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Name: Contradictory
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: July 1, 2012

Previous chapter: Someone on the Groom's Side
Next chapter: Hot Call

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You know how people always say that twins are alike? That may be true, in some cases, but with Leila and Dunstan that statement could not be more utterly wrong. They were such opposites; everything about them was contradictory.

When the doorbell finally rung at the penthouse door, I could honestly say that I was nervous. I had no idea what to expect from the two awaiting me. Would they hate me for never knowing them? Would they just like me? Would they be so different from me that we wouldn't get along? Needless to say, I would soon find out.

I unbolted the door, and two teenagers looked back at me. These couldn't be my brother and sister. But then again, that girl: we shared the icy blue eyes.

They must have seen pictures. Of me, that is. Before I knew it, they dashed towards me, and I thought I was being attacked. But hugged me. I could feel two streams of hot run down my shirt. They were crying. They really were my brother and sister.

When they pulled away, all three of our faces were red. They introduced themselves as Leila and Dunstan. They basically explained their whole lives to me. Bloodline vampires, born after my mom died, etc. It didn't take long for me to figure them out.

Leila was very friendly, and the more emotional and compatible of the two. She had a passion for art. She always laced her story with little tidbits of humor here and there. And, she broke one of my vases. So, in four words: funny, friendly, artistic, klutz.

Dunstan could not be more different. He kept to himself, but was not a loner. He went off later, and I heard him mumbling on the phone to one of his friends about parties and alcohol and girls. He seemed depressed, and he often interrupted our conversation, speaking rudely and using some... nasty words. In four words: mean, grumpy, inappropriate, party animal.

Though I didn't know it at the time, my assumptions were correct. I was exactly on target with the two. But I was happy to have some family, some real family, with me.

Brigit must have been listening, and it was ten o'clock before we finished our conversation only to sit down to a platter of plasma fruit pancakes. They smelled divine, but I was full from that morning.

Brigit and I were married a week after Dunstan and Leila arrived. I know weddings are not the time for observation, but I couldn't help but notice the way everyone interracted. Flo-Flo and Nisha stayed away from Vladimir. Dunstan stayed away from everybody but his phone. Leila tried to talk to everybody, except Dunstan. Elvira was always talking to someone or other, but never to Nisha, and most of the time to Vlad or Erika. Odd.

A while later, Dunstan was out partying with some other teenagers, and Leila decided to have a sleepover with Belisama, who had been instant friends. Brigit and I were alone. The night was ours. It was dark, and the moonlight shone through the windows, illuminating the dark room. I sat on the bed, next to Brigit, who lay beside me. I could tell we were thinking the exact same thing. Here we were, young and in love, sitting there on the bed. But, I could tell that we were on the same page. We both wanted something. It wasn't uncommon for Brigit and I to disagree, but when we did we just laughed about it and settled whatever it was calmly.

I had disagreed at the beginning. But this time, our thoughts weren't contradictory. Brigit had been talking about having little VanPyres ever sense we were married almost a month ago. I had disagreed, thinking it would be a hastle having a little kid running around, breaking things, etcetera. But, I eventually caved. Besides, who wouldn't want little someone(s) to carry on their legacy? Brigit was right on that account.

I don't know about Brigit, but that was the most electric night of my life.

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