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The End
Name: The End
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: February 24, 2013

Previous chapter: Allied Factions
Next chapter: The Gift of Life

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The EndEdit

My strength was withering. I was too scared to scream, and fear of my target was preventing me from really caring about my surroundings, as long as I didn't run into a tree.

When I had run into the forest on the outskirts of Bridgeport, I was being chased by at least three vampires. I was older than them. They had probably just come out of their adolescence. They had the advantage, and even with my vampire super-speed, they were faster.

My strength was waning. There was a book I read recently that described fairies. Originally thought to be only legend, they were proven to be real recently in Moonlight Falls. If they exerted themselves too much for a long period of time, they would eventually run out of magic. The same thing happened with witches. Could it also be true for vampires?

My throat was dry, and my legs were aching. I couldn't keep at this pace much longer, unless I wanted to collapse and never get back up. So I slowed down a bit.

That was a fatal mistake.

Four vampires surrounded me. Their eyes illuminated the night around me. The moon shone down on my face, and I once again felt the full power of my vampiric abilities. If only I could get away...

But they outmatched me. One of them on each of my limbs, restraining me from so much twitching. A dark, murderous light shone in their eyes. For the first time in a very long time, I was scared. I hadn't been this frightened since I had my first fight with my father. Another pair of eyes loomed in the shadows. As it stepped out, I saw who it was.

My father, Garth. Holding a stake. Pointing it straight at my heart. As it thudded down upon me, I felt a sharp jab, and hoped it would soon be away. I hoped that I would become ashes, like those of the vampires I had brought a stake down upon. Did I feel remorse? Was this my punishment for treating others of my kind this way?

No. I wasn't like them. I was good. They were bad.

My father gave me a cruel harsh smile. As I felt myself fading away, I heard him whisper... Pierce, Pierce, Pierce, did you miss me, Pierce...

I didn't scream, not once. My mouth didn't open once, not even as I took my final breath.

As I lost consciousness, my last memory was of a lone wolf howling into the night.

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