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Better at Beginnings than Ends
Name: Better at Beginnings than Ends
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: November 18, 2012

Previous chapter: So Much for the Human
Next chapter: Pyromania

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Better at Beginnings than EndsEdit

I'm so sorry. I haven't relayed anything to you in quite a while, now. I get so caught up in the past: I was miserable just thinking about how smoothly my life went way back when, back when I still had so many people to call friends.

I suppose I'm just better at the beginnings of stories than ends.

All stories end eventually, right? But it isn't time for this story to end. Not yet. I haven't finished with my side of the story, but as soon as I'm done I'm sure you can choose what your side is.

Anyways, back to where we left off.

So, a few days later, Jessica Talon delighted in hearing that Rafael Striker, her fiancée, had successfully been turned into a vampire. As I once joked, just another excuse to keep him in our little crime-fighting organization. I was happy to hear Rafael had become one of us as well, but how he coped with it was something that I need not necessarily know.

That day, something changed my life dramatically. Rafael and I were the only ones still there, unsuiting from a previous mission. Then, the emergency bell went off. Rafael and I quickly sped to the "crime scene", where a blonde vampire was looming over the corpse of an unsuspecting victim. He sped off, and hot in pursuit Rafael and I followed him down an alleyway. Lucky for him, a small pond was nearby, so he raced to it and jumped in. A few seconds later, something knocked me unconscious from behind and I fell to the cold, concrete ground.

When I awoke, I saw through hazy eyes Rafael on the floor with a vampire and a container of toxic waste over him. I sped to him, knocking the other vampire off of his feet. During the process I felt a slight singe, though not caring for anything except the safety of Rafael. When the deed was done, I took a minute to survey my surroundings. Rafael was getting up, and the toxic waste led a trail to... Me.

I screamed as I set myself, though not knowing it was I who did it, on fire. Rafael screamed as well, and I jumped into the pond.

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