brigit and I couldn't sit around and listen to music or watch TV; in fact Brigit and I hardly had any time to spend at all. Little Tessa was a hassle even with Jupiter around to help us out. Brigit was still on maternity leave from both The Good Ones and from her mixology day-job at The Plasma 501. I could only imagine what life would be like when she went back to work.

After I was "suspended" from my main Profession, I decided to devote more time to what had once been my only source of income, and what had also led me straight into the arms of the love of my life. Mixology. The only problem was that it got boring after a while, especially when my boss told me that I couldn't do any Fiery Tricks around all of the precious nectar.

Too bad I didn't tell him that I could also put it out.

So I made the decision to leave. I didn't like to think of it as quitting, because for all I knew I would have to go back to bartending, though I doubted that day would ever come again. That meant I had way more free time. And when I wasn't changing diapers or fending off the influx of bloodthirsty vermin into the vampire underworld, I got the chance to sitter together with my family in our new backyard in our new mansion with a blanket. We would chat just as the sun was setting, when the creatures of the night felt the full extent of their powers.

Sometimes Jupiter would stay for dinner, and on rarer occasions he would stay the night. He told us all about his dramatic home life: Lola, the superstar mother who cared more about keeping up appearances than her son, Kai, the on-and-off boyfriend that was interested in nothing but her money and getting her adopted son out of the way, and Moxie, a fitness coach who's only similarity to Jupiter is a mutual hatred of Kai.

And it was one night in particular when I was out there with Brigit, Contessa, and Jupiter when I realized what I could make of these late nights.

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