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Once Upon a Hemlock
Name: Once Upon a Hemlock
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: June 17, 2012

Previous chapter: Odd Jobs
Next chapter: Meeting Nisha

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Once Upon a HemlockEdit

After a course of a few days, I worked up the courage to talk to the girl of my dreams. I was so infatuated with Brigit; by the time I noticed her shiny eyes and protruding teeth, it was too late for me to back out of our relationship!

Brigit Hemlock, I have to say, was a beautiful woman. I was surprised that the woman was still single. We made small talk here and there, but never committed to anything serious. I can, however, remember one of my conversations with my wife. Ah, such a fond memory of Brigit. It was the day that changed our relationship from friends to something more:

"Alright Pierce," she had said. "It's my shift now."

"Really?" I said, making a mojito on the rocks for one of the customers. "If you want, I can keep going. You know what they say: time flies when you're havin' fun!"

"No, Pierce, that's quite alright. Come on," she said playfully. "Get your lazy butt outta there!"

"Okey dokey then, Brigit," I responded. I saw her blush, the pink stood out against the unnaturally pale skin, looking as if she had stood out in the sun for too long. Her eyes, ah her beautiful eyes, flitted to the floor. She smiled and held her left arm in her right, the way a person does when they are embarrassed, or if their crush catches them staring. I assumed it was the latter. Besides, this was the first time I called Brigit Hemlock by name.

Then, as soon as I finished the mojito, I left, making sure the top part of my hand gently caressed hers as I walked by. As I turned back, she waved, her cheeks still rosy red. It went that way for months, just the two of us seeing each other every day, building up our relationship. Bridgeport would be great with Brigit around.

One day, after quite a few months of working with Brigit, we were talking, and all of a sudden I said something that made her blush. When I asked her what it was, she didn't answer with words but instead with a kiss on the cheek. It was short and sweet, but gentle. I knew there was emotion behind it, and for once I felt something I hadn't felt in quite a while.


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