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Russian Roulette
Name: Russian Roulette
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: August 5, 2012

Previous chapter: Hot Call
Next chapter: So Much for the Human

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Russian RouletteEdit

I felt a little guilty, killing all of those vampires. They acted on impulse, did everything by impulse. They killed, they slaughtered, they murdered, they turned, but they had no way of controlling what they did. Some have thanked us, just before the stake pierced their heart. Some screamed and kicked and resisted. Some just sad there, sitting miserably in an alleyway with plasma on their lips and tears running down their cheeks. It gave me a rush, but deep down I hated it.

On average, there was a ratio of five evil vampires to each of us considered good. But that ratio was evergrowing.

Some days after that first incident, Brigit and I were summoned to the Slayer household. We were directed to the back by a hired bouncer, and it turned out that there was an out-of-place shed in the back. But, the shed only concealed a secret staircase, which led into a secret underground room, in a secret basement, where the other vampires waited in secrecy. Sorry for my overuse of the word, I'm just trying to lighten the mood. It's a bit compulsive for me.

We had been told by Elvira that we were wanted to participate in a poll. All fourteen vampires would cast their opinions into what Elvira said was a requested induction. So, in other words, we had to vote if we wanted a new member or not.

The Slayers had obviously had some renovations. We were greeted warmly by Nisha, and there were thirteen chairs set up in a cemicircle. The cemicircle of seats were positioned around a stage, on which stood four people. Two of them I was surprised to see there.

Their glowing eyes reached me, and Leila gave me a friendly little smile. Dunstan just muttered; it had obviously not been his opinion to be here. But both looked excited, and I wondered if they were here purposefully for this. After all, they had left almost a month before.

Elvira stood on the stage with them, conversing with a man. I wondered why he had no glowing eyes, and why his skin was so tan. And he smiled at Jessica Talon, who was sitting in one of the foldable chairs. But in his mouth there were no fangs. Then it hit me: he was a human. I missed being a human. I missed the sunlight, which now hisses when it comes in contact with my skin. I missed the good food, and hated being restricted to plasma and plasma fruit pancakes. I've considered turning myself back, but the benefits of being a vampire far outweighed the advantages of being a human.

When it began, I got Elvira's point in that having a human would be like Russian Roulette. Anything could happen, and there was always a chance that something would go wrong. She had taken a liking to Leila and Dunstan, and approved of their joining. From now on, they would be living with us. But, it was a different story with Rafael Striker, who was finally persuaded in with the help of his fiancée, Jessica.

We returned home, with Dunstan and Leila this time. Dunstan and Leila went into their own room, hastily set up by yours truly. When I returned, Brigit gave me a kiss.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Well," she said. "First it's because I love you, and second is because I wanted to soften you up for what I'm about to tell you. Pierce, I'm pregnant."

With that, I could have sworn I felt the bullet enter my brain.

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