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Beginning Life Anew
Name: Beginning Life Anew
Series: The Good Ones
Written by: Pidgeoraptor7
Release date: June 17, 2012

Previous chapter: Prologue
Next chapter: Odd Jobs

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Beginning Life AnewEdit

I may as well begin by explaining to you my origins.

As a child, I resided in Riverview, a subtle suburban area. That was my place of birth, and where I spent my early years. My father, his name was... What now? I seem to have forgotten... Well, my old man was a vamp, and my mom was a human. I was born a human, like my mum. Oh dear, her name seems to have passed me by as well...

I moved to Bridgeport after Mum died. Dad was still young, and at the prime of his time as a vampire. I never liked vampires. They always revolted me. Most of the time, none cared about any being but themself. If someone was involved in an accident, any normal person would run over to help. But no, a vampire would go over, suck the plasma from the unmoving carcass, and be on his merry way. I never liked Dad as much, of course, as my mom, but he was still a figure in my life, and he tried to be a good parent. And it wasn't his fault he was one of the things that pervaded my dreams, leaving me in a cold sweat in the morning.

I hoped Bridgeport would give me a fresh start, and that I would be forever rid of those repulsive vampires that haunted me and gave me nightmares. But the urban city of Bridgeport was nothing like the Riverview in which I had grown up. And, much to my distress, the vampire population was even less contained than that of Riverview. It would be hard, but I made life work.

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