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So Much for the Human
Name: So Much for the Human
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: August 5, 2012

Previous chapter: Russian Roulette
Next chapter: Better at Beginnings than Ends

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So Much for the HumanEdit

I wasn't surprised to see Dunstan and Leila, or at least Leila, bouncing around the next morning and trying to listen to Brigit's tummy. Leila was always bubbly, and I'm sure that it was Dunstan who put Leila up to eavesdropping on us. This was a big occasion. Brigit and I were going to have our first child, but I was still recovering from the bullet Brigit figuratively shot at me last night.

I got a call from Elvira early in the morning, saying that there was a major vampire incident in the Park. This was a first, as usually there were no more than one or two vampires at a time to deal with. As Elvira put it, she liked to "Keep them separated, so that way they won't stand a chance in a fight."

Elvira asked me to bring Brigit, Leila and Dunstan. I told her that Brigit was feeling sick, and Elvira didn't complain. But I could have sworn I heard someone cheering in the background...

Dunstan, Leila, and I ran to Elvira's place, where we got into our protective suits. Nisha whispered congratulations to me on the way, and when I looked at her quizzically, she just smiled. Of course she found out; Nisha wasn't an idiot.

I could smell plasma. I instinctively licked my lips, but I snapped out of it just as Rafael showed up in Jessica's arms. Isn't it usually supposed to be the other way around? But then I remembered we ran to our destinations, being vampires. Rafael wasn't. He looked out of place among all of us, and I could see many of the younger vampires had the same kind of reaction as I did. He approached me; I guess out of all the fanged, glowing-eyed creatures around him I seemed the most friendly.

"Please tell me this isn't as hard as Jess told me it was," said Rafael.

"It only sucks if you get vampire plasma on you," I replied, trying to lighten up his nervous composure. Or if one of those vampires, or for that matter one of us, is a little hungry at the given moment... I added subconsciously.

Five vampires walked out of the shadows, and approached us slowly. Dunstan just whipped out his stake-gun and shot it at them while laughing maniacally. Leila proved to have very good aim, and expertly punctured a vampire's heart with her stake. All but one was left, and I hadn't done anything until the last one made a grab at Rafael, who was approaching it with his stake withdrawn. The vampire sped up, and danced around Rafael. It sunk it's fangs into his neck, and he sat their lying near-motionless. I made a rush for it, killing the vampire just as it was about to impale Rafael with his own stake.

So much for the human.

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