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Hot Call
Name: Hot Call
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: July 15, 2012

Previous chapter: Contradictory
Next chapter: Russian Roulette

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Hot CallEdit

Of course, the night after that would be the first time we went out as official vampire vampire hunters.

Yes, my one brief night of happiness was too short. I wished it could go on forever, but nothing can last infinitely. Except the afterlife, of course. Someday soon I will experience that firsthand. But until then, well, at least I have you to hear this old man's tales.

So, where were we? Ah yes. The first time we went out. All fourteen of us slipped into skintight protective suits, which added about one hundred pounds of bodily armor and weapons to our burden. But for a vampire, of course, this was like carrying an empty backpack.

Each one of us was supplied with a gun and a stake. The guns were specially made to shoot little wooden projectiles, pointed at the ends to make mini-stakes. To hit a human, well, a few splinters. But a vampire, deadly. Elvira was very diligent in making us look professional. Custom suits and helmets, even with a bulletproof vest and a name tag on the back of our necks. I can honestly say I walked out looking and feeling like the male version of Catwoman.

Our first call was minor. A lone vampire found drinking from a sim in an alleyway. We got there before He left, and being the first one to react, I hurled my stake at him. He dodged, but Brigit sensed what I was doing and shot him straight in the chest. He looked shocked, but then dissolved into a pile of ashes, and in a few seconds was gone with the wind.

Then we were dismissed, and within ten minutes of leaving the apartment we were back. And, yes, dressed in our normal clothes. Vampire speed is so much fun.

Brigit startled me as she slid her hand over mine. "So this is what it feels like to be a vampire hunter?"

I leaned over, and whispered into her ear. "I like the feeling." It wasn't supposed to be funny, but she started laughing. I couldn't help it either, seeing her laughing the high pitched laugh of a hyena.

But I did like the feeling.

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