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Allied Factions
Name: Allied Factions
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: January 25, 2013

Previous chapter: Contessa Ember Rose
Next chapter: The End

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Allied FactionsEdit

When Will walked in, I couldn't be sure what to expect.

If you've ever seen a vampire smile, it's kind of creepy, especially when they give you the full one, with the fangs included. If you looked at him the way I did that day, you weren't sure what was on his mind. He could just have had the best time of his life, whether it was a date with the girl of his dreams or the neck of his dreams. Still uncomfortable with the neck part? Me too.

But when he opened his mouth, we were all happy to hear what we heard. We had been called here after my little expedition with Rafael, just to make sure that I was okay, and to formally announce why Brigit had been absent for the past five months.

"Who wants to know something exciting?" asked William, the smile still illuminating his dark face.

"You've discovered something that we can eat other than stupid plasma?" guessed Bianca.

"You're leaving?" suggested Beau, who pretty much still had a mutual dislike for Will.

"No and... no," said Will, exaggerating the last no, and giving Beau a nasty smile through squinty eyes. "You know how I technically work for the police, right?"

Everyone exchanged nods, wondering where the conversation was going.

"Well," he said, the smile returning, "The police have agreed to make The Good Ones a special division of the Police Force. So, technically, we all work to enforce the law. Or, at least the vampire law. Kind of."

I just stared at him. Belisama, my child niece, gave Will a blank stare, as did her parents. Beau gaped at him with his mouth wide open.

But on the inside, I was just about as bubbly about it as Brigit was about having a kid. We were going to finally work with the police. We finally had someone to have our backs. Someone to supervise us, and ensure us that we were doing right, and not wrong.

The Good Ones and the Bridgeport Police were now allied factions.

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