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My Girl
Name: My Girl
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: May 16, 2013

Previous chapter: Old and New
Next chapter: Reminisce

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My GirlEdit

Some parents want to capture everything on video. Some will record their first birthday (and all the other ones after that, even whence it becomes obnoxious), their Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation (if they are of that faith), probably their marriage as well.

And then there are the select parents that even record the birth of their child.

Brigit and I were not those parents. We were the ones that thought of memory as being more than enough. And to be completely honest I was sure that Brigit would not want to relive that moment, though some say that one of the most important times in a person's life is when they are giving birth.

Yes, for some people. But Brigit and I could find much better things to do with our time then watching our daughter be born. Do you see what I mean by it being awkward?

I was there with her throughout the whole thing. She was always there for me, so I figured that I may as well return the favor. We had been married for a year, dating for two years before that. Some might say that was a short time, but we were in love. We were soul mates. She was the missing half that I had searched for, that everyone had searched for.

Back before we were married, when we worked the night shift at the bar together, I thought how wonderful it was to have a girlfriend who doubled as my best friend. We could be lovers when no one was around, but when we were with others, we were just best friends. And I liked it that way. We would talk about our past relationships, our crushes, the ones that got away. Neither of us could deny that we still felt attracted to other people, but that was how the heart worked. Love works in mysterious ways after all, doesn't it? It leaves you paralyzed, distorting things to make them feel more desirable. I would know. It has happened to me before.

But with Brigit, I felt safe. When I was in her arms, and her head on my shoulder, the world around me could crumble and fall into Tartarus. But I had Brigit. That was all I could ever want.

"Ah, Mr. VanPyre! Back from the dead, I see," said the nurse, an oriental woman named Jun Xu. In the room with us was my father with his broken nose, my stepmother and my siblings, my friends Elvira and Nisha. And in Jun's arms, the daughter that I had anxiously awaited for so long. My girl, my Contessa Ember Rose.

Brigit squeezed my hand as I took my baby girl in my arms, feeling her baby-soft skin against my fingers as I delicately stroked her head. A tear rolled down my face as I realized that now we were a complete, happy family.

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