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Odd Jobs
Name: Odd Jobs
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: June 17, 2012

Previous chapter: Beginning Life Anew
Next chapter: Once Upon a Hemlock

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Odd JobsEdit

I invested most of my money in an unfurnished apartment. There was nowhere else for me to go but back home to my father, so I made the most of my situation. Dad was a virtuoso pianist; he could bring Mum and I to tears, and left a trail of awe and wonder in his wake. Sometimes I consider going back to my old residence. He was a smart man, my father was, and he could probably have figured out a way to stay young. Maybe he is still alive...

Anyhow, I used the skills I acquired from Dad to get a part-time gig in a band. I was okay, at the least. I made some friends, which was an entirely new experience. But the band was only part-time, and I soon required another place of work.

So I tried working as a bouncer. It had its perks, like the occasional nobody bribing their way in with a few thousand Simoleons. I received a decent amount of money in each pay check, but just waiting outside a velvet rope, sometimes for hours on end with nobody to let in; well, it wasn't hard to know that this was not what I was destined for.

I eventually settled for paparazzi. I got the opportunity to meet some infamous Bridgeport celebrities, like Lola Belle, Matthew Hamming, and Emmy Starr. But still, I got little to no satisfaction out of it.

I did all these odd jobs, and later settled for one thing I hadn't tried: Mixologist. I tried it, and it was definitely more appealing than snapping pics of celebs or letting nobodies into a club for everybodies. I still continued the band gig, honing my piano, keyboard, and eventually guitar skills. I also kept on working as a bartender, and I was glad I did. If I hadn't, then how would I have ever met Brigit?

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